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You see anything ralated to Primerica. run-away!! some will ask you to list name of people who you know, so they can start recruting under you name using your character (persona) to put their name on good standars... Big mistake!!!

If you are in the DC (distric of Columbia area) do NOT waste your time.... BIG SCAM!!!!! primerica has an office in the Wheaton area

primerica will try to make you in anyway possible to attend their seminars and if you not on top of your game they'll have you sign all kinds of papers....

like I was reading before if they are so.... great where is the $1,000,000.00 house?? where's the nice presentations??? and can keep going.....

Again do NOT deal with this company (Primerica) if you have a family, you will regret ever dealing with these clowns....

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I want to say something; my husband was with Primerica for about 2 years and left to go to New York Life. We were totally brainwashed and scared to go, but we didn't like all the little clicks and fighting going in our little office.

When we went to NYL we found out right away that Primerica didn't know anything about the insurance industry. They just use scared tactics to teach their people to hate the bankers and insurance industry so they could sell there term. First of all when we decided to replace our term insurance with NYL's term, it was so much cheaper our monthly premium drop by half and you know NYL is the one of the best insurance companies with a lot of money backing them. Also, Primerica think that if you don't buy term you're wasting your money, this is not true either.

There is certain situation where you need a permanent policy, such a funding a trust, for special need child and in a lot of estate planning. Every person needs are different and term doesn't solve all of them. Also, people beware of buying from Priamerica, they aren't experts, and they’re only part time weekend RARA salesmen.

They think that their **** doesn’t stink and the rest of the insurance industry is totally wrong. They love to argue that.


just a thought. seems you didnt listen enough to even know the name of the company you are mad at.

its primerica, not priAmerica. :grin


I find the original article quite emotionally-charged, and lacking facts.

FACT: You pay $99 to have a background check done and for Primerica to pay for your: 1. Life Producer license (in your respective state), 2. Series 6, 3. Series 63, 4. Series 26, 5. Mortage Certification (for $.M.A.R.T. loans (30yr, fixed rate)) 6. DebtWatchers Certification, 7. Auto and Home program (39 states require licenses, the other 11, as of Jan. 1, 2010 has a workaround for that) 8. You don't pay office dues, 9. They offer trainings twice per week for free on how to run a business and learn the products they offer, 10. You are an independent agent which means ownership.

IMHO, if all you got out of the $99 was a free professional, state-issued license, some education on finance and owning a business, discounts on your phone bill, and meeting a few new people then you didn't lose too much! Best case, you do what I've done and help people daily, become a Regional Vice President in 6 months, drive a BMW, pay a portion of your parents' bills, and make $20k/mo 14 months into the business, fresh outta college.


P.S. 100% of people who are coachable and are driven to win make it in this business. 100% of people who kinda "try-it out" half-heartedly quit. Here you are a business-owner (1099) not an employee at a J-O-B (W-2).


If you had even a one in ten thousand possibility of making 800,000 doing "very part time work", every one would be doing it, even Ray Kroc, the Colonel and Warren Buffett! You're so dumb, you would believe anything.

You didn't ask to see his income tax returns. Oops!! That's right. He made his money selling pot.

By the way, the IRS makes you report ALL monies taken illegally, embezzled, robbed, done via illegal activities and you are allowed to deduct NONE of the expenses.

Give us this guy's name, address, phone no, age, occupation, what he looks like, etc. We want to follow him.


HectorPrimerica, I have been in Primerica part-time for a year and my experience has been great so far.

I had a hard time figuring out what your complaint is? You don't like the referral system? What is it? You're just saying it's a scam?

Like I have stated repeatedly, the Department of Insurance, the Department of Mortgages and Lending and the SEC have checked us out and given us a license. Do you think that perhaps they would catch on to the scam after 30 years?

Just because Primerica is not for you does not mean it is a scam.

Also, there are many people that do very very well in primerica. Yes, it takes years, maybe decades, of hard work, but this is a real opportunity. I attended a meeting in San Antonio TX this past weekend and I met a guy named Carlos Gonzalez from Houston who has been in the business for a little over 16 years. He has a million dollar home and is currently building a $2.4 million dollar home. He earned over $800,000 in 2007. Yes, most people don't achieve THAT level of success, but there are thousands that make over 100K a year, which is awesome considering that 90% of Primerica agents are part-time. I just think that you don't have enough information about what we do.

What DO you do by the way? Just wondering.