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I am in similar company and what I see a lot of compliant about is old fashion people cry foul. A lot of company that you apply job out there will demand you to get a background check or driving record.

You have to pay for those service. Some of the used car dealer will charge you up to $80 for a background check. And for those people that try to get people in all walk of life to start in the business is just like any church goer try to get others to join their church. Or, military to try to get any people to join the service.

Not everyone will make it a career, some will died, some get medical discharge, some get kick out and you will never find a decent job.

By far, the military is the biggest rip off than all the other business. Salary is low, no respect, unstability, no job security, no overtime pay, higher divorce rate.

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First of all you dimwit learn how to put together correct sentences in english! second dont compare our military to your *** sucking worthless waste of life job screwing people over!


I've read all these complaints. There are those that suggest you need to ask questions.

With all due respect to the well-intentioned work, products, and services that Primerica offers, here is the bottom line.

Primerica, for the most part, teaches their agents to go after the underserviced young and/or lower income client, who the bigger brokerages don't have time for, nor want to service. For the most part, these are the less savy, clueless about financial matters, who depend upon the trustworthiness of the agent to help them out of debt and get some savings going.

for themselves.

The problem with suggesting that these people ask questions is that they typically don't know what to ask, much less the questions to ask that will be in their best interest. My advice to anyone thinking about using a "financial advisor", and particularly a Primerica "financial advisor" is:

1) How long have you been in the financial services business? I wouldn't do business with anyone who has less that five years of experience in the financial services industry for three reasons.

a) If the advisor is just starting out, they might have the license, but generally speaking, simply don't have the EXPERIENCE to determine what is "best". If they bring a "coach" along, be sure to ask that person how long they have been in the business as well, since they may very well not have all that much more EXPERIENCE.

b)Also, if you are buying because you "like" the inexperienced person or they are your relative, be advised that there is a huge turnover in the industry. In other words, the vast majority don't make it much past one or two years, so it is highly likely that this person you "like" may very well no longer be available when you need them in the future. c) If an advisor is just starting out, they are typically living from hand to mouth, and frankly "hungry" to make a sale, whether pressured by management, or just to put food on their table.

Be savy about questioning their motives if "urgency to close the sale" seems to be an issue with the advisor. 2) How do you get paid? If the answer, is "on commission", then ask what other products might also be appropriate for your situation. If they can't offer any other, they either don't want to offer something else, or they don't have any other "solutions" in their toolbox.

In many cases, the commission available to them for a specific product is what drives the choice of product selected. Not always, but this is just a heads up. 3) What percentage of your business is term insurance, vs mutual funds, vs other forms of insurance? All of these product types have their place.

It all depends upon your specific situation. However, if someone seems hesitant to tell you, doesn't know, or the percentages are squed to just one product type, one can consider questioning their ability to truly see the big picture and ultimately what is best for you long term.


I wouldn't call the agent with Primerica a financial advisor, because they are not. They are life insurance license agent.

They only promote limit financial services only.

In today world, this company just out source by other companies. This is no wrong to some people if they're willing to pay high premium term insurance.