Nashville, Tennessee
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Primerica is an incredible company. I was so excited to work for this company.

AND even made some LEGAL money. Working with citicorp was awesome! But, BEWARE of the person who recruits you. My up-line is completely money hungry.

Greedy enough to take your clients. He told me I was getting paid for a Life insurance sale. Guess what? He took the money and didnt even give me my half.

Sometimes when Primerica is your full time job, thats your only income and are willing to screw people over to make their ends meet. Trust me he did more!!!! Just know he has a greedy heart. Not all Primerica reps are bad.

There are good. But keep your eyes and ears open.

Theres snakes!

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A bottom-feeding pyramid sales racket, to be avoided at all cost. The vast majority fail within a year, and according to their own website the average "representative" makes around $5000 per year. A total joke - save yourself the embarrassment of having to bring one of their obnoxious parasites to the homes of your friends and family as part of your "training", trying to peddle their garbage insurance and mutual funds and even recruit them.