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I am so glad that former Primerica reps are speaking up to the real truth of what Primerica really does to people. I especially like what PFS Truth had to say in April 2008. My husband and I joined the business about 2 years ago and slowly rose up the ranks as Divisional Leaders. We were asked to speak at meetings to motivate new people to come into the business. We followed what our RVP told us to do to the letter. Everything was fine as long as we were making money.

We were told that if we were going to become RVP's then we should like Chargebacks. We were told to tell people that term was the best policy to have. We weren't allowed to sell any other product outside of what Primerica had. We were not allowed to advertise (our) business because head office wouldn't allow it. We were told, "we were in business for ourselves but not by ourselves."

None of what they said to us was true. We were not running our own business. All we were was a means for our upline to make more money for them. If you are a new person showing up for a business opportunity then you really don't know things until you hang around long enough. The person who invited you in the meeting doesn't tell you anything until you get to the office and they show you a film. They most of the time come across as being your friend. Inviting you to their house introducing you to their other family. Giving you supper etc....

This is done to let your guard down. You think to yourself if this person invites me to their home then maybe I should trust them. They act like your friend because they have an invested interest in you because of your warm market.

I'm not bashing Primerica people, rather stating the truth. We didn't leave Primerica because we weren't making money either. We had a better offer! An offer that would enable us to tell people the truth from the beginning. As things were revealed to us we couldn't continue working for an organization who deceives people. There are alot of others who are working with Primerica who really believe they are doing the right thing.

All I can say to the Primerica supporters is that if there is smoke then there is fire. Primerica is not the victim here and doesn't not need people like you to shout out others who think there is something wrong with Primerica's methodologies.

I wonder how many current Primerica reps have read their IBA Agreement????? So my advice would be to read your IBA Agreement before you shoot your mouths off to others saying that their negative. TELLING THE TRUTH IS NOT NEGATIVE!!!!

Everything PSF Truth wrote is the Truth! I don't even know who this person is but I can tell that they know how Primerica doesn't business. By the way, CITI Group has not been in business for 30 years. Primerica has been formerly named A.L. Williams. So don't push the Citigroup stuff cause you all know that Citigroup is doing really terrible right now. Especially regarding the class action lawsuit against Citigroup for deceiving investors. Do your research people! As far as I can see anyone who disagrees with facts are just trying to be wrong and strong.

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Stop hating.Go to Work!Like you would for any other company. Or your grass!


Wow the hate from the competition is real lol.


How do I leave it?


I need help getting out. To start out they asked for $125 and $25 is taken out every month from my account. How do you get out?


How did you get out


Primerica competitors J P Morgan Chase, Vanguard, Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo have all invested millions of dollars on their competition, far more than $125...maybe Primerica’s competitors and their paid investigators know something that you don’t!Google Primerica’s Largest Investors: invested $125 for your license, Primerica invested $450 for your license. Who’s losing?

The $25 seems to be a liability to you because you’re not working. If you’d stop being lazy, it would pay for itself. If you want out no one is holding the following hostage... quitters, people who can’t make up their own minds, feeble-minded, indecisive fickle individuals who can’t think for themselves, those lacking character to stand strong when the wind blows against them, liars, gullible skeptics, blind followers of nameless bloggers, losers who let their competition psyche them out of winning for their families!Call the home office tell them that you’d prefer to give up on your family’s dream & work a job for the next 40 years, retire broke and die.

They’ll stop crediting your account. Then Just stop going, continue to be a deadweight and deadbeat by not working, Duh!


Hi my name is Michael Groves ,I too have had some bad experiences as well , But I have found Capital Choice and is similar to what Al Williams was but better, not PFS. If you are interested in the same opportunity but a whole lot better.

If you want to make it and not have any give ups or any *** you described give me a call.I will give you an offer you will not want to say no to. I know axactly what you went through and believe you are on the money. You can have better than you had and MAKE more money here .

I recruited two RVP's and one has made 1.3 million in 8 yrs personal production mostly, the other more than 500,000 in 6 yrs. If you want the same opportunity call 860 806 5360 we will talk


How do you get out of primerica if you signed a contract yesterday??


did you get an answer ?


Did you figure it out? I'm wondering the same


How do you get out of primerica if you signed a contract yesterday??


What proven system of success!!! The system only helps unwary people to learn how to hustle other unwary people. Only until you are involved in this organization do you realize what's up. If you think that you have an opportunity to build a business with hardly any overhead costs you are really fooling yourself. First of all, It's obvious that you are not an RVP because if you were you would know that you do have overhead costs just like any other brokerage firm. You say this so called success system will give you an opportunity to build a business my question to you is that who's business are you building????Certainly not yours!!! It will never be YOUR BUSINESS. The only way you get ahead in Primerica is on the backs of your downline and your downlines market. Oh yes just soak in your jacuzzi cause you are going to have to release some of that stress when you experience the chargebacks. Oh yes those dreaded chargebacks. You get them when people are do not qualify for insurance, if the client changes their mind, if the client doesn't pay the premium etc.... But don't worry, if the insurance policies get you stressed you can pay your overhead costs with the commission you make as an RVP of 3%. When your downline isn't making any money to pay their mortgage or rent they can come live with you and soak in your jacuzzi too!

People who tell the truth are not angry. They are people who have integrity and stand up for what is right. When you hurt people and take advantage of them you are not a person with integrity.

Thank you Rock Drake and vtch786 aka PFS Truth. This world needs more people like you. Instead selfish people who is probably soaking in their jacuzzi.

Just for the record if anyone really decides to real their IBA. It states nothing about a business opportunity. It simply gives the person the rules that they can play the game. It also states that Primerica owns you and they call all of the shots!


That's not all, Primerica even had the gall to give me a proven system for success! I was shocked to see how they dared to give me a chance to build a business with hardly any overhead costs.

I just soaked in my jacuzzi and read my IBA and was flabbergasted to read about the incredible business opportunity that allows me to build my business without having to be a transaction broker, while providing great term coverage that makes insurance agents run to type angry posts about.

The nerve! :p


Thank you

I see that you realize I was not trying to bash the people at Primerica. I am just trying to give all the truthful information.

So that a new person has all the information before they sign a binding IBA contract.

Thank you for your kind words