Orlando, Florida

why do people constantly make *** complaints on there average life. If you want a job get a job if u want a career get a career if you want a business get primerica other wise stay broke lazy and online with facebook....

last time i heard when McDonald's and any other business started out they were a hoax to know they are making billions. every body thought Henry for was a hoax.... everybody thought Benjamin Franklin was crazy hmmm.... now we have Mercedes and solar power....

seems to me everything the average people thought hence the ones bashing turns out to be the best things society dwells on... so as a primerica agent i rather be the rich hoax then the broke consumer of the hoax

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question? what would have happened to all those people that are successful had they QUIT!!


Primerica is a great company! I get so sick of reading this negative *** all the time.

I'm glad that those that came before us didn't complain or cry about how unfair it is out there

or we would not have such a great country!! get off your *** and get busy doing something besides well...nothing


Yea but it requires you guys to harass us for you to gain a business. Like you said if I want a career I’ll get a career that don’t require harassment.

@rich hoax?

Rich hoax what Primerica does is educate those how to have a better future and not have financial ruin in the event of an early death. Again you cannot go anywhere and potentially start a business for $99 and maintain that business for $25 a month NO WHERE. It far well worth it for all the business and leadership knowledge you gain