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My father is a top leader in this company and fails to help his children. He constantly states to primericans that his children are set for school.

So why am I struggling for book money? Why do I have student loans up the wazoo???? He is not a true leader and all he does is lie!!!! Primerica has stole my father and made him a working robot.

This company is good and has the right idea about things only if its done with the right leadership. My dad is not a man and all he cares about is over riding his pyramid of people.

He can care less about anything else!

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Primerica is a good company but only for a very few people


hey here's a shout out to ......

have you once thought that every business out there is legitimately a pyramid that a business usually starts with a pres. or ceo and branches off from there to other ceo's and managers at different locations and they lead to one to person who is signing pay checks?


I cannot believe all the negative comments on Primerica. I was a Term Life Ins agent w/A.L.Williams back in the 80's.

The concept of term vs whole life still stands true today. Primerica is doing what is right, they are offering a business, (Independant Associate) Business man, 1099, not W2, lots of deductions, furthermore, it is not a pyramid, that is illegal and you dont stay in business for 31 + years w an illegal business, especially when you arte back by NYSE giant. So you either get in, provide the services they offer, make the money they say you can earn, or walk away from it. Don't sit there and write up a bunch of *** In the last 25 years I have spent over $70,000 on auto insurance and have never collected a dime.

Does that mean its a rip off? Get serious and get on with your life.


Call it whatever you like...but Primerica is the only company I know that is out there to help middle-income families-- & do the right thing. I just came back from a meeting with a leader who pulled in an est. $54K last month....how many people have you talked to lately that bring in that kind of income that is willing to take time out with you and speak to you???


Not a pyramid..LOL...what do you call over riding?? Why the need for recruiting.

The mere fact that it is legal does not negate the fact that IT IS A PYRAMID....Without recruits and people underneath people, the top RVPS would not make the income on thier own....being at the top of their pyramids helps them to feed off the petty Regional leaders and under.....come on GET REAL ITS A PYRAMID!! I agree with Paul..Primericans forget about what really matters..THeir own personal families..they use the excuse that helping out other families is their goal..what a load of bull..helping out a family leads to income/refferals/recruits....no one helps anyone in this company..PURE SELF INTEREST




My issue is not that I need money! I work full time and go to school full time.

I own my house and have a good car. All I am saying is that he should not LYE to people about his kids being set for school. He has never given me a dime nor has he ever paid child support.

I dont care for him nor his money. Just stating the facts that primerica is full of lyes and paint this bull *** dream of family first and business second when quite frankly it is the opposite.


Sometimes you have to buckle down and grow up and not expect everybody to give you what you think you deserve because of your parent(s) status. Things that are worth having aren't handed to us on a silver platter. :cry


Sometimes you have to buckle down and grow up and not expect everybody to give you what you think you deserve because of your parent(s) status. Things that are worth having aren't handed to us on a silver platter.


Primerica is not a ponzi scheme. I couldn't help but laugh out loud at the people who work for this company. Their defensive strategies were pathetic and quite frankly exemplify Primerica's poor quality employees.


Get A Life!!!

The major crisis we are in , is the direct effect of the majority of people on here. That have screw thousands and try to continue to screw family's out of their home's.

We are *** people on here left and right becuse we DO THE RIGHT THINGS , hello just think about it for a second if you were trying to rip people off and grow a company based on lies and primerica came along and muffed it up for you.. OUR company is wiping out all your business doing the RIGHT THINGS would u have good nice things to say about them lol ya ... (got my point)

Great working americans are loosing everything they have. They are the ones we help on a daily basis. Sit down with them, talk to them.

Instead of reading all this hoop laaww!! We are cleaning up the debt crisis and educating families how to stay away from the people on this very website.

Also we arnt just CLEANING out the compition we have NONE anymore. Instead of waisting time on this and the hatefull beings on here that in my oppinion have nothing better to do.

I DARE You to sit down with someone from primerica and get your facts. Better yet sit down with the families that we help, there are hundreds of thousands. We have never ever put some one in a ARM home loan or a interest only loan.

I have waisted way to much of my time, I have a great life helping solving family's problems while making


I am not about to lower myself to even be on here a second longer.

I am positive that all you losers will have so many positive things to say after this..... PEACE B WITH U


Rocky Drake? Nice try nextaxpro.

Paul, I am sorry that you are struggling financially, you are not the first or last. If your dad is a top leader in the company like you say he is, I am sure he did not become that overnight. It probably took him many years and lots of work. Maybe he is trying to teach you something about hard work, instead of giving you everything you need because he can.

Think about it, you're gonna come in here to trash Primerica and your dad because you don't have book money? Get a job.

Also, Primerica does not "steal" people or manufacture robots. Also, Primerica is not a pyramid. You know this.