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About three months ago I called and spoke to a representative about me discontinuing my services with Primerica and how I go about being reimbursed for my application registration fee. I was told that I would not be entitled to the whole $99 dollars but that I will get back $60.00 dollars and would have to email a brief letter stating this to the reimbursement department in which I did.

I have not yet to hear a response or gotten a check in the mail. I feel that I went about the procedures the way that I was told and is entitled not only to some proper assistance but also to my $60.00. I would appreciate any further assistance given to me. I may contacted at my mobile number (646)789-7238, home number (212)491-3910 or my email address

Thank you!

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I being calling and all they tell me yhat I need to send a letter thrue this email page. I Only attended one class and did not take the test.

@Emilio Chapa

Hi, Emilio-Under the Refund Provision of your IBA, there is a $30 non-refundable fee for the required background check. The balance of $69 may be refunded if requested within 120 days of the application, and you have not attended training.

Based on your post, you attended one training class. Therefore, you would not be eligible for a refund of your IBA fee.

If you have further questions, please contact Primerica Life, as this website is not affiliated with the Primerica companies. RWood, Primerica Life


Hi, I want my money back for $99.00 please. from: donnabelle chiong


Never join this company, they are SCAMS they took my money without my permission after i requested not to process my check that i dont want the job


That makes sense! Who would be that ignorant to send their social on an email?????????


That makes sense! Who would be that ignorant to send their social on an email?????????


The e-mail does not work. They never reply.


If you REALLY want your money back, simply stand outside their weekly hiring meetings and tell all the future "sheep" how nice they are when you want your money back.


If you will contact me directly at Primerica's Home Office I would be happy to assist you with your refund. Please note that if you paid your IBA fee by credit or debit card, any refund would be processed as a credit to your account.


Regena Wood




File your complaint with the Better Business Bureau as they are a registered company with them. What was it like being a Primerica agent for three months? My email is


It was a mission and a half to get my brother back his $60. I worked with the person who was a rep for Primerica, and I had to keep reminding him. He finally gave me $60 out of his own pocket and he said he would get reimbursed.

I was not impressed, and despite all the "yeah they said they refunded him" I felt I was given the runaround


You can get a refund back if you email:


Give them your Name, Social Security Number, State and Solution Number (if you have it)

That should get your money back