Grenada, Mississippi

Primerica is absolutely the best company in North America today. This is truly a wonderful company that has the consumer first attitude. Primerica has common sense products. Thanks to Art Williams for his vision and courage to take on the traditional whole life industry and totally revolutionize it. Say goodbye to cash (trash) value life insurance. That industry is crumbling. Of the 2000 plus whole life companies of 30 years ago there is only about 1000 of them left. It couldn't have happened to a more deserving group of ripoff *** artist with their phoney CLU titles (worthless). Goodbye to State (Snake) Farm, Prudential (Piece of the Crock), John (hands in your pocket) Hancock and too many more to name.



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This type of commentary by either another company Rep or a person who "tried" Primerica and didn't do it, are usually never based on fact and only biased opinion. Not sure how I replace so much of the competitions policies by offering better value and better premiums.

Sure, there are a few companies that offer cheaper premiums, by $3-8 month, but they lack the quality of product we offer, and who wants to *** around with protecting their family with some cheap, stripped down product? Get the facts, then offer them if you want to be taken seriously!!

Great job Wayne and keep up the crusade! And Stan, what are you doing to make a difference in this world?


Just to let any person who can comprehend this know: Primerica is not in the financial service industry. Primerica is not in the business of insurance.

Primerica is in the business of creating financially independent families who come from an average and ordinary background.Primerica's term insurance is more expensive than many other companies (Never said Cheaper) but how many companies have more financially independent people than Primerica. Can you say NONE. and if you want proof just ask any primerica agent about the book of financially independent people. There so many people making minimum 100K a year that that is practically minimum wage for a broker.

And if your Primerica Agent doesn't at least know what the book is or the business side than go get a new one. And for all the Primerica agents who think you are financial planners with your loans and investments. Your A freakin ***. learn the compensation.

the 44.5 % on creating brokers that is were the money is. That is when your a true Primerican.


There's no response to the points I made about them not being competition, just accusations of potential double aliases.

So, are my points incorrect?


yeah I do know what that means and WHATEVER - RIGHT


If you'd read the posts, you'd notice I work as a captive agent, PFS TRUTH is independent. Do you know what that means?


vtch786 aka PFS Truth NICE TRY! So now you're Competition?


Now that's the funniest thing ever. Do you think you're competition? Competition would mean at least one of the following:

1) same array of financial services products offered

2) pricing that is at least in the same ballpark as my company

3) knowledge of the products/industry of agents is even NEAR mine.

Since neither of those are true, I don;t consider Primerica competition. Any time you'd like to sit across the table from me, let me know. :grin


Wayne, Thanks for your great comments regarding the crusade but just a kind word of advise, don't waste your time trying to debate these deadbeats that bash the company. Professional jealousy is a ugly thing.

They are just desperate! They are not worth your energy and valuable time and just a waste of good oxygen.

They work for a competitor and are trying to bash the leader. Go get 'em guy!


Maybe if you did ANY studying beyond what your UPLINE tells you, you'd respect a title like CLU, just a little.

Is Primerica the best company in North America today because of?:

1) Massively overpriced term insurance(if they were half as big/good as you think they are, wouldn't that generally mean they'd be competitive? Oh yeah, you wouldn't understand that because you probably have absolutely no education.

2) They offer a smoke & mirrors loan product that Primericans can't even understand even thought it's been spelled out to them over and over again.

3) Heavily loaded 5-star, oops, I mean 4-star mutual funds, which only 5-10% of Primericans sell because they aren't even able to pass the securites exams.

"trash value"??

I'll have you know I just wrote a few whole life applications on owners of a Suze Orman book? They didn't want whole life, until I showed them the value of having a little of it.

By the way, go to finra dot org and see if everyone at Primerica's favorite personality, Suze Orman, is even listed as having ANY license.

@"phoney CLU titles"

Show me a whole life that is better than term life!


To Wayne:

Primerica IS NOT the same company that Art Williams built.

Art Williams built A.L. Williams and Associates .... When Citigroup bought the company and made it Primerica .... A.L. Williams and Associates and Art Williams dream stopped.

Art would of never been a captive agent. Which is exactly what Primerica is today.

Art would of never worked for Primerica.

Get all your facts straight and do all your research before you start spouting off quotes you learned from your RVP at Op Night or Saturday Morning Training


Primerica is truly messing with peoples insurability with their ***!! insurance they offer