Calgary, Alberta
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Primerica is a company that has helped us get control of our money. We were in major debt with a mortgage, credit cards, line of credit, vehicle loan and student loans.

25 years before we would be out of debt, if we were lucky. We had no savings and had only 18 years before retirement. Primerica helped us to get our debt under control and we will now be debt free in 8 years without taking any extra money from our budget. We now have Investments in place and a goal.

We know how much we need to get there, and we are protected if one of us should die. So you tell me! Who has ever cared enough about you to help you do this much and change your life for the better the way Primerica changed ours. Your banker?

Ha! Your credit card company? HaHa! Your life insurance guy?


Your broker? Dream on!!

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IF you hear the Primerica name in any aspect of your life then RUN do not walk.

If you already wrote a check to them then just write it off. Don't try to justify your foolishness by going on a sound-off board for burned consumers and making it appear legitimate. Thanks