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Primerica violates their applicants civil rights by having questions on their application screening paperwork such as “Are you married” and “Do you have children”. These questions are illegal because you can not determine employment on the basis of marital status or parental status according to the further interpretation of the Equal employment act.

Then they directly asked me if I was married. I am frankly surprised they did not take it one step further and ask me if I plan on having children. Big companies think they can get away with this blatant disregard for the rights of the worker because the people applying are so desperate to get a job they will answer anyways just to please the employer; or because the company seeks people who do not have the education to know their rights are being violated.

This company shows you sensationalist figures and destinations promising that you will be able to achieve these goals and be a millionaire. But out of the people working for them only 30 are in their book making over 100,000 a year, something is seriously wrong with that picture.

The sad thing is they are not the only company out their playing this scam, I have received several e-mails for similar “job opportunities”. They just wear the only company with the gall to actually call me and claim to have a position open they wanted me to interview for. If I had known it was a group interview or what the position was I never would have gone and waited my precious time.

The best advice I can offer to anyone out their who reeves an offer from this company is be careful, because if they do not respect your civil rights during the interview, how do you think they will treat you when you are working for them.

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There are plenty of people who are married with children who work for this company. They aren't discriminating anyone if and when they ask this question. My friend works for them and I have personally met their representatives who are married with children, just married, and single.


i gotta step in. i been in da business a lil over a month.

took da class, got my license, now making good commission and making my own schedule. maybe u enjoy punching a clock or working week ends & holidays? not me! i can sleep til 1:00 if i want to.

i get paid by da day! made $1100.00 in 3 weeks. u gotta be bizniz minded.

I thru picking cotton now im shopping! :zzz


If only you could read or write English. You'd have "mad potential yo"


do you even hear yourself, you never filled out an application, and when we hav people come to the office there is just a presentation of what the business is all about!!!! we are not asking you to fill out an app, and if someone did ask if you had kids it was probably to point out how much better off you will be with Primerica , I know I have been!


They probably asked if you are married or have children because they want to rope them into this bogus deal too. The open house I had attended, was attended by the mom of someone who had just started there. I was asked if I had children but only because "I could supposedly hand my business down to them".


then what is the IBA?

Is that not a application???


Ron is right. You were offered a business opportunity. You were being recruited.

The question about marriage came up because you'd make more money as a couple. You are right about one thing, it is illegal for an employer to ask those types of questions BUT you weren't being offered a job. Primerica doesn't work with W-2's. They deal with 1099 which means SELF-EMPLOYMENT.

Please understand the difference between employment offers and business opportunities.

I went through the process and I was shown a big book that had OVER 30 people making $100,000-299,999 and more making over $300,000 and so forth.

I'm sorry to inform you but your civil rights were not violated.


Sorry Rich but they dont have actual applications for employment with Primerica so you are wrong about the "civil rights" you mentioned.


30 only making over 100,000? try over 4,000 making that number, over 50 of them are in the millions, the largest producer of 7 figure incomers in the world, Primerica is a fantastic company, there complaince is on key, and they do whats right for families


You're's illegal to ask those questions during a hiring process.


If that is all you seen at Primerica, then you are definitely not for this company, it wasn't an interview for a job! It was an offer of an opportunity, if you didn't see that, your loss!


Any job you apply for will ask you such questions on the application form. They do this so that they can meet their Afirmative Action requirements the Federal Government puts on them. Now, if they did not offer you the option to decline to answer, that is a violation.