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Why can't people seem to separate individual behavior from company policy. Are there people who misrepresent the company?

Absolutely. Are there people at your job who misrepresent the company? There will always be bad apples in the bunch. Do we throw the whole bunch away because of them?

I hope not.My life has been positively affected by the Primerica opportunity. Im a teacher and my wife is a nurse. We love helping people. That's what this company is about.

I have never come across a company that says "God First, Then family, then business." The company's mission statement is "To help families become debt free and financially independent." You will never find a company willing to give ordinary people and chance to do someting extraordinary like Primerica.

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you like primerica? go slobber over it someplace else.this site is for people that have a problem with the company.not singing its praises.Its a bloody pyramid scheme. thats all!


I tried "working" for this comapny back in the early 90's. BIGGEST PYRAMID SCAM THERE IS.

Why should I pay my own way to get an insurance license? why should I work my a-s-s off to put money in the pockets of the upper levels?

Forget it.

Dont waste your money or time with Primerica people.

Only ones making money in this are the few on the very top levels.

they make you think you'll be financially indenpendant.

"4 to score and 10 to win"


and op? this site is for people P-I-S-S-E-D off about a business. Not elated about it.


In any company you will have bad reps. I have an excellent RVP in Primerica.

I just joined 2 weeks ago and have made my bonuses and have taken my first class. I put in the effort and time working a full time job with two children. He is encouraging me to get licensed so I can work on my list.

He is not profiting off my warm market. My aunt also been in the business for the past year and a half and is able to supplement her already 50K salary.


That only reason they are looking for recruits is to obtain hot prospects, they do not care about the recruit ,they are selling insurance to his friends and family, once this is done He or She will be discarded!!!, please see it!!! ,they will move on to the next sheep!!!, and they do it over and over!, they reach prosperity, the one already on the top!!,and recruit end up broke and traumatized ,thinking how of a loser He is, not do not feel bad they are a good scam tha is it. The good teacher is doing good, because H e is in a position of influence, riping off

all the good families sending their children to His school, God forgive him all damage already done to the families and friends of the students.


I have never said I didn't like the company. I just don't like how they say they are the only company that helps people, and are "God" based company.

I also don't like that its the only products you can use and can't shop around for THE BEST for your client.

I also don't like how they make you narrow minded to other products out there. THey keep all their products pretty basic. HMMM wonder why?? could it be so anyone can do the business??

Every agent says the samething over and over, doesn't matter where you live they are all trained to mimic someone else above.

The very few branch out and do it their own way. I myself can never be someone else. I am me and I have morals and I am NOT going to rip off my clients.

I WILL always do what is best for my client, even when with Primerica and I knew there was a better deal I would have a networking team and refer them to better things

THe statement, help families become debt free and financially independant"

That is what all good financial reps do, even when not with Primerica, if your heart is in it and you are there to help your clients then you will do what is right everytime.

If your always there in Heart you will make money easy, every house I helped even in Primerica I always left with numerous referals and I NEVER asked for any, I had people calling me saying "oh you really helped my friend I need help also"

and that is because I even sent them to places that I didn't get a red cent for, I sent them because it was best for them, and by doing that I had too many clients to even see. and I still have same problem, not enough time in a day to help everyone!


Why is it that primerica only uses the FNA and never sets up a budget for these people?

Is it because the FNA is so basic anyone can read it?

Why is it that Primerica limits the products the reps can use?

For the person saying they are looking into it, its a great place to get started and get your feet wet and get your license paid for. That was a excellent thing they did for me


although all these comments below seem to depict primerica as something wrong/bad, it all just makes the company seem even more enticing...

i've been reading comments after complaints after comments after complaints and well...

these people below me can't seem to make a real point-Primerica isn't the problem and neither is it's goals, it's workers, or it's ememies...

the problem is that people ruin things just by judgment... before anyone goes off on a company they should know that company first hand... just like you should know your friends before you go around talking about them (wether it's bad or good)

sure first impressions mean the world but everyone deserves a second chance and has the right to choose, but not everyone can say they have the authority to say what they want about things...

and if by some chance you do know about it because you are a client or affiliated with the company-then speak out but remember that the bottom line is YOU.

if you put your money and time into something, and it turns out to work for you then great but if the same actions cause a loss-then maybe you should've read into you choice a little more before you decided...

it's your money, you are responsible to make a knowlegable choice...

heck! do research, ask questions no one's going to stop you! use this site it you want... again it's people's judgments that create problems...

and hey vtch786:

seriously you sound very smart and have great points but so far what i've seen of you is nothing short of hatred for the company... why fall to critisizing the comment creators, when all you're really want to do is tell off the company itself... if you really want to do something-the company is open. find the founders/creators and give them a real sit down. tell them what you think and maybe there's a misunderstanding... or maybe they need to change...



Primerica is not doing anything different and they are FAR from independent ... read your IBA.

Good Luck after Citi sells you off to another company


I agree, they do take everyone but not all of them succeed.You have to be a smart to earn the money. The point of the company is to give everyone an equal opportunity and what you put into the company is up to you.

Maybe the people who criticize should look at their status before they judge others. Why criticize a company that is doing something different and independent?


Jenny Garcia You better start looking for a new job. PFS will fold in months

Citi Group is trimming the fat.


It's people that with this kin of negativity that keeps up going and striving to to do better to change the bad apple at a time!!! :D



They recruit EVERYONE you aren't special


Checking this out because I'm being recruited by the company.

There IS most definitely a company who's motto is "God first, family second, then the business..."


Also you are going to regret signing that IBA without REALLY reading it or having a lawyer read it first.


You are incorrrect to think that there are NO other companies that say "God First, Then family, then business."

You are also incorrect to say "You will NEVER find a company willing to give ordinary people and chance to do something extraordinary"

I own one that does both.

You see the problem is when you first start at Primerica, it is like when you met your first love. You think there is nothing better out there. You think that you will never find anyone else that will make you that happy. You also say to yourself "what was I thinking" once you are out of that first relationship and find the one you spend the rest of your life with.

For example, I bet you had a first love before you met your wife, the nurse, but now I bet your wife is far better than that first love and I bet you wish you found your wife first.

You are young in the industry but you will learn most of the stuff they tell you is true but the stuff they are not telling you is what will hurt you in the long run.

Look up the word "CAPTIVE" when it comes to Life Insurance you will start to understand what I mean.

I will leave you with this to think about. If you have "bad apples" in an organization ... why not get rid of them? As a matter of fact why tolerate them at all? And Primerica says that you "own" your business, why are you allowing "bad apples" to soil your name? If you "own" it fire them.

Hopefully that will have you start looking outside of the world that your RVP has developed for you.