Woodstock, Georgia

for starter the reason the employees are like that is because they hire anybody basically what they do is they pick people off the street these people pay the company $100 they get their tools and they go to some classes and that's how they get started on selling insurance but the class is only like three days I was one of them however I did leave I left because although I was very much involved with the company they never really showed me how to even do it they just expect you to learn from a website that just sits there right in front of your face they never showed you the prices of the life insurance they never did anything like that they just expect you to do it on your own you get paid on commission what mean meanwhile I ended up leaving the company because everytime I try to get in touch with the manager or the guy I could not reach him and the last time I did call him he was supposed to call me back and I never heard from him I've been on Social Security for up to 12 years now and I'm now having a very serious problem my social security because it showed in the computer that I had worked and I want my own business but there is no pricing in the business and how much I adore and so now so security trying to claim that I owe them thousands of dollars when I don't even know them a dollar cuz I never even got paid from this company

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You are such a lair you just did not want to learn and push your self to due the right thing if you go to school and don't pay attention you are not goin to learn is all up to us to learn more the tools are their, you just did not want to use them and you are the type of person hat likes to lie about others so that people, i know prime america i know how it got started don't work for them but all that you said is bad. and the 3 day class is for you to pas the test the internet help is the same and more. Anybody that reads this person's writing or any outer due me a favor go to one of their offices and than make your decision.


I feel so bad for you.I will pray that your situation is resolved.Also should new trainees who have left before completing the whole course, be concerned about this possibly happening to them in the future?SCARY


The price's of life insurance? Clearly you didn't pay attention while in class anyway...There are different policies set up for different situations.

Prices on the policies can vary due to different circumstances. But yeah you're an ***!


You are an ***!


make no sense e