Vernal, Utah

We got into Primerica because Primerica helped us

and we wanted to give back.. We are not interested in making millions, that takes great dedication and work. We got into it because we wanted to help people and saw the opportunity through Primerica.

If you want to make money, you've got to work hard, be smart and dedicated to helping people. You have to recruit others who have the same mind set.

I see the post about Primerica stealing their business...that would mean, they had only one recruit under them.

Primerica is a business opportunity for those who want to work....not set around a blame because it didn't just fall into their lap.

Primerica is out there to help the Middle Income family...and it works if you do!!

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You need to see the bottom list, 5,400 a year. Yeah so go get a real job. There are no shortcut in life.


thank u Merrilhl, someone's finally getting it


hey buddy great job, you didn't do the work. now you think it is a scam... hahahhaah.


funny i said the same thing but i learn the truth.. lets see how u turn out