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My name is Cathy, and I recently decided to get a policy with from Primerica. During the process, the rep couldn’t be more helpful.

It was actually quite a good experience…until I noticed a mistake on the paperwork. I tried calling the customer service line at about 9:00 a.m., but it just kept ringing. I waited a few minutes to try again. This time I get through, and the woman on the other end that picks up is laughing hysterically in my ear.

I explain to her the situation, and she asks me to hold. Over twenty minutes goes by. I think this is ridiculous, and call back. I get the same woman.

I explain to her that I was just waiting on hold for twenty minutes. She apologizes and says someone will be right with me. A man picks up, and by now I am furious. I tell him that I have been put on hold two times for over twenty minutes.

After a few minutes talking about my policy, he tells me I have to go back to the rep I dealt with. Anyway, I hung up and cancelled my policy the next day.

I shouldn’t have to deal with this kind of stuff if a company wants my business.

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Great decision buying life insurance, bad decision getting Primerica.

Used term4sale.com to get some quotes (it quotes Primerica) and ended up buying my policy through YourLifeSolution.com


cathy good for you, like you I bought a insurance from PFS after 2 months they send me my insurance papers TKS G-- a check those papers the agent put my insurance on high riesk, with high pres., Diab. and another illnes, the only time a saw a Doctor was for a Flu on my whole life


you have made a mistake cancelling your insurance with primerica. .

. before you guys say bad things about this company you should do your research.. and when i say research i dont mean reading *** blogs like cathy's..

get your facts from reliable sources like USA Today, forbes and smart money magazine.. these are just some of the magazine written by people with IQ's :p


What deceit! The rep had already left the pyramid scheme!

That's why she had to call customer disservice. Remember, this is *** America. Many reps recruited are drug addicts, swindlers, drunkards, people out of a job, *** men, and so on. The products are inferior and vastly overpriced.

To make excuses for being placed on hold TWICE for over twenty minutes both times is deplorable. -consult the Rock


And no offense meant Cathy, but completely cancelling a good product, and posting a whiny blog, all over being on hold for 20, is just a bit ridiculous and childish. Especially since you obviously have a PC.

Have you ever called C.S.

about your PC?! Try that one!!!


I have a life insurance policy with Primerica as well, and I have found the company and my agent to be fantastic. I have had a great expierence so far and if I ever had issues I would go to my agent first.

He has always been helpful and taken care of every question i have had the past 10 years.

Remember, most companies customer service reps are paid minimum wage and its not just Primerica who has a bad apple or two. I've come across poor customer service with many companies, but it does not mean the company and the product are bad.


You shyould never cancel a policy unless you have another on in force. there's a contact on this page named Regina Wood. Contact her if you have any complaints.

I'm not a PFS rep.....Never again..


Cathy36, I am sorry for what you went through, and you have every right to be furious, but why would you call the company before you spoke to YOUR representative. Judging from how you described him/her, I am sure your rep would have handled the problem right away.

That's the whole point of buying an insurance policy from someone in person. It's really unfortunate that you canceled your life insurance (something you really need) just because you got bad customer service over the phone.