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I have seen first hand how this company has helped so many people. My mother has been with them for years, she started when they were A.L. Williams. Almost 24 years now.

She has strictly sold life insurance. I have never, ever seen a claim that was not paid. They offer great services and have helped a lot of people.

I have seen so many people benefit from the life insurance they had purchased thru Primerica.

People are so simple and closed minded. You have to know all the facts about anything before you start spewing untruths. Please get your facts straight.

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I did shop the Primerica Quote, and not only were they cheaper than AIG, and Banner, Primerica's term was longer and had renewal options where the others didn't. Second, I've invested with Fidelity for years and after comparing, Primerica's fees were less, and the service was better.

Also, all the wrap fees charged by Morgan Stanley, AG Edwards, and Ameriprise are a rip off!

I'm sure you drive the cheapest car out there, but I look for value, you shouldn't shoot your mouth off when you don't know what you're talking about! Thanks for wasting my time!


Paying claimes isn't an issue. Get a quote from your mother, then compare it to maybe AIG or Banner or even West Coast. After that take the same premium and compare the difference in amounts of coverage for the same premium...

Now for investments. Compare fees inside and outside of Primerica. Look at commissions of products compared to the industry. Ask your RVP what products pay agents renewals and if they don't why?? Look at the policy guarantees and at what ages..

Primerica is not a scam or they are not a bad company. They have their system. If it's good for you and yours, more power to you. Seperate the Primerica company from the products and the agent contract.. When you do the kool-aid isn't that sweet.