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I was a rep for Primerica for a short time, thank god!I had issues as I was already in the buisiness as a Health/Life insurance agent.

Bottom line is their products are overpriced...

Go get a qoute online or call a broker and you will be amazed!

Carlos & Mary Gonzalez are a complete joke. They are so high on themselves that they cant see the real world. What is funny about their story is all the shanigans they have been involved with that most people dont know about. He never did any of the things that he will tell you to do to get to the top! *** he had his position given to him. He is arrogant and full of himself.

He blew some of my appointments with clients off when he was training because he would rather goto Houston or the Valley because he had an agent making big money.

I felt out of place there also because it was nothing but a hispanic social hall for people that had no life.

RUN , RUN , RUN far away!

ps I am now working for a real company(New York Life) making real money with benefits and a pension plan. And most importantly they care about their clients and reps. To *** with Carlos and Primerica!!!

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Clearly you are just making negative statements because you work with a company who thinks they can compete, but rather sells products which are bad for the consumer.


HAHAAHAHAAH New York life . What a JOKE.

Selling Trash VALUE


Haha what a funny Story

Nobody in Primerica get their position given to them. You sound like an insurance agent that take advantage of people and you sound like you're pissed off that Primerica is fixing the insurance you're selling and now people now how bad you are.

So you're attacking back with anger. You make no sense

I know Carlos really well and he's one of the nicest people around


Real classy. You sound like a joke.


I joined Primerica about a year ago, got licensed after 3 weeks and got nowhere. I felt like I put in a lot of time and effort but was getting nowhere.

I gave it up after about 2 months because I hadn't made a dime and it just wasn't worth my time. I had, however, purchased a policy because I really believe in buying term and investing the difference. The problem was that my trainer had only been in the business a few months longer than me and he didn't know what he was doing. He never even did my Financial Needs Analysis or set up my investments (he didn't have his securities license).

Buying Term doesn't make sense if you don't invest the difference. After about 3 months of trying to get him to get someone to set up my investments, I went out and found another office to get some help. The person I found blew me away with his knowledge and the way he approached the business. Primerica is a great opportunity but I suggest anyone thinking about doing it for real should check out more than one office and look for people that fit your style and are going to provide the tools to help you succeed.

If you want to make a mere $50k a year being a sleazy life insurance salesman there is that option anywhere that sells life insurance, but if you want to become a competent financial advisor that really helps people and make a very decent living, Primerica really gives you that chance. It is all up to you.


I am a financial advisor in Ausitn and I will say that, like any business, at first it is challenging to the point that most people suffer so much they decide to get out of the business. I can only imaginge working part-time for a company sucha as this with no support.

My industry is not intended for part time advisors, instead full-time professionals with continuing eduaction and designations. Unfortunately I've never seen Mr. Gonzalez, or any of his "representatives" attend one NAIFA (National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors) meeting to date. We as advisors advocate for our clients everyday!

By not advocating, you are a freeloading reaping the rewards by marketing to folks who don't know any better.


Your financial journey will be just as unique as you. Don't settle for anything less than a personal financial strategy designed with your specific needs and objectives in mind.

@Financial Advisor Advocate

He is an Analyst not an Advisor. A Financial Advisor requires alternate licenses. There's definitely no freeloading going on.


I have learned that its all about YOU! not Carlos..

not Primerica... you need to want it for you... Most people that say it didnt work is because they treated like their m-f 8-5 job... its YOUR business...

but if you dont get that point from the beginning... let me tell you now dont even start! IT works, and yeah... you may not make the millions...

but I rather make 100K and have off when I WANT.... than make 100K and worry about who's checking on me... when can I have off...


ITS YOU! are you willing to do what it takes is the question you should ask yourself...

@Its you Not the Company...

You said it...You have to be willing to do what others won't do so you can have what others dont have..(Financial Freedom is the Key).

Primerica will work for you if you work for yourself..


i was 20 at the time. when i meet this guy.

LUPE DIAZ. and i was really interested in sellin insurance. .. so i started goin to their meetins.

all they talk about is makin money and recrutin people. and on top of that you need to pay 200 in order to be a part of PRIMERICA. . even thou mi papa told me.

a job needs to pay you u dont. pay a job to go to work. i didnt. listen to him.

and i listen lo lupe diaz and carlos gonzales. they promised me that they had this special class for me to get my license to sell insurance. when i attended thiz class.. it was a joke.

they expect you to learn everything in. 6 hours. plus they let the moms take the kidz to the class... i just got up and left the place.

i felt pretty ***. thanks god. i only INVESTED 200 dollars in my primerica career. .

outside in the parkin lot carlos gonzalez is the only one with a really nice car. the rest of the people. all they drive is regular cars all of them are brain washed. hopin to make millions.

but the only one makin them millions is carlos gonzales. bsides. lupe diaz. didnt have a regular job.

he was livin with his mother in law bcause he.could support his. fam byhimself. man get a real job. this guy drove a piece of *** car.

and a really old blazer. i mean c mon.!!! the way lupe was pushing me to get in to this deal. was...showin me all the big money.

i ll be able to make. and sayin. cmon man is a no brainer.. well lupe.

i got a family i got a say i cant feed em fake dreams. i am an immigrant from mexico. im courrently 23. makin 8o thousand plus a year....i work hard for wath i want.

and i luv what i do for a livin. im a construction worker. i do it with a passion... primerica might b legit.

but the way lupe.diaz aproached me. he lies too much!!!!

get a real job support ur family like u should. then start dreamin lupe...


Yea I remember Lupe, brainwashed to the T. I felt sorry for the guy, but then I remember how much of my time he wasted and I don't feel sorry anymore.

I wish I would've quit like you during the took me a few months before realizing how much of a sham and waste of time this was.

The worst is that everyone hides behind this facade of cheers, celebrations and talks of dreams instead of accepting that they are simply insurance salesmen. If you want to sell insurance, there are other companies without all this hoopla.


I was 23 years old and sold a variable universal life policy at $250/mo because it was an "investment". Shame on me for trusting the New York Life agent.

I later was enlightened and taught about buying term and investing the difference. Thank you Primerica!


Our country is founded on MLM. Obviously you don't understand the fundamentals of business ownership. :grin


Carlos Makes A Lot More Money Than You and has a business that is growing not shrinking


I'm not surprised. I used to be a rep in Texas also.

I went in January in Garland (suburb of Dallas) to see Carlos and Mary host John Addison. Carlos Gonzales is a complete ***. He was a pharmacist making good money and quit his job as soon as he turned in the IBA. That's so ***.

But a lot of the people he hosted told people to quit their jobs and "really get after this thing." ***. And let peoples' kids starve and get their house forclosed on.

I am a strong opponent of MLM. I support real sales job opportunities that give you leads more than once a year. And real business startups like starting a coffee shop or hair salon. Not a MLM pyramid.