Sylmar, California

All you uneducated jokers read my comment please. Primerica is not for everybody so quit crying about you giving $200 and not working and sucking at your life. This company changed the way I think, the way I act and the way I view my life in whole. Not a day goes by where I don't try to become a better person and help others as much as I can. Primerica did that. You can make a million here nothing is impossible. I've been in business for 3 years now and have been around with many other companies before. I have many friends in the financial business and we all respect each other, Primerica or not. No other company sells Term like we do.

You guys are too busy talking *** about Primerica and you don't notice companies like Prudential, New York life, Metlife getting fined in billions of dollars for screwing people over. Primerica charges you $200 for your licensing which is over a $1,000 elsewhere where I personally spent from my own pocket before I joined this company long ago.

I learned how to manage my money, save my money, invest my money thanks to PFS. Gods hand is on this company. For average and ordinary people like myself this company is a blessing. No other millionaire or wealthy person would go out of their way to educate someone on how to become financially free. They have a financial interest in my success and failure. I make money, they make money. What a concept. If this company is a scam and a Pyramid, I thank America for allowing such a scam to operate in the U.S. I'd also want to thank the Department of Insurance, Finra, Banking industry for allowing me to become wealthy and most of all Primerica. And heres's proof for you sad losers

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It is a shame that in the name of money we fail to truly care about others. I recently reviewed a Primerica life insurance policy in great detail for someone I know and I was shocked!

The person had obtained the policy within the last three years and happens to be in great physical health for their age (55-60). The payment is currently less than 50 monthly but to my shock and surprise if this person should live another 10 to 20 years the policy payment (auto deducted) will balloon to over 1100 a month! While Primerica reps offer great payments for a number of years, I guarantee they DO NOT explain this FACT to you. So, one day when you receive your retirement check for rent, necessities etc., beware Primerica may get to the bank first.

And, if you cancel term life what then do you have to show for the ten or more years you have paid into the policy? Just because many companies may not be 100% honest does not give Primerica or any company the right to jump on the band wagon and be just as dishonest. You are commended for working hard.

However, I urge you to look at the bigger picture and consider that person you sell to is relying on you to be straightforward and honest. If you work with integrity you will be rewarded in the end.


At first I thought you were asking a legitimate question, but now I see you have simply copy-pasted a whole-life commercial in an attempt to discredit Primerica and term life insurance. The following is for the benefit of other readers.

Term life insurance is designed to provide protection for a set term of time. After that time the individual should not require any life insurance, they should have built up the assets to be self-insured. After the term is over the policy may be renewed at the applicant's new age, which will cause the premium to increase. It is not expected the individual would renew their policy, their term is up and they should have assets that would cover burial and be passed on to the survivors.

You do not get any return from or have a savings account inside any other kind of insurance and it is illegal to market insurance products on retirement or savings benefits, which is why other companies pay large class-action lawsuits for deceptive sales practices regularly. Beyond that any cash value savings in a cash-value policy is taken by the company upon death so no matter how much has been saved in that policy you do not have access to it.

The choice is yours, a whole-life policy that has less protection than necessary, because they are so much more expensive, that grows slowly, requires you borrow the cash value while you're alive, and the company takes the cash value when you die, or proper protection for the period you need it at a much lower price with separate accounts that actually allow you to retire.

marjoriewilliams, please refrain from speaking on honesty in the future.

If you work with integrity you will be rewarded in the end.

But first you have to work with a company that allows you to have integrity in the first place.