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Primerica... Is just a vehicle.

Some support it, some wont. That is the way that the world works. Products from one company can be compared to another... Some will find parts to better or worse.

Thankfully that is how every business in the world is. If there werent competition the economy would be worse of than what it is now. As for mass recruiting like the people who get on websites like career builder or monster. Those Reps for primerica are pathetic and give the company a bad image...

It is choices. I dont care about what anyone thinks about primerica or any company. Just find something that you like and go for it. Is MLM bad?.

No,. It is just another vehicle someone can try out. Yes there will be negativity towards it, people telling you that it wont work. But, just know this Michael Jordan was told he couldnt play Basketball.

It all boils down to choices.

More power to you primerica reps. And more power to you who like to complain about the mass recruiters who ruin a system.

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Yeah publishers also told JR Rowling that Harry Potter wouldn't sell. Agreed, choices are the driving factor, and effort.

I have friends who will take bad advice over good and spend their lives saying "I can't do this or that" -- that drives me crazy!!

Just freaking try, people, then decide if you can or can't.

I'm just starting with Primerica and hope I can help some people. This business seems to be a good way to help others and that is why I'm trying it... ok and to help myself out of debt too.

Thanks for the forum.