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I have had a 20 yr life policy with Primerica. After 20 yrs they invited me to renew.

One of their agents told me they were charging an extra premium because Primerica claims wife has a heart condition, and she would have to have an expensive, uncomfortable medical test done to prove she didn't. She saw her hmo doctor who refused to do the test because she didn't need it. He provided a letter I forwarded to Primerica Sent letter stating she has no heart condition (she never had one)and test unnecessary. Primerica refuses to change unless expensive tests done.

I asked Cust serv to provide their evidence of heart condition but they refused to provide it. Primerica Cust Serv. says they can't do anything...send another letter to "Underwriting". Underwriting ignored the letter I sent and the doctor letter.

Sounds like a scam/fraud to me. I will also complain to California Dept of Insurance. You don't want to buy insurance from dishonest Primerica, a company that rigs its customer relations to prevent resolution of service issues, as long as it benefits them.

If Primerica disagrees, all they have to do is respond to my request and provide the evidence they have.

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For Primerica to conceive from their evil heart lies and words of falshehood is an abomination. This is a new heinous low for Primerica.

To totally make up a LIE out of thin air is reprehensible to any one with morals and decency.

Besides, when A.L.Williams, Inc sold her the policy, they said "no medical questions will ever be asked". She was accepted 20 years ago. You can't dream up new rules as you go along!

This is deplorable and raunchy!

What a bunch of lowlife out and out leeching, *** criminals. Thou shalt not bear false witness!!


She has her contact info. listed.

She is an employee of Primerica.

You can always apply with another company, but don't give up your current policy until you have another one in place. If there was a condition this is a example why having a conversion option is important.

regena.a.wood @ primerica.com.