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MY name is Edgar E Jimenez I'm trying to cancel my pol bout this guy never give mi a solution # and the only # the i have is ut229777 PRIMERICA in i call the department center in no body cant help my to resort this situation and really feel daunt we this company the offers help and the cant no do it anything.I look for any ejecutivo to resor this matter in try to fix this sittuation in nevada no body answer the ph in no way to cancel the diret deposit from this guy be resanobel in trying to help the coustomers.

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Regarding Rep trying to cancel PrimericOnline (POL) subscription and company does not cancel it:

Go to your bank and put a stop on all future monthly payments (bank account drafts)going to P.O.L.

Also, it might be wise to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) about this issue and any other issues you have with Primerica (PFS).


I need to stop everything now and i dont have any of my information. They started pulling money out and the guy never came to finish any of the paper work how do stop it?


Write a termination letter stating to terminate your contract with them effective immediately. And call your bank to stop eft asap.


i'm having the same problem. not sure what to do.. :?


To Edgar-

Primerica has processed your refund. Please contact me at Primerica's home office for further information and assistance. See the email address in the company profile for email contact information.

Regena Wood



go to your bank and make a stop payment