I was recruited into Primerica 10 years ago. Everyone needs and uses the services that Primerica offers.

Where else can you go for a free financial needs analysis to show you where you are in your financial house and where you want to go and they show you how to get there. You can't walk into any other financial services office and ask for a free roadmap to get to financial freedom. Primerica gives that to you and if you want to become a part of the business you can do that also. Anyone who is interested in working in the financial services industry can be a part of that without going to college and investing much money.

Yes, you have to pay upfront to be a part of the business but I can tell you that you could never walk into a company like Citigroup, American Express or any other company and ask to work for them. At Primerica you can.

Anyone who calls this a scam has no concept whatsoever of how a business works.

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