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I don't know why everyone is upset!! They tell you in the meeting you have a choice, and that it is not for everyone, so if your business didn't work out it is because, you had a bad trainer, or sorry upline that took you for a joke and just used you.

You know that you have to be licensed to receive a commission check. You also have to see that it works, because the numbers are improving every quarter. It sounds like you are a bunch of people that wanted something for nothing, and if you were going on Kt's after a month and still not licensed, then you were *** to believe you would get paid anyway.....The only one that can mess this up is YOU!!

I said all that to say this, the system actually works. Before you bash it follow the teachings and use proper upline, because everyone in this business is not bad. There are bad apples in every bunch, compared to some the other MLM business out there, with this one you can get paid off the work you put out.(As long as you get Licensed!!!)

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YOur right the system does work if you work the system.

I am not complaning its a bad company, I made a lot of money in primerica. What I don't like is the brainwashing Primerica does.

Its NOT the best company out there, and its NOT always best for the client.

Some clients do need long term insurance and not ONLY term. SOme clients need long term insurance to cover their expenses for their estates.

Yes most need term and its because it's all they can afford at the time and something is better then nothing.

I also don't like that as a Primerica rep you say you always do best for your client.

How is that when you can only sell citigroup products???

As a broker I can look into 10 or more companies and actually get them the best rates.

Even the smart loan I can get them in many different places and have interest as low as 3%. where as with smart its always 9% and up?

So who is doing the best for their client?

Me who shops around for them?

Or me as a Primerica agent that can only give them ONE product?