Fresno, California

Not to talk good or bad about this company but this company does have a down fall..i am a agent of this company. primerica likes to hype people up get them excited. and of course you'll be too i think. but the truth is that they wanna hire u.. no matter who u are. 99 dollars and your in. They get you in by telling you, "you can make alot of money, more then what ur making at you job" thats a lie.. truly you can not make that much money. Heres why

They say you work hard and you will get to RVP!!... yeah uhuh!!..

Truth: you have to!! hire a bunch of people. and that what this company is mainly about. No matter how had you work at it by yourself you'll never get there your contract will always be LOW.. you may be the highest producer but you will never get to RVP cause u need to hire alot of people

they say you can make it big BUCKs!!!!

when you go to the meeting or OP nights.. listen CAREFULLY see if your still interested.. they call if overrides.. basically means the if the person with a higher level then you hires you and you work hard finding people and then sell a policy to your family. they get about 60% of the money you earn and you get 10% from that policy... they call it training

RVP's get a a piece of that too.. and he does not do anything

it is a real business

i only use this business for tax write offs

you can find cheaper quotes online for term

Monetary Loss: $99.

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ofcourse you hire people. Doing solo will never get you very far.

Jobs hire people all the time. Military recruits, college recruits, NFL recruits. Why, because a solo soldier cannot take on a whole enemy force. you can't play football with 1 person roster.

You can't have 1 police officer doing all the justice for all the crime. In other words, you can't make big bucks with just you in your business. The difference between job and primerica is. Job, they hire you to make minimum wage, and your boss keeps big bucks.

Primerica lets recruits so they can make big bucks yet allowing the recruits to make big bucks as well. You'll never have ownership in a job. By the way it's actually free to work for Primerica.

That $100 bucks doesnt go to primerica, you're selling insurances, you need to get your background check. So that $100 bucks actually goes to the state to check if you've been accused of any frauds or if you are a child molester or what not before you can actually work in primerica.


You guys are idiots!! Anything that takes time and commitment is worth it!!

Primerica is not get rich quick!!

Lol!! They are on the NYSE idiots!!


hey i heard that before "oh its not their fault you suck at this business or bad experiance." i bet the rep probably said that to you or teached you how to say that to people. :p make's me sick i'm glad i didnt waste time there!!


dont work for them... if you like their insurance plan buy it, but dont join them unless you wanna ruin ur rep.

with you family.. they are gonna be talking *** behind your back.

thinking that everytime you talk to them you wanna sell insurance to them. :(


sorry i dont know how to directly reply to someone but KDM your comment troubled me alittle.

I understand where you are coming from and i know what you mean by being decieved. the truth is Primerica is a great place to grow as a person and its also a great place to learn and help people just put aside making money.

It is clear your friend is passionate about the company and it is unfortunate that she may be going about expressing that in the wrong way. The thing about this company is everyone in the business is different you cant judge the company by a person. I am lucky because the people i work with are fantastic and supportive but other offices are not the same it really does depend. I am sorry your experience has not been that good but i can promise you it is what you make it.

if you have the desire the opportuniy is there you just need to keep an open mind and go for it. I hope your friend is doing well in her business she may just want you to have happiness that she is feeling by being a part of something greater then a job.

good luck on your journy.



How is the largest mutual funds sales force in North America a scam? How is a company with ZERO debt and the only of it's kind that did not take a bail out a scam?

How is a company with six million clients a scam? They have more six figure earners than any other company in the world!! More than 2,000!!! There is so much to this company.

Most people think it's too good to be true because they have not resarched it in the right way.

Don't take my word for it, or anyone else who JUST posts a comment, because thats all you know about them. Go to CNN or FOX news, and look them up in places that report facts not opinion.


I was approved by a co-worker about PRIMERICA. I went to the seminar with her, took the licensing class (but I have not gotten my license).

I don't doubt that it's legitimacy but my problem is the way she hounds me. It is a real turn off. She has even given out my work number to the RVP she works for! I am not being negative but I just don't feel I am cut out for "selling" products to my family and friends.

I am not into sales and I am really not a people person. When she approached me about the opportunity, she did not mention sales. She made me think it was a part-time clerical job. She also told me that the picture of the beautiful new Mercedes on her computer's screen - saver was hers.

I asked her if she brought it with the money she made from Primerica and she told me "yes". She finally admitted that she does not have a Mercedes but that she plans on getting one with the furtune she is going to make with Primerica. She has been with Primerica for one year and works more overtime on our regular 9-5 job than I do! She has never given me straight answers on how much she has made with this company, her only answer is "a lot".

It's as if she just needs me to help build her business.

I am more turned off by the deception and I am really hesitating joining. Can anyone offer any advice?


Truth is, Primerica is not a JOB it is a business. When you start with primerica you are opening the doors to your own business.

we all know what it's like to start a business from bottom up. It is time consuming and no instant gratification. Well Primerica makes it easy for people with a busy schedule to start their own business. You can start part-time while still working your job, and you'll have people who are experienced and have done who are willing to teach you the ways of sucess.

Now i beleive Primerica works, because i've seen it in others lives and starting to experiemce sucess in my own business. I am a 21 year old woman, a minority:nothing about me says business omnership. And Primerica has given me a chance to have ownership. Im not going to lie to you, i am not an RVP yet.

However working with this company for about 5 months now, i am convinced it works! I don't know much about business, i am a pre Med stuedent and sales is definitly NOT what i do. I educate people in my communty to be financially independnet so they too can retire with dignity not just work for those who do get to retire.KDM if you want to join Primerica, you must have your why, something that pushes you to continue with your business, not for your friend.

Because everybody wants to be somebody, but not everybody is willing to do what's necessary to get what they want. Here in primerica we are looking for the 5% of people who wants it so bad that would work hard to obtain it!


Its a scam...


Sounds like there's another *** working for Primerica.



Interesting slant. Truth is...

you're right. Truth is... for anyone considering getting involved, you need to understand that this is not a job, it's a business. You can work it part-time forever, but you will never get ownership in the business by remaining "self-employed." In order to have ownership, you need to hire and override other reps.

Do that, and now you will start earning passive income. I am teaching my son this business principle: we go mow lawns together ("Dad and Son Lawn Mowing Service"). Since I'm teaching him how to mow lawns while providing a service and doing part of the work, and teaching him how to get clients through referrals and direct marketing, I get part of the pay. Only fair, right?

Once he does it on his own, just like the broker of a mortgage office, salon owner, or a doc who owns a medical practice, my son will then learn and understand how the owner of the "landscaping business" earns money while he is doing the work. Only fair, right?

And people think MLM is a pyramid scheme. Well, it would be if there was actually no goods or services produced in exchange for money.