Moreno Valley, California
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I joined Primerica a couple of years ago after hearing about a business opportunity from someone who is a Primerica Representative. At that time in my life, I was working as a Project Manager for an HVAC company and making a good income but was growing more and more tired of the "rat race" and was searching for a chance to improve my family's quality of life. Primerica showed us a path that we could follow to knock years off our debt even without selling us anything and we are following that plan. We did not at the time of our first introduction to Primerica purchase anything but later replaced our life insurance policies (with another company), increased our coverage and saved us money. I did this myself and got paid to do it! It was awesome!

Primerica allowed me to be my own boss, work as many or as little hours as I chose and enjoy an unlimited income potential, you'll notice I said potential and not guarantee — all the while helping others become debt free and financially independent.

For me, the Primerica Opportunity was a dream come true. Today, my business continues to grow and I’m on my way to fulfilling my goals and dreams. Will I someday live in a million dollar home? - Possibly not, but maybe so, I can say that I have replaced and exceeded my income from my former job while allowing me to take control my time and my success myself, not allowing others to dictate how much money I make. That decision in now in my hands and I love that! Primerica has changed our life!

Primerica may not be for everyone but there are those who given the opportunity could change their future and their family's life for the better.

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