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If you have an account with Primerica good luck if you have to change your name (marriage, divorce,..). I HAD a Roth IRA with Primerica until they would not except my documentation for a name change.

They stated the legal document (marriage certificate in this case) could be a copy of the original but the certification must be visible on the document itself. I took a clear photo copy of my marriage certificate and filled out the form which included a signed notary seal. After sending the information to them the issue should have been resolved. BUT I then received another letter from them with the same request.

I called them and said I already sent it but they did not like that the state my marriage certificate is from does not have a gold seal. Instead my certificate has a stamped unique number. They had the nerve to ask me to send them my original marriage certificate but that I could put a note on it for them to return it to me when they are done. WHAT?

It is not like the original is suddenly going to produce a gold seal. It obviously looks like the photocopy just with a little color. Name changing is very common and I did not have trouble changing my name anywhere else. I refused to send them an original document that is of such importance so they can pass it around a office looking for a gold seal that does not exist.

Solution - rolled the money out, closed the account, and am going to reinvest with Vanguard.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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You ignorant people are so misled, it's comical. I think it's funny how you all can sit here and bash a company that teaches people FOR FREE how to become properly protected, debt free, and financially independent.

I make a great living and make lots of money and just because you signed up and didn't become licensed, didn't go to trainings every week, didn't go on a getting securities licensed, and didn't build a team and respectful client base doesn't mean you have the ability to say this does t work. You're what doesn't work, nothing in life is going to call in your lap. You have to go get it, build it! When you do that it is absolutely beautiful!!!

So go ahead and cry because you couldn't *** it here, just know at the end of the day YOU failed yourself, not this business. This company is made for average and ordinary people like me and you, but the difference between you and I is that I don't make excuses. I will provide for my family and you won't. It says in the bible to go work, so go get to work and quit asking for things to just fall in your lap.

I am a U.S. Army veteran who served proudly in Iraq, don't tell me this doesn't work...I know it does.

My work ethic just happens to better than yours. Have a blessed day, and thank you negative people for reminding me why I do this...looks like I have more work to do!

@Learn your facts

Uh.. what are you talking about?

What you're saying bears no relation to what was said. This reviewer is a customer, not an employee. Posting a response to them in your manner tells me that you're out there hunting bad reviews to try to counteract them. I picture Primerica recruiters telling their gullible acolytes to go forth on the internet and hijack public perception...

block the voice of those who've seen them as unethical. Congratulations, you just proved to me that your company can't be trusted.


I've seen this SAME reply in other comments on other websites. This guy has obviously copied and pasted it from somewhere. Perhaps it's "script" provided by the Primerica website under "tools."


Thank you Grasshopper. Just one more reason why doing business with Primerica may be a mistake.

Once a professional. Always a professional Why are Primerica so many Primerica reps defensive in such a rude way?

Have people forgotten that the money earned even in Primerica is because others make a decision to trust you? God Bless you.


Monkey1111, Why did you not have your adisor work it out for you? Because Primerica wants to make DARN sure that your account isn't being scammed in today's scammed riddled society, you call that playing games???

I call that protecting your dumb BUTT!!!

And, Vanguard will ask for the same thing if you change your name again!!! If they don't, they aren't protecting your assets.


Yes I suppose I could have but it really came down to not wanting to do business with a company that is into playing games with the customer.


Hi, you should have told your advisor to work it out for you. :)