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a Primerica Mortgage can easily be a financial death sentence. Our loan with them (our own stupidity an obvious factor) not only was crammed down our troat, but the amount of the loan was 20% more than the value of the property. The agent promised that the rate would be reworked in 30 days, as soon as the adjustments could be processed. #0 days later, we are told that loan could not be rewritten because there was a negative equity problem!! When asked how it happened, we were told how LUCKY we were to get the loan in the first place, and we should be grateful to him for pulling a few strings.

Now with falling property values, it's time for revenge. With the right moves, we can stop paying our mortgage,, allow the property to deteriorate, bank the payments until we are evicted (play it right 24-30 months), apply the cash to a different property, and turn in to Primerica an unrecoverable $200k loss, while salvaging our finances in the meantime.

Primerica was offered an oppourtunity to make this right. We are more than willing to pay our debts, and we love the house we are in. However, since they "took the too bad for you" approach, they will pay the price.

Note: Presently my credit rating is in the mid 700's. will take a hit for sure, but in reality it is recoverable when all is said and done.

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Thats the most absurd thing I've heard. I have been doing S.M.A.R.T loans (primerica refi loans) for 2 years and the will not even send back an approved solution if it doesn't benefit the client.

We can't refi over 90% of the appraised value, which is appraised by an outside appraiser before the loan can be closed. You are obviously one of our competitors trying to sabotage a excellent reputation with actual clients. I have done over 20 SMARTS and everyone of them is more than pleased. As you can see someone above even would like to help you address your complaint but because you aren't an actual client you won't call to resolve the issue.

The designer of this web site even posted that he believed Primerica after investigation was a great company. So why don't you spend your time doing some honest.


Just a heads up... Your credit won't take just a hit, it will be blown all the way out of the water.

My wife and I did the same thing with Countrywide because they were too *** to actually help us. My credit went from mid 700's to low 400's in less than 12 months. Please consider what you are doing before acting on pure anger. My wife and I had to file bankruptcy due to having a $100,000+ unpaid debt.

Countrywide made our credit sooooo bad that bankruptcy actually raised my credit score. Good luck to you and your family.


Fast-forward to today. Apparently this is what we are currently "Bailing-Out!!"


the last time I contacted Primerica, I recieved back a form letter from a clerk/lawyer. Being put back intouch with the same people that scammed me before is not my idea of a solution.

I have contacted Primerica, and CITIMORTGAGE. The attitude is "you owe it, pay it"


To Pjfla: I am a home office employee and we would appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns. Please contact me at Primerica's Home Office at your earliest convenience. You can reach me through the email address posted in the Primerica company profile or at the contact information below. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Regena Wood

Primerica Financial Services, Inc.

Duluth, GA




use a proxy buyer, and put down huge deposit. $110k on a $220k will work quite well(it's done all the time)


If you have mortgage lates piling up on your credit