Chaska, Minnesota

A real good freind of mine is raped up in this company and feels he'll make enough to quit his job. I don't realy belive he will and am unshure about the companys true intentions.

So he asked me if he could do his training and came over with his trainer.

I like there Idea of Not makeing payments on loans and credit cards. But my issue is that they want you to buy life Inssurance. I'm strongly aginst life insurance cause its something you spend money on and will not get anything in return untill your dead or dieing. money is no go to me when i'm dead.

On top of this I told him I'm not intrested in buying anything. If i were to do there program I would want to take the money you want my to pay for life insurance and in vest it in a account I would get a return on and have access to when I'm liveing. Because him and his recruiter were tring so hard to change my mind on the life ins. they started to try diffrent scare tactics on my wife in order to get her to convince me in to buying life ins.

This is rude and turns peaple off to what they are selling. When you make a potental customer feel nervous about what there selling your not going to buy. If it dosen't feel right it must not be right. This is were so many peaple feel that PAF is a scam.

There Reps are just not trained well enough and like so many say "this type of work isn't for everyone." makeing peaple feel like *** and telling them there way of living is wrong is not the way to get them to see your way. I belive in living a debit free life. I own everything have with the exception of my house(hope to own this in 10 years)This is how the rich live owning there things. I feel this is the way to live oweing very little, and getting ready for retirement and this is what PAF should be focusing on if they realy want to help peaple.

If this was a bad rep. then what dose the company do to get ride of these bad apples???

sales isn't for everyone...

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Maybe these agents tried to hard sir but just so you know Life Insurance isn't for the living; its for those you leave behind. What you need to think about is that if you did not come home one day, what would happen with your family?

Where would they get the money for your funeral? If you have wife & kids this should be an important question. Nobody knows their expiration date, preparation is everything. Do you have home or auto insurance?

If so why?

If you are the money maker of your family, why wouldn't you want to properly protect your income? It's a valid question, isn't it?


Hey if when you die you want to foot your wife with the bill or kids then you made the right decision.


Every one of these so call companys have closed up by me.... Do yourself a favor and go to edward jones they will show you were to put your money and if you want life ins they can help you two.


Primerica is not a scam but it has over priced term insurance.

To the author...if you have a family and have NO life insurance IMO you're an ***.

To Melinda....ROP term kicks the *** out of Buy term and invest the difference. Apparently you haven't run the numbers and sen what the equivalent "before tax return would need to be to match a good ROP term product". Just ask one of the SNSD's that were around when Double Dollar 12 term was sold by A.L. WILLIAMS (aka PFS).


One word people, IGNORANCE. It is the killer of hopes, dreams and when used affectively, nations of people.

I might not be very educated, but even a blind man can see how scared and possibly insecure certain post Primericans can be when they know that they lost hope too soon in the game. That is very unfortunate, he/she could have been my team mate or my inspiration to push harder, stay out longer. But if you want to hear something funny, that kinda does motivate me. Let me tell you something that was quoted by the great Og Mandino, "Life is a game, It's precious, It's Holy, It's beautiful, BUT ITS A GAME!!" You should see the video, its amazing.

Keep fighting the good fight.

Luv Ya, Miss Undastood. O;)


I Luv Primerica! I am a client and am very well pleased with my insurance.

I would prefer not to have a Cash Vale Policy. They have proved over the years with my family to work the way the way the Agenct that sold us those horrible policies work. They always to to sell them on having "Insurance" You "Whole Life". Blah Blah Primerica helped me as well as my family with their Buy term and invest the difference.

My Husband had a Cash Value "Whole life" (not quite sure of the term because we did not understand what we had. he had $100,000 paying almost $200.00 because supposedly we had a savings building up. Which by the way when the savings did build up we would have to borrow of surrender it which i later learned. It's funny when folks talk about Primerica and their products and alot of times produce the wrong information.

Bottom line you should be extremely careful with these"Whole Life" Variale Life and Cash Value policies. When My Uncle passed about 3yrs. ago he had one of those policies. Guess how much we had towards the funeral cost...$3000 we had to come up with the addtioal $5000 big help.

also let them explain when you get your policy the table that explains your policy ammounts after so many years as well as your Cash Value.... Wonder why my so called family friend sold me that policy. Because maybe he did know any better...Or another Reason HIGHERRR COMMISSION! I will leave you with this.

If you saw a pair of desiger shoes for $200 and at payless saw the same exact shoes @ Payless for $20. Ever heard the term you get what you pay for. Sure Primerica might have a little higher premiums not that much...

in my case i saved $70 a month with more coverage. Be Careful to make sure you totally understand what you get into ultimately it is up to you....Total Primerica Crusader.:) Blessings!


Just an up date. As I figured my rep.

ended up quiting or stopped rep. Primamerica ( The Guys name is Brian Chose). As the trend seems to be, is that for most, people are with PA for 6 mounths and end up quiting or getting no were so they had enough with the company. This is what I have seen so far.

AS for Life Ins. I still think its not worth getting. I have Life Ins. threw my company (free, like most employeers give) that is far cheaper to buy up into then anything they provided me with.

Unlike what I was told by the PA rep. it dose cover me even if I die at home. I'm sorry about my spelling and grammar but I'm just an Averge joe here trying to make sure other people look into these things before getting into something that may not help them and could cause the loss of friendship.

Just remember if you chose to do this you will be dealing with Friends and Familys to start with so watch what you say and do. It could cost you.


Now with these "courses" thru Primamerica, do you get your license to sell the products according to gov't policies for anybody or is it just training provided to REPRESENT THEM only?


You can sell any type of insurance in the state that you become licensed. Primerica helps you study for your test. You can be appointed with any other insurance company you want to work for.



Thank-you for providing this information, it has been helpful. I recently signed up for Primamerica, but havn't yet began.

I was looking for some unbiased info, the reason being, I am interested in a finacial carrer but an honest one and could clearly see thru the rep and trainer. I had thoughts that they SAY there trying to educate, but obviously your ultimately trying to SELL there product only.

Not keen on having "co-workers" whom are not very smart. Anyways, thanks, and I am hoping that I may be able to get some courses and further knowledge very cheap from them..........hopefully I didn't get screwed!


you do know that not everyones first language is english, and some people could still be learning this language.

instead of knocking down how he spells come up with a good reason, not just pick on his spelling

I know when I was learning english it was not easy. I am in Canada and my first language was french.

but that is a typical Primerica answer pick on the other person weakness instead of having a good educated answer.

and I know how it feels when a rep knows he is not getting a sale and tried to scare the other person into buying it. I had a trainer do that on my training and its what turned me off that person and doing my own training by educating myself on the product and reading about it. Not just doing the same presentation in every home, as every persons needs are different!!


DONNA That is a funny quote :grin :grin :grin

ok i'm done...i've got some policies to

Ok I will make this easy

30 year old , standard non smoker

$250,000 Term 30 year guaranteed

Ok replace that one , be truthfull I know your rates..........Come Donna can you shop it around and get the best rate OH NO! that's right you are a Captive Robot ..... I don't thing you will be Changing that policy :p :p


I have no idea why anyone would waste their time or effort trying to defend our company against these poople.

1. Primerica's awesome

2. They were lazy...

3. Nothing else it's that simple.

no if you show me anyone who made $100k or more a year .Were a great RVP (10x10 minimum...and even that's a joke) or were in the business 5 years or more...and winning trips...the whole nine...who quit and will actually provide their names so, as Monica sais, we can archive the leader's bulletins (that dont lie) and I will say...okay. so may be Primerica...


it's your fault because you were so jaded or lazy to get off your *** adn get it done. and mister man up down there with the laundry list (good one Melina) you are so funny...hilarious sound like a World Financial Group rep... you guy's try so hard...but you can't touch us. Your assets are like 8% of ours...(not Citi's....Primericas!!)

Its funny everyone. Their company was started by a guy who failed at our company because he didnt like the fact that we dont screw people over....sad huh?

ok i'm done...i've got some policies to


OMG!!! PFS Truth, did you actually bring up Return of Premium?? lol guess what?? you don't have insurance anymore after you get the "returns of premium". the diff you could be investing into...SOMETHING...not just a mutual fund and get a rate of returm instead of loaning the money to the ins. company and having them invest it. they oonly need money to take care of mortality and risk expenses...and of course commissions...after that...they'll invest it. And there is no way you were #1 in your state for all categories...were you an RVP? or were you a rep? and for 3 years??? ha! being number one in your state would have earned you that $100,000 ring unless you live in like ...well no all states top are in the FIC they are are bitter and definitely not smart. and 25% if you were number 1 in 3 categories you would have pushed past rep easy. and District too. those only would take 3 months to push past for someone doing so well. That 3 families helped and 3 people hired a month, for like 3 months total and you areat a Division earning a 60% commission...not so hard. and that can easily be dont by someone part time...i know... thats how I did it. So, what's wrong with you? Oh I know... you didnt catually work! And if you were number 1...what year? and what state? I'll look it up and post the leader's bulletin here on this site. Listen you can lie on here and to yourself but we can take you down. Our company is great. You just suck...

And how dare you recommend a screw job like Return of Premium...that's a mess waiting to happen. You come on here thinking that you are helping people with your laudry list of pure BS and that's fine. We're still here and thats 30 years strong. We know about the wall of wealth coming in the financial services industry and we are the only company witha sales force 100,000 and counting strong thats positioned to actually earn a substantial amount of the $1.5 trillion market up for grabs. So, if you know a PFS agent, i'd say get in soon and that RVp contract isn;t going to be offered out get there quick. I'm there... you can join and get to it or stay where you are...what's fine but equip yourself with the knowledge needed to get there.

Final note every decade since the 60s. Average household income, needed to make it, has doubled:$5k in the 60s, $10k in the 70s, $20k in the 80s, $40k in the 90s and $80k today....that's why both parents HAVE to work. funny thing is that the year 2010 is quickly approaching and what does that mean...that average income is going to need to be about $160k....where will you get it from. I know where mine is coming from...PFS. and no i dont have to force anyone to buy from makes sense...if it doesnt it wont happen. Simple. And if someone in our compnay is pushing sales on them...i could care less they deserve it if they arent gonig to represent us the right way.

#13979 yea. the long list of so called facts are funny. its too bad nothing was backed up by a third-party. Any "facts" that we have are always backed and originated by thrid party sources. Such as Suze Orman, Success Magazine, Forbes, Smart Money, Investor's Business Daily, anything.

If I hate one thing. It's some coming to sites like theese and bashing Primerica with invalid sources. At least footnotes would suffice but someone bringing forth compelling facts without anything to show for it....thats a complete waste. Listen some people don't like Primerica becuse they didn't liek their initial impression of it, they didnt like the person who told them...they were extra skeptical or whatever. That's fine. But I'll tell you this. Our opportunity is compared to lots of things ofthe past and has 30 years of a proven history. We are a billion dollar company and our parent compnay is a trillion dollar company. You don't make that kind of money in the midst of economic decline if you arent doing what's right.

I'll tell you a teeny-weeny story before I go. Early on in the 1970s and before then a company by the name of Prudential was the number one insurance company making a killing in the life insurance industry...literally. Well we came on the scene...and well, people we helped realized that they could actually afford the coverage they needed for a lower much common sense needed they switched...long story short...we beat Pru and we were the number one life insurance company with more assets that numbers 2, 3, and 4 combined. ( and yes, you can look that up, too.)

So with all the term insurance companies that are around today...they only switched to term because they couldnt compete. Why would anyone...a smart person get whole life when they can by term and invest the difference. and don't give me that "well, not everyone invests the difference" Well, if you're my client, you do...its pointless not to do so. We don't sell this or sell that. We provide solutions, plans, programs, whatever you want to call it. and If you are a client and your rep didn' them and tell them to get their *** back to your house and set up the plan...they should be able to leave an actual FNA for you to read over, update year-to-year if needed and keep you on track or adjust accordingly. and If your rep didn't do you a just service....find a new one...have them fix it. But don't expect a bank or other company to come in and work it least not with the same service or without a fee.

I'll say this....other insurance companies don't like selling term life and if they do...its probably because you bring it up and PLEASE make sure its pure straight up term life with no gimmicks...if not...go to PFS.


To Monica: "Success Magazine" cannot be considered or even portrayed as "third-party information" about Primerica. The reason for this is because "Success Magazine" did not actually write the articles about Primerica...Primerica WROTE the articles for the magazine to print and tried to portray it as "third-party information!" In a 2006 issue about Primerica, Primerica crafted (authored) the article and the magazine simply printed what Primerica wrote.

Also, the Success Magazine did NOT "pick" Primerica to do an exclusive one-month issue on Primerica. In fact, Primerica chose to put itself in the MLM Success Magazine...PFS "tooting-its-own-horn!"...not 3rd-party info! Primerica falsely claimed that it even offered and provided Success Magazine with a DVD video about Primerica.

Note: PFS did not "offer" the PFS Recruiting fact, any company that gets put in Success Magazine IS EXPECTED TO PROVIDE A DVD TO BE INCLUDED IN EACH MAGAZINE!!!...Including a DVD is PART OF THE AGREEMENT OF BEING PUT IN THE MAGAZINE!!! Do some research and you will reveal the TRUTH that Primerica does not want middle-income consumers to discover!!!


Primericans are funny.

If any of you have children, have you ever watch them do something ***. And you know it is *** because you did the same thing before when you were their age. And you tell them don’t do it because they will regret it. And they don’t listen to you because “they know better”. And so you watch them fall on their face and all you can say is “I told you so” and laugh.

You see Primerica agents I have been where you are, I was at Primerica for 3 years. And when I left I was the top producer in ALL categories in my state. So we can get these out the way:

1. It is not a pyramid scheme

2. I believe in working hard

3. I don’t like Corporate America

Now I want you to take a hard look at the truth. You ARE selling a scam. You may not know it, and I believe that most of you don’t. The unfortunate thing is once I tell you this you will NEVER get that $100,000 Ring that you covet because the most of the people that join Primerica are good people that think they are doing the right thing and for the most part you are, but to get that Ring after knowing the information I am about to share with you, you will have to become a different person, one that is more about making money rather then helping people. Once I found out this info, I refused to continue to sell that scam anymore and turned away from all the money I was making.

Here goes:

Let’s look products you sell to the client:

1. Primerica is NOT the largest seller of Term Life Insurance … AIG is … look it up.

2. It is way MORE expensive then most Term coverage outside of (State Farm and Allstate) … so if you are TRULY trying to save people money … why not find them the lowest instead of just what you have to offer. Remember you are trying to SAVE them money. Some Return of Premium Products are less expensive then Primerica Term. You are hurting your client. After knowing that how can you still sell it.

3. What would you do if your client is declined by Primerica. Tell them they don’t deserve life insurance then. You see this is what opened my eyes up, because my father was turned down by Primerica. Was I suppose to tell him “Oh, well .. too bad”…. No, I did what any good son would do, I started looking at other companies and found he could be covered with term insurance by them, for less then what Primerica was going to charge.

4. Term is the right product for 95% of people (sorry not 100%), the problem is you only sell Term which is great but what do you do when you run across a person that is in the Top 5% … Also think about it … aren’t you trying to get all your clients and yourself to that Top 5% … what do you get when you are there?

5. You are taught with your mortgages to say “Interest Rates do not matter” or “Ours are calculated differently” … If it doesn’t matter then why not give them a competitive one. I also dare you to put that in writing, Home Office Compliance would be down your throat quick because they know it is not true… so they don’t want it in writing.

6. With your investments … the market is down right now … am I suppose to sink money in an investment I know is going to go down right away …. That’s right Primerica has annuities now … even though just a couple of years ago annuities were “evil”.

7. A client’s money is sacred to them … why would they sink it into a company with so much negative press, it scares them …. Why do it …. When they can get the same thing for less with less negative remarks…. For all the agents who say that is just “some” agents that act like “that” …. They represent YOUR company and because the RVPs don’t care what type of people they are as long as they have $199 (now $99) so the RVP can win the next contest.

But Most of you aren’t in Primerica because of the products, you are in it for the business. Because you think there is nothing is better then owning your Primerica business. It is definitely better then Corporate America that is for sure. Here is where I look at you like teenage kids with your first beat up car speeding around town like you own a brand new Mercedes and I tell you to “slow down and think” .. you will either listen or will crash and I will say “I told you so”

How many of you TRULY read and understood your IBA contract when you signed it? Let me go over some things before I enlighten about your IBA contract:

1. How can you tell a new recruit that you can make a lot of money before you actually do it. Doesn’t that feel wrong to you?

2. The money you are spending for your IBA DOES NOT pay for your license… it pays for processing and your Licensing class …. Most states don’t require a class why does everyone have to pay for it.

3. Why can’t a new recruit go get your licenses BEFORE you sign your IBA?

4. Why can’t new recruit go see clients AFTER you are fully licensed and then sign ALL transactions? I know why this is the case …. Most agents are not making money so they need to sign it to make money and they are afraid the recruit will quit.

5. Why beat around the bush when saying the name Primerica ….. you are taught to say “Division of Citigroup” …. “Member of Citigroup” ….. “Largest Financial Services Distribution Hub” ….. “PFS” ….. anything but Primerica … it goes back to the bad rep .. and the fear that the new person will Google the name Primerica

6. People who leave Primerica are not quitters or couldn’t make it at Primerica … people making six figures have left Primerica for better opportunities … you just don’t know they exist.

7. You would NEVER be able to recruit a person who is already licensed and knows what questions to ask.

8. Citigroup (not in the best financial shape right now and has Abu Dhabi is now the largest shareholder) is looking to sell Primerica …. FACT … check out the Wall Street Journal March 28th 2008 Section C … “Citigroup has a major retail presence in just a handful of major cities, including New York, Miami, Chicago and San Francisco. Primerica Financial Services, which sells life insurance and mutual-fund products, is up for sale but isn't attracting buyers, say people familiar with the matter.”

Now on to the IBA…. The moment you sign your IBA these things happen:

1. You become a captive agent ….. not allowed to sell anything Primerica does not offer …. Hand cuffing you to fully help your client.

2. You only have one company to work with Citigroup…… why not allow you to use any company you want …. There are companies that do.

3. You have to give up a “leg” (your MOST productive team) to become an RVP …. Why not let them become an RVP AND keep their whole team ….. Other companies do it

4. Hear me when I say this!!!! YOU DO NOT OWN YOUR BUSINESS!!!!! Don’t believe me … ask your RVP if you move to a different company can you take your clients or team with you ….. you will find out real quick … read your IBA it says it in your IBA .. your RVP owns your business … you do not own your business until you are a Senior Vice President AND have had 5 years of at least 3% growth. … Until then your RVP owns your business … even after you become an RVP…… there are other companies that allow you to take your clients with you.

5. I will preface this comment …. I am a huge believer in recruiting ….. I love recruiting and I am good at it …. BUT you should not have to be forced to recruit to be promoted … you should have the choice to work yourself or recruit and have the same opportunity … America is about choice.

6. Your Securities (investment) commission is HORRIBLE….. there is NO WAY you could live on it alone .. add it up.

7. You IBA has a non-compete clause in it …. Which means try to leave for something better … see how nasty your old “friends” get.

8. You have to be full time to become RVP …. Do you forget some people like their job … pastors, teachers (I know the company was started by teachers … but you fail to realize A.L. Williams was a different company then Primerica) or anyone else that would like to keep their job.

9. As an RVP you are required to get an office … again I like having an office but some people do not want the overhead … why make them pay it?

10. You can be “Rolled Back” which means lose the promotions that you have received and the commission levels at your RVPs discretion …. Not enough production, illness, or because your RVP wants to teach you a lesson.

11. Some people do not like the risk of the market …. You can not sell a fixed / index annuities …. Most of you don’t know what that is … don’t worry I didn’t either when I was there … trust me your hurting some of your clients by not having access to it.

12. What happens when you have a recruit at your same commission level … you 2 are at the same level you get no override …. Doesn’t that make you want to keep people below you … not push them up…..Some companies will still reward you even when you are at the same level

13. A brand new person starts at 25% ……. They can do all the work (and you know as well as I do … getting a warm referral is most the work … so don’t tell me because you did a flip chart presentation you did most the work) and they only get 25% ….. the RVP get 95% …. So the RVP get 70% of something … they may not have been there for….. doesn’t sound fair … I thought Primerica did what was right “100% of the time”

14. Let’s say Primerica goes out of business (don’t believe it … check out ENRON, Bear Stearns, and Citigroup…. And read the Wall Street Journal article I reference above) ….. your contract and license is with Primerica … what do you then? … because I already explained to you … YOU DON’T OWN IT

15. Do you like paying for POL, Call Atlanta, marketing material, leadership school, and training (hype sessions) …. Most companies give that stuff out free

16. DO YOU LIKE CHARGEBACKS?????!!!!! …. Come on of all things I know you are tired of … we have to agree on chargebacks ….. for those that don’t know what a chargeback is: the agent turns in the paperwork to Primerica and is immediately paid …. But the policy is not issued which means if the client changes their mind, finds something cheaper, does not qualify, drags their feet on blood work, stops paying or for any reason does not get or continue the policy …. Primerica wants their money back ….. which means they take it out of the next check or the next one or the next one which means you are running up an escalator and YOU KNOW IT …. Sorry to give out the dirty little but you can not say you like the CHARGEBACK …. Again not all companies get those and NO company gives them out as much as Primerica

17. Most people become disable before they die …. You can’t sell disability insurance or you will be fired … hurting your clients again

18. What about health insurance … again .. try to sell it and you will be fired (by the way … does it make sense that you can be fired from your own business?)

19. Critical care …. What if you client gets cancer … or do have insurance for that …. Nope …. Fired Again … By the way before you say it …. Most life insurance has accelerated death benefit …. So Primerica not special with that.

20. Make sure you check with Primerica before you do ANYTHING if they don’t like it they can terminate you (read your IBA) … sounds like a JOB to me .. I’d rather be independent…… the sad part is most don’t know you can be ….

Listen … I wrote this for the person I was before I left Primerica hopefully that person is reading this and just starting to open your eyes a little bit and ask some questions that they didn’t have before…. I don’t hate Primerica … I don’t hate the people in Primerica … but you don’t know everything about the company ….. and I can almost guarantee you didn’t read or understand the IBA you signed. And if you don’t open your eyes and figure it out …. You are going to hurt some people and your going to hurt your family. Think about it … don’t try to argue with it just read it and find out if everything I said is true …. Don’t believe me READ YOUR IBA. I was you before I found out all of this stuff. The question is “Once an honest person knows the truth, he/she has 2 choices, continue to be honest and change their current course of action or cease to be an honest person”. I will gladly talk to you here about it and answer any comments, questions or disagreements you have.


First of all, what is PAF?? If you were talking about us, Primerica Financial Services, that would be PFS. I probably shouldn't waste my time defending the company against anything you say based on your impressive grammar skills, however, one comment you made really kind of annoyed me...

"I belive in living a debit free life. I own everything have with the exception of my house(hope to own this in 10 years)This is how the rich live owning there things. I feel this is the way to live oweing very little, and getting ready for retirement and this is what PAF should be focusing on if they realy want to help peaple."

Obviously you were not paying attention during your appointment with the Primerica Rep that sat across the table from you. At PFS our mission is to help families become debt free and financially independent. So, in simple terms, what we do is come up with a written game plan for families to get out of debt sooner so they have more money to invest in their retirement. Now, I don't know if it's just me but I'm thinking that we kind of nailed this one on the head.

As far as being angry that PFS pushing you to purchase life insurance, I do apologize on their behalf no one should make you feel uncomfortable in your own home, especially someone representing a company of our magnitude. If you feel that someone truly is a "bad apple" then you can report them and action will be taken. How is a company to know that they have a bad rep if no one is letting them know?

Also, for a quick education on life insurance, because I was pretty taken back at your comment, "money is no go to me when i'm dead." You're right, the money is not going to you, it is going to your survivors--your wife and children. I couldn't imagine a man not caring about his family being taken care of in the event of his death. But anyways, a little bit about life insurance...

The purpose of life insurance is to have an immediate estate in the event of your death to cover all of your expenses and debts. Maybe you had a bad experience with whole life insurance?? I'm not sure. But we do not offer our clients whole life insurance. We offer term insurance because once you hit retirement you should not need life insurance any longer because you should have all or most of your debts paid off and you should have your estate created by now. Hense our motto "buy term invest the difference."

I have already spent way more time than I should have but PFS is an amazing company that gives an opportunity to everyone who is serious about building a business, helping families, and changing lives. I would recommend contacting a PFS Rep from another office and see if you have a better experience. There's nothing that our company can do to hurt you, if that was our mission then we would not be where we are today.


I assume you mean grammar. :)

People tend to feel the same way about spelling!


He must've forgotten all the other things he can help clients with besides Life Insurance. I am licensed with Primerica as well and I went the extra mile to take my Mutual Funds license as well.

That way I can help people with their RRSP's and other investments! :) Also, I never push people to buy something they don't need.