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Okay, okay......I have read some of the reviews about Primerica. First of all, if you really want to know something about Primerica, look on their website, This company was started in 1977, has over 100,000 licensed representatives, over 25,000 licensed mutual fund reps, AND is now listed on the NYSE under "PRI". This company is very sound and stable financially. What they do for people is real and life changing, and the money the reps make is for real. What Primerica does is not too good to be true, it's just everything else that is out there is to bad to be believed.

What other financial institution will let you come work for them on a part time basis and make *** good money, give you a financial education and let you help the middle market get ahead financially?

This is a licensed and regulated business, not a pyramid, not a scam.

It is unfortunate if others that have joined were led astray. Primerica do not charge a weekly fee for anything per meeting, you are not required to purchase business cards with your 'supervisors' name on it, etc.....

When you join this business, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. The agents are fully licensed and trained. The ones that do not make money are the ones that do not work and then bad mouth the company. The only way you can't be successful in Primerica is to not to do anything. The money is there to be earned, and the good thing about it, you get paid well for helping can't beat that. The reps/agents are paid more on a part time basis that most people make on a full time basis working a 40 hr job. Who have the nerve to complain? Take the time to educate yourself on this company, talk to the person that is trying to get you involved, talk to their RVP, hang around and get your licenses, go out on appointments, do what's they tell you to do and eventually you will be fully licensed and trained to run your own business. Stop tripping!

If you are invited to be a part of Primerica, you should thank the person that invited you. They are actually paying you a compliment and is offering to you a lifetime opportunity that you can't get anywhere else.

I am a District Leader with Primerica and I am very proud to be a part of this company. I will make a difference, I am not brain washed, I get PAID. I help others, I do the right thing, everyone in our office do the right thing for people. How would the company survive so long if we were doing the wrong thing? We don't advertise. We are a business built on referrals. If we weren't doing the right thing, how did the company get so large? Why are we so productive? Why are we the largest life insurer? Why didn't we need a bailout like some of the other companies that are filing bankruptcy or are no longer around? Why are we on the NYSE? Get educated before you speak about something you don't know about. Again, if you had a bad experience with someone in Primerica, blame it on that individual, because that is not what the company is about.

It makes me so angry to read when someone has taken advantage of someone and make our company look bad. But, I can say this.....time will show the real story and who Primerica really is.....

I am from San Antonio, Texas and part of the DELTA FORCE team. I am very proud to be with this company and wouldnt have it any other way!

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Stop using another people to make money. Primerica cant be trust.


so who do you work for and is making a paycheck off you working for them? lol


"go back to YOUR 9-5 and be happy with $10 an gour. Oh sorry, you might be getting paid $20 an hour, if that makes. Hahaha yeah right, have fun.

Please don't talk about ignorance when you can even spell right, okay thanks." :cry

Wow Primericans are so superior to everyone else, but also ***


No, you^^r ignorance is amusing. I like how you misspelled so many words...let me help you out

It's amusing to hear the ignorance of those people who were in the business and didn't make it, it's BEcause didn't work. This business is only for those who want to make a difference in other people's lives as well as thEIR own. Society still needs average and ordinary foLKS. Go back to YOUR 9-5 and be happy with $10 an gour. Oh sorry, you might be getting paid $20 an hour, if that makes. Hahaha yeah right, have fun.

Please don't talk about ignorance when you can even spell right, okay thanks.


Primerica is a huge fraud and a joke. To show you how low they really are, just look at all the phony "positive" postings and fake promotional websites (appearing when you search on terms like "Primerica scam" or "Primerica fraud") - what credible company would resort to hiring shills to spew this garbage, which fools no one (except, ironicially, those with a low IQ, who are exactly the type of material this racket feeds off of).


Like who are you to speak so low on a company that is the safest thing for your family .if you had anything to do with primerica once upon a time ,the only reason why your talking so bad about it is because you couldn't do it right so your trying to bring others down with you


your have a low IQ, i pray for yours to get better.


In 2001 I graduated from the Toronto School of Business. I took wed site design and e-commerce. One aspect of our training focused on extensive professional skills training in class and in groups for over two months. Our teacher was very professional and gave us a set of tools for evading unprofessional establishments.

Although web design did not pan out as my career, I fell in love with the horticultural trades and landscaping. I have worked over ten years for other companies small, med and large. Currently I have started a service for seniors called snow blowing for seniors. This is how I met my recruiter. I did a massive door to door campaign single handed. The recruiter was impressed by my knocking on doors style. Granted I did encounter a lot of no thank you's and worse. I canvassed six towns from low income to upper class millionaire's homes. I have about twenty customer's since the summer and have not had to work for my former employer.

The recruiter I met basically wants me to make a list , get licensed about two hundred dollars for the test etc, and bring five people to these meetings each month. You get instantly promoted for doing so.


In short I help seniors stay in their homes a little longer. I charge twenty percent less than most other landscapers and everyone of my clients is happy with my work and what they are paying. I told the recruiter that what it would take to make be a believer is to talk to a senior that has been helped by pfs. I want to hear the clients real life testimony. So far after all the leather jackets and gold rings and plaques on the walls I am not seeing the proof I need.

I have vowed that if this is a scam I will tell everyone I know to avoid this. I cannot believe I am considering this again it's just my recruiter has been well trained and does come off as very sincere and successful at this.

So if you are a client and pfs has helped you to retire at 45 please I'd like to know.


I really want to know the absolute truth about this company.

I was approached four years ago by a recruiter. Who kinda got frustrated after spending so much time with me and I told her no thanks.

I am not an educated person by any means. Creative yes, Hard working yes, a little gullable yes. Overly optimistic yes. For me the proof is in the pudding.

However after reading some of these posts I am getting the feeling that there is something fishy but don't know what. I mean if so many people have been helped who are they. I would find their testimony more convincing than any agents.


I am a college educated professional. I went to a cattle call meeting, I was the only one in the room with a full set of teeth, wearing clothes I had not slept in, and had on socks. There was nothing professional about this operation whatsoever. It feeds on the gullible, ignorant, and the greedy.

Why else did they spend so much time telling you how rich you would get and so little time about the job requirements.

They don't care if you have friggin teeth or showered lately, as long as they sign you up and you provide them free leads.


If this isn't MLM ***, then what is it? WHen you go to work at any job, does your boss ask you to bring in others to work as well?


I've recently joined Primerica. I come from a non-profit and legal background. I was the Senior Paralegal for a large bankruptcy law firm representing consumers and foreclosure firms representing banks. I have worked with several non-profit consumer organizations helping people get back on track and purchase homes.

While the business model of Primerica can lead to some people exploiting others this is not the goal of the company. I can attest that the products and services that are offered are not only high quality, but NEEDED by middle America. I've seen hundreds of people fail because they didn't understand the principals that Primerica focuses on.

Eight years ago I was recruited and turned off by the Primerica business model. But as I've grown my professional career and developed a great deal of experience working with consumer finance I have learned that what they do is a solid and needed service. Just starting out would I prefer a base salary and a nation wide multi-million dollar advertising campaign? Sure, but scared employee mentality. I'm ready for my own business. And when you are starting any business you will run into these issues. How do you get business?

This isn't the right job for everyone. Commissioned sales isn't for everyone. Especially if you don't believe in the product. I have never done commissioned sales because I didn't believe in the product. I believe in this product because I have seen first hand that it is needed.

Don't let the failures scare you off. If you think you can do this job give it a shot. Rest assured that the products ARE quality and ARE needed.


PFS isn't a scam company. For the agents defending PFS do some independent research.

If you feel you have the best thing going it's you should not have any reservations.

As I was once a PFS agent I will say this. You may be surprised at what you find.


Asking for money upfront doesn't make it a pyramid. A true pyramid is illegal.

The average business costs 10k to start. If you don't have $99, then that is more reason why you shoudl start asap.


Man Thank you

you've just clarified much of PFS


Any General Life and Health Agents looking to switch from Primerica come visit Liberty National on Thursday at 9:00 AM to hear about what we have to offer. Address 1550 NE Loop 410 Ste 210, SAT 78209 tell them Letty Sent you. I started with Primerica and will never go back!!!


its amusing to hear the ignorance of the people who were in the business and didnt make it. ITS CAUSE YOU DIDNT WORK.

This business is only for those who want to make a difference in other peoples lives as well as there own. Society still needs average and ordinary foke. Go back to ur 9-5 and be happy with $10 an hour. Oh, you might be getting paid $20 an hour, sorry.

That makes it better.....hahah!

yeah right. Have fun


What gives you the right to say Primerica is NOT a tier company or a pyramid scheme? It IS by all accounts. Case in point: I was asked for money upfront before I could work. NO OTHER company would ask you for such that isn't a pyramid scheme.

"What Primerica does is not too good to be true, it's just everything else that is out there is to bad to be believed." -- This, is a load of ***. Not everything is too bad to be believed. If that were the case, there wouldn't be any other companies.

And I think it's funny you should use the phrase "Stop tripping!" In all of this fluff you posted to make yourself sound SO professional, "Stop tripping!" is not a professional phrase.

"If you are invited to be a part of Primerica, you should thank the person that invited you. They are actually paying you a compliment and is offering to you a lifetime opportunity that you can't get anywhere else." - Oh, by the way "Mr. Big shot"... Thank the recruiter for me for wasting my precious time that I'll never get back.

Seeing that you're rather uneducated, you should learn that recruiting someone doesn't fall under paying someone a compliment. This is especially when someone tells you they have other career plans (like what they went to school for in the first place) and the recruiter insists on arguing and saying one is wasting there time in the nursing field. Which by the way, nurses are in HIGHER demand than recruiters for tier companies and pyramid schemes.


I really appreciate your post! There is so much bad information out there about Primerica, but reading your post made me feel like I made the right decision. I received my Solution Number today and look forward to making the best of this "opportunity of a lifetime".

Thank you.