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I have one word for you: SCAM. Do not "work" for this company. The only way you get clients is by nagging your family and friends. You pay $99 before you take the life producer course, which doesn't sound so bad to start off but they keep taking money out of your account every month without your consent! $25 a month to use a *** website and 800 number? I don't think so.

All they do is "train" you. You sit in a room full of people week after week and listen to a different person every saturday morning (yes, I said saturday) speak about clients they have and the commission they made off of them. They only care about money and they don't care what they do to get it.

There's even an agent who made a CD on how to trick people, which other agents listen to religiously. The CD gives you different ways to bash other companies, such MetLife, and steal their clients. Sounds like a legit organization, right?

It sounds like a great opportunity when you first hear about it, but TRUST ME stay away from Primerica. They are uneducated, brainwashed freaks. Your job may seem like it sucks right now but you are lucky if you have not been hoaxed by a Primerica agent!!!!!

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This is why they target black people.


People need to stop crying about this if you get off your lazy *** and work in this business your salary canhi go from 50000 to 200000 ya they make you start with your family and friends but they don't expect all them to join.its to start out with someone you're comfortable with so when you talk to people you don't know you already know what to say


these people are uneducated in the financial field but only trained to sell investments mostly to rip off especially those in thepre retirement area since they have worked most of thier kives and have a pot and these so alled hard working will do anything to acquire this including forgery, manipulation of documents and then play *** and the so called PFSL/Primerica will stand behind them , well they just brought in a bundle of cash and they don't want to see it go out the door before you invest with these low lifes make sure your backed by accountants lawyer, people who can notirze your signature, stay away. Speaking from someone who got ripped off by one of these hard working people its just easy to work with integrity than with fraud, these people have no conscious


I just returned from an 'opportunity meeting.

I have been a registered representative of the NYSE since November 1986 and maintained my Texas Insurance License since September 1987. I am a Certified Financial Planner (20 years) a Chartered Financial Consultant and a Few hours short of my Chartered Life Underwriter Designation (please understand that the CFP, ChFC and CLU - alphabet soup - are not intented to impress... but the three weeks of school I have to sit in to keep all these licenses and designations current, might warrant your attention.

My FINRA BrokerCheck report is like 4 pages long (i.e. empty) because in over two decades time I've never received as much as a telephone call from a distressed client.

Oh - and I wore a pair of $400 Alden shoes, Lisa.

I've helped the upper crust invest $hundreds millions and I've made a few million for myself.

I think I'm qualified to render a objective and qualified opinion on the subject.

There is nothing inherently wrong with this company and/or it's business processes. Furthermore, I don't think any of the more traditional investment houses care about this market segment.

Want proof? Call your local Wells Fargo Advisors Office, ask to talk to the broker of the day and then inquire as to the minimum investment required in his/her favorite mutual fund. Let me tell you that at most the real answer is $5000 or $2000 in an IRA. You will hear some variation of "well my average account size is $250,000".

Now tell me, you gonna write a check for 250 grand, to a liar, that's trying to impress you by pointing out how rich you are not? Didn't think so.

Perhaps this will help illustrate my point:

If a tree falls in the woods and there is no one there to hear it does it make a sound?

The best advice on wall street is worthless if it's not available to you.

So quit your *** and save your money... take personal responsibility for you financial future.

If you don't have 15 friends that care that you care about them, I feel sorry for you. and if $99 bucks is a deal breaker for you let me suggest the six-word retirement plan:

"would you like fries with that?"


I am a fulltime recon Marine on the west. I joined because my friend who is getting out wanted me to try it. I have put very little effort into this and made $550. If your lazy and are very content with your job then yes this is not for you. This company only attracts people who are interested in helping other people.

Their are many military serviceman who feel like the military is a joke because their recruitor lied to them. But yet we dont go around saying the military is a scam..??..??

This company is THE LARGEST FINANCIAL SERVICES COMPANY in the country and has the credentials to back it up.


My co-worker took me to a meeting last week and what a nightmare! The people seemed like they were in a cult repeating everything that the speaker said "Riiight! RIGHT! YEAH!" clapping and applauding! It was so weird! Even my co-worker (who I don't really know very well and now I keep my distance from) was in a weird trance. Laughing at stuff that wasn't funny, agreeing out loud because everyone else was an not to mention they would disburse their paychecks by announce it to everyoone in the room? amount and all! wtf? are you kidding me? this was their way to lure the visitors into joining.

Needless to say I felt trapped! After the whole circus act some fat man came to me all sweaty and was talking to me for what seemed like hours in regards to joining. Being that I was sick I agreed and gave him a check for $99 and took off. (with the intentions of stopping it)

When I told my co-woker the next day that I wanted to focus on other stuff she kept bugging me into staying. I was so irritated by the end of the day because she insisted on contacting my family and friends! Really? My family surely does not want to be bothered with that *** and my family? even worst!

I don't understand how people have college degrees and end up in dead end positions like this bugging the *** out of other people making them feel obligated to purchase their services.

I'm okay thanks! This is why I stick to my studies to not be harrassed or end up in some loser job like this! The people that were in there were like swap meet shoppers in desperate need of some type of make over. Yet they claimed to be making all this money! *** BUY YOURSELVES SOME DECENT CLOTHING! With your cheap shoes, generic purses, swapmeet make-up etc. I could so go on and on. The whole experience was a freak show! Surely will not be doing something like that ever again!


This is so untrue. Primerica is the only financial services distribution company that is focused on doing the right thing for clients and the right thing for their sales force 100% of the time.

Are there bad base shops? Yes. In the land of franchises, there will always be those who don't do it right. But my experience has been that Primerica (now independent of Citi) is filled with honest hardworking people who want to do the right thing.

You have to work hard for 3-5 years so you can reap the benefits and you do get paid along the way. If you have $25 coming out of your account for website access, it's because you signed up for it. If you cancel, they stop taking it.

Those who have complained about the company are those who didn't plug into the system. This is a great opportunity!


Evryone say dat I am so nice and dat I like 2 help evryone and I do. This busines offerd me dat and I was on board. They told me that it was goin 2 help my finances and it would free up my tym. My daughter is on her way 2 college and I'm holdin down my house hold wit minmal hlp from my spouse I had 2 jobs and runin 3 small businesses and dey said dat dey like busi ppl "sounds good rite" keeps popin in my head. Even wen I sleep wen I think about all of da money dat just went out of my account 4 this business(***!) It shook my very core wen this SOB!!!! Tells evryone that I am lazy cuz I don't wanna get wit dis ***. Noing that evryone of my business help ppl and they benifit as I benifit I think that sitting in some crampt room wit *** lot of new agents in trainig(suckers) are corralled in 2 hear this repetition of info with the so-called hour meeting(that took 4hours away from my much-needed family tym then u tell me that it will help my family for me to be absent from them @ nite wen my other job takes me away from then @ nite on most nites 2 *** with that. I am a better person 4 not conivin my family and friends and savin them from this banter yea it seems like a good deal if I'm making more than I am spending. Oh yea this fone that I wil hav 2 buy cuz it has a windows app out of my own pocket *** NO!!!!!

Now I do no someone dat told me dat they had gotten good sales with them but wen da ppl didn't continue there subscription dat check dat dey get in these cheering sessions calld meetings dat even if da ppl did pay some months in da contract dat da check barrer forfits da intire amount of de contract out of there pocket and who mite I ask gets de amount dat da customer alredy paid WHO? WHO? Da company now multiply yes now u get da pictur plain and simple

If there was no place like this for ppl 2 sound off on den they wood not no where 2 and hence therapy. More money out of a economy dat sucks rotten egg. Now the customer that has stayd wit da company dat don't hav there finances straight I can c them benefit and da agent as well. All the power 2 u agents. Hey wat about da 6 count 6 first sales dat u don't get dat goes 2 da company 2 oh just da agent abov u dey sitin pretty (conivin *** just a few words of thought

@so nice

Pathetic u can't even spell right. Shut up.


Primerica may not be for everyone. It seems that you really have to be a sales person because that's what you're basically doing, it's selling.

Think of it as a telemarketing job, if you don't like those types of jobs then don't do it. It's not necesarily a scam, it's just a job where you really have to work hard for your money.

As for the refund, I understand. I joined 2 years ago and decided it wasnt for me.

It literally took me like 2 months of calling and harassing them for me to get PART of my money back. The sad thing about this for me is that I got suckered into joining them again by my so called friend without even knowing it.

I thought I was going to get life insurance to help her out and I get cornered and pressured by her and the rep to join. So once again here I go trying to get my money back.


Primerica is Awesome! I got licenced, and made $1,000 helping two families.

I saved them tons of money!

I love this company, what they do is good. It's not easy work, so I see why some people quit and get angry and say ***.




PRIMERICA seems like a great idea when you first get involved but only if you are willing to work without ethics. After seeing some of their recruiting tactics I was turned off and wanted to get out after two months.

The first thing I saw as that they place ads offering positions for Administrative Support Services. The person shows up and the get the sales pitch and there is no real job just the opportunity to pay into the corporate website. The second thing I was part of and or used for was to make the business look busy for these people that are suckered in by the ads. The third problem I had was the recurring charges were not supposed to start on my account unless I activated it.

When I was leaving PRIMERICA because of the other two issues I was told that the recurring charges would not be applied to my account because I did not activate my account on the web. Low and behold three months went by and someone activated my account and I was being charged. There were other issues with the rep that got me into PRIMERICA that I didn’t like. She used a fellow co-workers garage sale as a ploy to get them interested in the “business”.

Which did not work by the way. Another thing I didn’t like was that she had been doing PRIMERICA for almost two years and had very little knowledge about the business and less knowledge about the products that we were supposed to be selling. Three other things bothered me as well. 1) It seemed like the reps wanted to sell to my contacts.

Basically stealing my customers that I would need once I became licensed. 2) The so called training sessions were a joke they would hit you with the company lies and then you’d have to sit through some evangelist on CD spouting the same BS but no information about the products. 3) When I paid my dues I was told I would have my ID on the following Monday. I did not in fact after a month went by I still didn’t have my ID.

If it’s such a great opportunity then why do I see so many complaining about the tactics they use to recruit and in some cases the products they’ve sold. I did how ever receive a partial refund and the whole thing only cost me $29.95.

As far as me being not good enough I made 82k last year without PRIMERICA and didn’t have to lower myself to this level to make money. You can get your license to sell the same products without going through them and I suggest you do that.


You know I'm getting sick and tried of hearing about Primerica=scam from people who just decided that they wanted to be average and ordinary you know what what ***

I have been with the company since 2005 and it has been a life changing experience for me, I have got my life together and I have noticed a huge changed in my finances. The Training they offer is by far greater than a college education can offer.

All you have to do in this company is go to work and work the business.

All I'm hearing is a bunch of people who are drinking a large glass of haterade.


Primerica is an opportunity for the hungry, the needy, the strong and everyone else willing to achieve the imposible. This business is not for the lazy people.

This business is not for procastinators and this bus. is not for anyone out there that refuses to live the american dream. A chance to taste what the few have already tasted, a crum of hope, a way to turn the tables and actually feel financially independent. This dream is not going to last, only the awaken minds will get it and the many will spit, despise, and reject it.

So primerica is not the problem, unhappy, disatisfied, bitter, angry, remorseful and people that want to be carried every step of the way, are the problem. they become the cancer or even a malignant tumor in society that as time goes by destroys anybody in their path, for they will be satisfied no matter what. SO IF U R WEAK DO NOT TRY PRIMERICA, LIVE UR SIMPLE AND ORDINARY LIFES, FOR WE THE STRONG WILL CONTINUE TO CARE FOR THE MANY THAT MAY BENEFIT FROM OUR PRODUCTS AND IF THEY DONT, THEN WE GO ON AND FIND SOMEONE THAT WILL BENEFIT FROM THEM.



Bull#$*@/ primerica is a joke lol

#63743 everybody at Primerica sipping on the Kool Aid!!!!What is this :roll


I got a call from a Primerica agent today, I was happy, nontheless. How can any legit company ask you for money when you don't have a job...hmmmmmm :cry also, I was told that I would be coming in for an interview, and what I got was a powerpoint presentation.

:? The first sign of a scam is when you are asked to pay it foward.


You attitude HardCorePFSagent and others like are making this website only a place for bashing companies and not for a place where you can actually find any real infrmation.

it's just down right sad....