Phoenix, Arizona

I had life insurance for my mom for about almost 10 years and paying about 130 every 3 months....well it so happened that i was going thru a divorce and i was stressed out and forgot to make a payment. I don't really remember how long it lapsed because this was about six yrs ago but i think it could of been roughly 2 months, well to make story short primerica wouldn't let me make the payment and they took my moms insurance away!!!

I spoke to agents managers to above management and i explained to them what i was going thru and they didn't even care so i was so so furious. My sisters and I were all making these payments together and for them to cut me off after having them for 10 years i thought they were so so shady......Now my nephew is in primerica and i told him my story so he came to do a presentation and talk to me..........i just listened cause i love him but I will never do business w/ them again ("FOOL ME ONCE SHAME ON YOU, FOOL ME TWICE SHAME ON ME LOL....NEVER EVER AGAIN"

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I'm looking at reviews and I can't help but think hmmm they're shady, or you are? Make your payments on time...Months have passed....what do you expect businesses to do when clients don't pay?

Regardless of what goes on in your life, you still have to be a responsible human being.

Your complaint has no merit of wrong doing. You can leave out the once, and twice and just leave your title "fool" because that's what you sound like.


I call this ***. With any insurance company you're with you can always pay your missed months.

If you're backed up 3, 4, 5 mths all you have to do is pay the backed up premiums. So if you and your sisters were making payments why did it lapsed? Were you pocketing the money? Please go sell your *** somewhere else.

You could have renewed her policy, you just didn't want to pay the lump sum payment. So my guess, so your sisters wouldn't find out you weren't paying..... you blamed the insurance company.