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I was barely on my way to becoming a new Primerica financial advisor, when I got the awful news.

My bank acct.had 2 nsf fees. This was all thanks to Issac Luna and Paulino in the San fernando Valley.

California. I clearly told these people, do not deposit the check! They still did! They are so incompetent that it makes me sick to my stomach.

Now I am fighting these liars to get what is owed to me. Can someone please help?

Where do I call? Who can I talk to? I want out of this drama even before I got in.

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You do know that advertising your service to someone who complaining, does nothing but allow Primerica police team to send you a warning for "complaince violation"?



I have recently rejoined Primerica. I did have a bad experience about five years ago and I dropped out because I had a very pushy and greedy upline.

She made me feel *** for signing up. But recently I have been recruited by a person who is up front and honest about whatever he is doing. He told me the 25 a month was going to come out immediately, he told me that the insurance was going to come out within 48 hours, I have seen him not take an application for insurance because the person did not have the money, and when the person was ready he came back and completed the application. He knows that this is not the cheapest insurance, but it is better than what many have.

Is the smart loan the best way, maybe not, but for some it is the only way that they can see their way out.

Now of course loans are a lot harder to get in todays economic times but Primerica is an avenue to help. My question is what happend aftger twelve years that made you get out and become so anti-Primerica.


To Liznramiro:

I am a home office employee and would like the opportunity to assist you in resolving your concerns. Please feel free to contact me at Primerica's home office at your earliest convenience.

Regena Wood

Primerica Financial Services, Inc.

Duluth, GA

direct dial: 770.564.7955

email: regena(dot)wood(at)primerica(dot)com


I told these people that I couldn't give them any phone numbers of anyone until I saw for myself what this business was about. They did not like it, but they had to deal with it.

I already filed a complaint to the compliance department and cancelled everything. I also explained to the Rep. on the phone that I did not have a problem with Primerica. I had a problem with their Reps.

Hopefully this will soon be over. This man Paulino, had the audacity to ask me for a copy of the returned check. Can you believe this. What a joke!

I thank God that this happened now and not later. Thank you so much for your help.

I really appreciate it. :sigh


I am glad you contacted the Primerica Corporate office. I must admit they work very hard at resolving issues caused by their out of control agents!!

I would send two letter to Primerica. One would be sent to Office of General Counsel & the other one would be sent to Primerica Attn: John Addison (Personal & Confidential Information). Here is the address:

3120 Breckinridge Blvd.

Duluth, GA


My suggestion is that both letters are exactly the same and written to John Addison. I would explain how you feel like you were taken advantage of, lied to, and how these people (name all of them involved in your complaint) gave you such a horrible opinion of Primerica. I would make it VERY simple. I would ask for 100% refund & a refund of your NSF fees. If not I would tell them you are going to file a complaint with the BBB is your area. I have personally seen Primerica refund 100% of the IBA costs 1 - 2yrs later for people!!! Do not back down & fight for what is right.

What makes me so mad is that you told them not to submit the paperwork since I am assuming you did not have the funds to cover the check. I am sure that Primerica Office preaches they do what is right 100% of the time, but here is just another example of how these local offices screw people over. Just consider yourself lucky they did not get their fangs into your friends & family. Primerica (the corporate office) has an excellent business model & those employees are pretty helpful. The flaw with Primerica are these idiots at the local level. (I can say this since I was not only one of those idiots for 12 yrs I was at the highest level in my area and we had the top producing office in Recruits, Life, Loans, & Investment.. I shutter thinking about it now. How did I treat so many people so bad?!?!?)

Just a warning. You will be called a whiner, a quitter, and a looser. The RVP will call your trainers in & tell them you are the problem not them. That you didn't have what it takes. "Some people can never be successful no matter what opportunities you offer them", "it's a numbers game - you get quality through quantity", and my favorite - "some will, some won't, so what -- NEXT". God I am so embarrassed how brainwashed I was and more embarrassing how many people I brainwashed!

Tell your friends & family that if they are approached by Primerica to come to this website & the numerous others out there!! Knowledge is power & hopefully you can help prevent what happened to you from happening to other people! Consider yourself lucky you got out before they sucked you dry. I do suggest that is you are interested in working in the finance industry contact a local insurance broker that specializes in Term Insurance. They can introduce you to the insurance industry and you can really help families out. As for mortgages there are MANY correspodent lenders who would love to teach you the mortgage business. (Just remember to stick to Fixed Rate standard loans and you will be fine. I personally will only write Fixed Rate, No Prepayment Penalty, and Escrow included loans now that I am out of Primerica.)

I know that 100% of the time... That's right 100% of the time I can either beat any Primerica agent or send him somewhere where he can beat their product!!

This is the type of attitude I should have had 12 yrs ago, but I got caught up in the greed, the recognition, and sold my integrity for the money! I became what people dream of in Primerica. I was a RVP making almost $200k a year, I had the big office, the big team, I spoke at 2 company conventions, I won every trip except for the last one to Grand lakes (that's right in 12 yrs EVERY trip). I loved the company and thought they could do not wrong. Then a friend opened my eyes and I was shocked how wrong I was!!! Of course I am called a looser, quitter, whiner, that I couldn't *** it, a bad guy, etc.... but the truth was for 12 years my baseshop was one of the top baseshop in my state! Now the look like *** bad mouthing me, but I have heard rumors I was being investigated by the FBI & SEC for security fraud & that I am filling bankruptcy. These were my nearest & dearest friends!!! It is funny how their true colors came out!

Please do not let your experience end with you. Share it with people so hopefully people can avoid what so many of us have endured.

People do need to get protection, get out of debt, and save money!!! Just make sure that they ALWAYS ALWAYS shop around!!!! Talk to 3 different mortgage brokers, 3 different insurance agents, and 3 different investment companies!! Do the research and they will not regret it!

Sorry to RANT & RAVE but I am passionate about getting the truth out about the Local Primerica offices!! My issue is not with Primerica, they are designed to make money for Primerica!!! It is the people in the local offices who lie, cheat, and mislead clients & new reps!!

I hope this message helps someone out!


Thank you so much. I talked to the *** that caused me and my family so much drama.

He did not do anything to help me. I had to get up at 6:30 a.m PST this morning and call Primerica.

What a bunch of incompetent people. I already submitted the cancellation e-mail and request for refund.

I also cancelled the $25 monhly charge. Where do I mail my complaint letter? :upset



I am sorry to hear about your problem with Primerica. My suggestion to you is to skip dealing with the local Primerica flunkies and go straight to the corporate office. I would call (770) 381-1000 and press "0" for the operator. I would then ask to the either the public relations department or the compliance department.

I would explain your situation and that you feel mislead & taken advantage of.

When I was in Primerica it was normal practice for use to collect the IBA's & fees the night of the meeting and if someone called the next day who changed their mind we told them they would just have to cancel the check. The reason was simple - We wanted the recruit credit. This is how you win trips and get on the leaders bulletin!! It is as simple as that. The person who "hired" you had 2 goals. (1) was to get your $99 (or $199) & (2) was to get a top 25 from you and get into your market so they can make money while "training" you.

Also when they called about coming down to the meeting, do you feel you were mislead. Did they tell you to come down for an "interview" or did they mention "hiring" you? If so make sure you mention that to the home office.

Also how did they explain the $99 + $25 per month. The $25 a month starts immediately. If you submit an IBA for $99 Oct 20th, then you will be billed the $25 per month starting Nov 1st. Did they explain that to you? If not mention that.

In my 12 years with Primerica I have to admit that if you take an issue like yours to the home office they will resolve it. I would make it very clear that you just want a refund of the money that you have spent plus the cost of your NSF fees. I would also make sure that I file a complaint with Primerica on the the people you mentioned above. My suggestion is to not only make a verbal complaint, but also a written complaint.

Last couple questions:

1. Did you buy life insurance? If so find an independent agent and shop around. Genworth & Banner have amazing products for a fraction of the cost of Primerica. (Same goes for any family & friends you introduced your trainer to.)

2. Did you provide and name & phone numbers of family & friends to your trainer? If so call them immediately and tell them to avoid anyone calling them from Primerica. We used to ask for 3 referrals when someone came in for an interview or attended a meeting. This would give us more names to call and fill the meetings or interviews with.

I am sure that if you gave names & numbers it is because you wanted to help you friends & family, but I can guarantee that every name on that list will be called by a zealous Primerican hoping to get them to an interview, a meeting, or in their home for a FNA. Save them now!!!

It is very late here so I apologize for any typos!!!

Just make sure you pass the word to people that Primerica does not do what's right 100% of the time. Primerica products are VERY expensive and most agents have VERY little knowledge. If someone wants life insurance call an independent insurance agent and get 5 or 6 Term quotes (all cheaper than Primerica). If you want a mortgage got to your bank (if you have good credit), but if your credit is less than perfect go to a broker. (either way you will be better of than Primerica's $MART loan!!).

Remember that people who have been with Primerica for a long time are like used cars salesman. You will think you are dealing with your new bestfriend, but in the end you will only feel screwed!