Greensboro, North Carolina

I was briefly involved with Primerica and can tell you STAY AWAY It is cult like brainwashing and manipulation. Restitution should be paid to all its victims!

The recruiters tell you that you can make big bucks but you never will.

There is NO base salary, NO benefits, and they charge you a monthly fee just to stay a part of them so they don't have to pay taxes on what little income you will get.

What did it for me was when I saw how other companies had much better products for their customers. If a Primerica recruiter approaches you, run away!

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Guess you didn’t make any money huh? So now you chose to bash the company?


Tell that to the people who bring home 1k+ a week in the business. People like like my brother, an old mentor, old friends who bring home 3-5 a month and a teacher who retirees from school and college because he make more in 6 months than he makes in a year teaching.

You have to be 100% committed, you need to know how to upsale, you need to know the business.If you only do small apps, no you won’t bring home the $$. It’s the bigger apps that make your money.

Think what you want it’s a free nation, like with an job you have to be committed! You can’t commit you will not succeed.

@Anonymous 12

Thats right, let them know the truth


Bottom line primerica only sell their services to people who don't know any better... And if you think they are the best company never really been real money in your life...or have any knowledge of the real firms out there...

you think making a million dollar per year is good money,,, but in the real world of finances that's like less than a penny.... If you had a talk with a hedge fund manager or a Wall Street broker they would probably laugh... Come on all you recruits do some real research or really dive into the world of finacial services and you will quickly find out how miss lead you have been...I read all your comments and how you defend your company but in all actuality I could tell you are new to the world of entrepreneurship I respect the fact that you are trying to achieve something great for your life... But please don't let this people play you like that...they tell you they care about you as do your their own family and will be there for you hmmm...

We're else do they say that?

That's the same thing gangs tell thier members to win them over but do they really mean it that's up to you figured out ...if you want to achieve something great in your life... that's an awesome gaol that's worth chasing and working hard sure some of you will acchive it....but don't let this lires take advantage of and your hard work...think for your selfs...


97% of Primericas know very little to nothing about real finances, I think that it's really not your fault, your just not prepare about the subject as a real finacial broker needs t be or agent at that please don't take this the wrong way, your company is to blame, sure they sell you on the dream and that's ok I think all of us need to dream a lil more, but when that becomes the only objetive it can couse you to not think straight, I been to the meeting jaunt to check it out it's a little cultish,it's ok to be motivated exited inspire but some of this people almost worship their leaders that's really wire, unorthodox...the products you sell are not bad but they aren't nesserly the best like you guys claim, the finacial market and fiat currencie is always fluxuating and there are so many products and services some less safer than others but none the less they can make people money, you can never sell this products for the most part to people who have above average knowledge about finances in correlation to the global markets and know how to invest fait currencies...I.E next time your at your meeting just ponder for one second how the "leaders" get to drive the Bentlys and every one else is busting there backs... Of course your conditioning will tell you because that earn it by working hard but I think that if that was the real case at least 30% percent of the agents in the offices would be in a better much better finacial position there in today , that's like simple math 2+2=4 but in Primericas math it just dose not add up. Good luck to you all need primerica recruits..


Very wrong in a whole aspect


This company is definitely a multi level marketing business, but to become successful you need to realize that from the start. Yes, as a new recruit you bring a trainer out on the field for you and he makes commissions of any business closed, but you to also learn the business, closing techniques, and presentation.

The main goal is to become a trainer and create multiple trainers under your belt. If you're worried about losing a few sales in the beginning and crying that your warm market was going to become your entire business, you're a *** and couldn't hang anyways!

I went on 17 training appointments and 15 closed during my first month, and one I was licenced I made 4k my first month without a trainer!

People are making money in the business and as long as you join everything is transparent and you can see what all the leaders are making on their rolling income, it's a giant competition and that's what I love about the business! So for those that joined and never learned their way around POL let alone know what POL is, you really can't call yourself a recruit!


Where do you start a your own business and and get a wage?


I'm not gonna try to convince you. Do your own reaserach...

The only reason this won't work for you is if you quit, treat people poorly or do something *** and illegal. If you go to a Starbucks that treats you bad and screws up your drink... Does that make them all bad? Do the reaserach your self.

You can believe Forbs magazine, the DOW Jones, BBB, the insurance commissioner of California. Of this guy who probably quit before he even finished the very first step of getting licensed ...choice is yours


I trust that you have learned to take responsibility for your own successes and failures in your life. No one can make anyone do anything.

All your decisions are yours. I recommend that you read Think and Grow Rich or even better, Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill. Both audio books are on youtube. Not everyone comes into this world to be a business owner, some people do their best working for a business that they enjoy working for.

No judgment. The most important advice is to be happy and be your best person.

From someone who cares. April 3, 2015


Big Mistake he is currently at $900,000 of income and one of best trainers in company at 29 years old. sad you were looking for salary and benefits he made $100k last month.


Liar. I am a customer.

I had policies with prudential and metlife. I was shown in black and white thru my primerica agent showing me in my own policies where it said what I had and truly I was NOT getting the better deal. Also , she was able to save me 80 dollars /month on my car insurance, over 900 for the year! AND he put my husband and our kids on a Interest Growing account with a track record of 10% average annual growth (1990-2010) yes this includes the years of y2k, 9-11,2008 collapse, corporate scandal etc, and it's return was STILL 10% yearly average!!!

They work w companies like Legg Mason , Franklin Templeton, big names where the wealthy class put their savings. All around the agent did an amazing job, And helped us start an Exact plan, we will be reaching our goals faster, safer, And I Am So Thankful our friend referred us!!!

This page may very well be created by some competition primerica has, because The Products Are Premium Quality. The whole life policies we used to have with prudential and metlife were robbing us


It's obvious that you don't understand what an independent contractor is and how it works... People!

Consider the source when making a decision. People like this are not to be consider.


You're crazy!!!!!!!! Primerica is the best co out there!

What part didn't you understand?

And Mario......... Is the best!


Wow you guys really need a reality check!! How many uncles did you guys have to talk to before you came up with the answer that Primerica is a scam, or that it's not possible to make $100k a year working with Primerica!

Ask the people who have made it, who have become successful in this company, you have to be willing and determined to win with this company! If you guys don't want to work your butt off for your family and your future, and pay the price, go grab an apron, and start flipping those burgers!!


Primerica insures a family’s Income against the death of the Income Earner, Bread Winner, or Head of households. It also helps families plan, save, and accumulate wealth for the future and more...

Primerica is a Career Opportunity, a Business Opportunity not a JOB, not a 9-5. Not for people with a "I need a Job" mentality, or "I need a Paycheck this week" mentality. It also takes foot work, a lot of Discipline and have a Goal driven Effort to achieve success here and acquire product knowledge and Skills.

Our weakness? Hiring anyone off the curb who wants to work (Work Mentality: Honorable but not who we are) instead of Demanding a Higher Standard of Quality in our search for Candidates, Interviewing and targeting High achievers who are Goal Driven and want to help families, their communities, make a difference in families lives, make a lot of money, run their own office and ultimately their own Business.

It is a Multilevel Marketing, and Distribution Company. It survives by putting out High Graded, Quality Products and Services, while generating New Markets by Word of mouth, Referrals, and Recruiting so that it doesn't have to spend Millions of Consumer $Dollars like McDonald's, State Farm, Wal-Mart, Prudential, Northwestern Mutual, etc.

When I take a New Recruit out on the field, My Mindset is show his or her family who they are working for, what we do, what they will be marketing to Potential Clients and what they will be achieving with us, if their family see value in what we do then we can take some information and make a future appointment to go over that.

I use a simple, honest straight forward approach for getting Referrals for our recruits from their market, based on fulfilling their Client's Objective and providing Quality Service, I ensure Future Appointments for our Team Members and teach them how to do the same in the process.

That's the mind set you have to have when you think about Primerica; not for everyone.

Problem is everyone knows what to expect from McDonald's and Walmart (low pay hard work, and don't bother complaining on a blog, no mystery, obvious what to expect at Mickey D's and Walmart)....but no one has been CLEAR on what to expect and what it takes to succeed in Primerica.


You should wake up!!!! You are dead WRONG.

20 Yr.

Veteran....So Happy!!!! LOL :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :) :) :) :) :)


Nice post grasshopper. Be sure to tell your co"workers" about it next time you are at your Primerica "office". For people that don't have to blend lies with truth in order to succeed at their job, the multiple problems with this organization are very evident when you first attend the initial "interview". Saying that all people saying negative things about Primerica are lazy is bush league. That is a cop out, and is the only defense I constantly see from Primerica defenders. The first thing that Primerica does once you join their organization is send a senior staff member with you to visit your family/friends and try to sell them policies. Trouble is, you don't get any commission from this, and are giving away your best contacts. Employees that "succeed" at Primerica do so mostly at the expense of their recruits.

Honestly grasshopper, look at all the people with complaints out there. You can't just say they are all lazy or misinformed. Most people just don't go online to bash a company unless they have a very bad experience. If you type Primerica in Google, the 4th most searched result is "Primerica scam". I understand that you probably think Primerica has its good aspects, but it obviously has more bad ones than an average company.

It is never a good idea as a company to offend SO many people that you attempt to hire as new employees. I keep reading from Primerica defenders that this is caused by "rogue employees", but seeing as so many people experience this, I find that extremely hard to believe. Go out and google McDonalds, State Farm, Walmart, Prudential, Northwestern Mutual, etc., and NONE of them return a top 5 result that includes the word "scam".

To all potential interviewees, please go in with your eyes open. There are several aspects of this company that people will find objectionable and even heinous. I have interviewed at many places in my life, and have never been as offended and repulsed after an interview as I was with Primerica. This job might be right for some people, but I wouldn't recommend it to any of my family or friends. Never.


You just said it....if you google primerica the 4th most SEARCHED result...which means most clicked bout primerica is regulated by the state and how bout u use ur little fingers to type company with the most 6 figure income earners...or company with the most million dollar earners....please. u catched a "glimpse" and let me tell u.

Ur intuition is off by a landslide. I wouldnt trust the word of a quitter who couldnt see past the ego of his brain to actually experience this awesome company and only with time would the inevident truth...which is that primerica works. Im so sorry u believe that 12$ an hr is worth ur time with a maxed out day of 8 if ur lucky and 12hrs if they love to torture u, and that being under the thumb of someone u have to call boss and ask permission for everything is ideal for u. Thats sad.

Being a slave to coorporate i guess is the american dream. Hahaha


One more thing Anonymous, the products of Primerica are second to none. If you don't understand financial things, blaming others makes you look *** and weak.

I would not have anything on my life but Primerica Life for my family. Second to none and flat down the best product on the market.