Fargo, North Dakota

I am a Primerica agent and have found the people I work with to be good hearted and straight forward. Our company is not geared towards hurting people or being scam artists. Our main goal is to help families get on track to become financially independant and debt free.

Hopefully any of you that will allow us to come in to give you a complimentary financial analysis will find that we are not pushy or trying to be a salesman. Our integrity lies in helping people to educate them on where they are and where they could be with a plan that will help them achieve their goals.

If you decided to try out being an agent with Primerica and did not like it that is a personal choice to not participate. Writing bad reviews and bashing a company with uninformed information is not going to keep us from being successful.

We pride ourselves in helping families to not lose their homes, to not be in debt their whole lives, to have a retirement savings so that they dont struggle, most importantly to have a foundation of income replacement for your childrens/spouse needs if something were to ever happen to you.

It is an opportunity to make really great money IF you apply yourself and market yourself. This is a great challenge for many because of various reasons, however it is and does make people successful all around by helping people take control of their own financial freedom.

If you are interested and feel that you are a good person with honest intentions of wanting to help families please contact any Primerica agent and they will be happy to help get you some free information about how to gain your own financial freedom as well as help others.

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So she's a double-failure? Did she actually do anything?

I mean, sucking that bad at something for 3 whole years... Perhaps she should have taken a job with a company that would only ask her to say "Would you like fries with that?"


my ex has been working for primerica for the last 3 years. not only did it cost our relationship but the most she has made is $100, waste of time and money. they tried to get me to do it and i said heck no


I couldn't have put it better myself.