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Here is my story, please take what I say seriously and do not shrug it off. Leave as soon as possible.

I was at a family dinner when my cousin's fiance spoke to me about an opportunity in the Finance district. As he was a succesful person and the fiance of my cousin, I felt that this was a great opportunity. I am a full time college student who had just finished an unpaid internship, my finances were running low and I saw a chance.

Eventually we got together and met the RVP at his office. I arrived on time, the RVP arrived very late, in fact, it took both the RVP and my cousin's fiance to 30 minutes to arrive. I sat down in a conference room with a few other people besides me, including my cousin's fiance.

We were promised that there was a large room for growth if we worked hard enough. Videos were played, power-point slides were shown, etc etc.

I ended up joining, taking out what little money I had left to pay for the background check. I had researched in advance and realized that my RVP would probably try and ask for a list of my warm contacts. I wasn't surprised that it was one of the first things he wanted to go over during our "training". I made every excuse possible to avoid giving him my warm contacts, except for my cousin, and i am SO happy that I did.

What happened after is that I received a "special training book" that essentially was a sales script on how to make a call to a prospect. It was disgusting to read, using unfair tactics to pressure sell.

Here's an example:

Do you have a job?

Do you have dreams? What type of house do you want? Family? Etc.

Do you feel your job currently gives you enough success to reach your dreams?

Primerica offers you the opportunity to achieve those dreams.

Do you care more about your dreams or your job?

Then what stops you from joining Primerica?

--- Anyone who is capable of reasoning even a little could understand that this puts a person in a position where they are almost forced to choose the answer that the script wants, any objections can be nullified easily. It's sales, but it's dirty. It focuses on emotions rather than the actual product or service.

I stayed for a little longer, I was hoping I could complete the training, earn my licenses and learn more about the industry. My goal in the company was to provide the best product possible to my clients and receive a line of referrals while actively recruiting. It required me to think about it almost every second, every conversation of my life.

I know this is a long read, but if theres anything you take, here is a summary.

If you join Primerica:

The likelihood that you will make a decent income in the first 5 years of your job (or ever) are equivalent to getting struck by lightning.

You will have to constantly deal with the fact that you were for a very infamous company, don't even bother thinking of putting them on your resume, Primerica recruits anyone so you won't stand out at all.

Be prepared to be pressured into selling to your family and friends or having your RVP move onto another recruit.

If you do sell to your family and friends, be prepared to lose the trust of many of them.

Lastly, pay attention to the sales and psychology being enforced. Are you asked to raise your hand very frequently during presentations to agree? Do you feel an uncomfortable churn in your stomach when you feel you are almost forced to agree with something?

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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This is bs you were obviously lazy and looking for an excuse to say something negative. The fact of the matter primerica is the number one life insurance company period!

Why wouldn't you want to help your family and friends. That's a privilege you ***! Do you think for a min that legg mason would allow you to service your family smh. Sad to say but yea you are a looser that make decisions based on here say instead of facts.

And it's people like you who give our company a bad name when in actuality "you" are the scam or bad image..

And for the record every office is individually owned and operated. The company has more six figure earners than any other company in the world you foo foo