Christiana, Tennessee

So if you are upset with $99 plus $25 a month to learn the industry, I gather that is your choice to quit. I am a FT mother, Student and self employed working 50+ hours a week.

I got into Primerica to establish myself as a representative since I have been in many companies over the years no raises no vacation no rewards. I do like the sales environment, yet anyone will tell you hard work pays off is true but using your brain over body works better. If you aer not educated in business then it will not pay off for you soon. I am a business major.

You have to be financially settled to invest in yourself in whatever you do.

Sales is key to success. You do have to know the product believe in it and sell it. But most of all sincerity or truth shows to the customer if you do not believe in the product you sell.

So chew on this for thought! I am giving it a try it will be educational as well as licensing with reimbursement, eventually as I am serious about making money helping others get their finances aligned.God Bless

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