Deerfield, New Jersey

First of all you make no sense. In anything you do Primerica, tje Corporate world or your own business there are never guarantees.

All i know is that when i deliver a claim or see other retiring..its a great feeling...all businesses have their good and bad. Thats life we need to work hard build leaders. And not everyone is going to make, but learn to use the good things and help others.

The bad well grow from it....cause its call life....i personally have won 16 trips with Primerica..even if i had not made much money i dont know where part time you can win trips for your that's a ttle of what i have to say on Primerica or any other business that is legal out there. Remember since it is a big co there is going to be some pepple that are going to do wrong, but life is full of thise is.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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