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Prime america is full of ***.They mislead people into joining their *** seminar meetings and telling you that you will have potential to make money.

What kind of job ask you to pay before you get paid? On top of that what kind of place treats people with favoritism only because an individual has more potential customer leads then someone else? This place is a rip off. If you want to work for yourself, do yourself a favor and take the 200 dollars and invest it doing something online instead like starting your own website.

My last words to all of you.*** PRIME AMERICA THEY CAN ALL GO TO *** *** and let their dicks burn on fire for eternity.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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In any type of business. You have to put money into it to start it. Its called investing in your business you dumb ***.


To All those complaining here!!With every business it's up to Us to examine VERY closely and make sure the business is what they say they are, or will do for Us.

Using Our Wisdom before believing someone is Important!! Next time when YOU go to a Seminar "Ask to see their income tax returns"!!! as it's way to prove their point. When I go to a Seminar this is what I ask to see their tax returns...

If they refuse to show You proof of their tax returns, then I would suggest to walk away... Tax returns on every business should be shown to potential customers... Reminder: Anyone can Exaggerate the truth. This is permitted!!

Now if You were counting on customers to buy from You "What would You Do"??!! Lets learn from Our mistakes. But don't let it ruin your LIFE. "Use Your valuable knowledge to HELP others".

Meaning: Maybe YOU should set up a Seminar about your experiences and losses to others and by doing so, You can charge a Fee... Nothing wrong with helping others Not to make the same mistake and charging a Fee fro this service You are providing them. Sometimes the WORST things that happen to Us can actually make us Rich!!! So GO FOR IT!!!

Set up a Seminar and teach the WORLD your experiences!!! Then You Will begin to see what can happen when something bad happens to Us.. Go for it!!! A normal Seminar is $25.00 a person.

Do the math. One day seminar could make YOU a LARGE Sum of money$$$... So stop complaining!! and start...

Hope I help each and everyone with their Bad experiences!!!

God bless to All!!Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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Like with All companies/business we have to do our own homework first...Before investing in other companies be careful and beware...

Your BEST bet is to start a business that YOU Own ONLY... Maybe home cleaning, mowing, ect... This way don't owe anyone else. Lets not talk Bad about other companies...

Listens are too be learned. IF Prime America is NOT what You Expected then don't deal with them... Ask yourself, before getting into a business like Prime America did You do your own research?? Or did You attend their meetings and believe what they say??

Come on people, All companies have their RAH RAH just to get attention... Right? Next time before YOU attend a business event STOP and ask yourself did I fully check the company out FIRST??

Don't be upset!

just use wisdom next time!!!

We all have to be careful!!!Good luck to ALL!!!

Millville, New Jersey, United States #921987

hello my wife went to a seminar in a lil town

in ca they told her if she wants to join she had

to get 5 people an pay $800 dollars in 3 payments i ask her why there was a fee so

she ask them why there was a fee thy got mad

for her asking not a good company

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States #688612

I am not a prime America Rep and nor do I want to be but if you are interested in a legit work from home company then contact me ASAP MI am in the process of building my business ,I am looking for team players who are motivated ,energetic and, coachable to join me and At home solutions as we introduce the world to better for you and the environment products.We have over 350 products ,from health and fitness, to treats for your pets!

We DO NOT sell anything ,hold parties,or stock inventory .Contact me today to learn more!Contact wellnessbysusie@gmail.com

Brooklyn, New York, United States #681961

Please prime america scam.com your a scam and all the suckers defending them i wait for you're negative comment because you will be scammed

to primascam Baltimore, Maryland, United States #732226

The only I have negative to say about prime america is that I was invited to a business meeting and I asked the person if this was prime america and was told that it was not.When I arrived, what I experience was prime america.

I was pissed, because it was a waste of time because I had been to previous meeting and did not like their pitch.

So if you really want a real work from home business, where Hybrid - Corporate America meets entrepreneurship and lots of company benefits, like a 5,000 a month mortgage payment and if you do not have home, it goes into escrow, til you ready.For more benefits contact me at duvalljgarner@live.com


Anyone who wrote this, he/she should do a good research about the company, how many company that is listed in NYSE and it is called a scam??Do your homework well before you post this.

Listening to your neighbor about this won't count.

Funny things I really believe Obamacare and Obama administration are a big

f------ scam!!!!!:eek

Orland Park, Illinois, United States #631879

these people are correct, google prime america...you will see for yourself, they just called me for a job interview and left a mesage.I looked them up and they are like most companies....they try to rob people leagally.

This company though looks pretty bad.Just my two cents after looking into all the facts.


First of all I understand the person who posted the comments frustration.Having to give money to go to work is hard.

When you invest in yourself and your own business that is what you do. Most people who want to be a Truck Driver had to go to Trucking School and Pay extra for CDL License. Now what I will say is that the facts that he said about Primerica was not all true. The 200.00 you pay, that money goes towards your insurance licence.

You have to take a test and pass the test in order to stay in Primerica. You will sell Life Insurance, Auto and Home Insurance, Retirement Plans, mutual funds, IRA, etc. There are four types of ways to earn a salary, 1. Work Hourly - you know what that is.

2. Work on Salary - you get paid a flat rate, no overtime, in most cases. 3. Commission - You sell and make a portion of the pie.

The 4th way is PROFIT. thats the way most people don't understand. Most 9-5 people do not understand that concept, but people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs do.The 4TH way is the primary way you make money in primerica.

Check out Forbes, Bloomberg or any other financial company and do a search to see which company working employees (not stockholder) have the most millionaires.Do a search and see which company has the most six figure incomes, Primerica.

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