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Take heed to the warning. I wish I had. I was a desparate single mom trying get out of the rat race. I lost my job because I got hit by a car. The company I had worked for was mid-sized and did not want to take the hit on insurance by entering my claim. So I was fired. I had no insurance and ended up on assistance to make ends meet while on recovery. While in physio, one of the clients came up to me and said she was from Primerica. I didn't know who they were, but little by little -she talked to me about what she did. I wanted to get into the insurance business, thinking I could make money there.

She invited me and I went to my first sit in. Nothing spectacular, just testimonials about people who were once in a hard financial position and are now pulling in $50K+. It took 3 meetings before I was convinced that I could be there too. Well, I plunked down $185+ on the table and signed the dotted line. Then, the following week I was informed that I had to pay $3 to every seminar that I attend hereon in. Then at the seminars, if I was interested in reading any of the materials or using any of them to captivate potential clients, then I have to pay for that to (cost range: $2 - $25 each). Not even a week and a half and I was enrolled into an intensive course to acquire the LLQP insurance. Come to find out that $165 from the $185 given to these people was to pay for the license. There were 2 weekends of intensive training. Out of a class 60 people, I was part of the 10 that passed the prelimenary exam. I was assigned to a supervisor. The supervisor hung around my like moth to clothes. it was a wonder that I could go to the bathroom by myself when he was around.

I still kept speaking with the woman who originally told me about Primerica. She still made nice with me and inquired how I was liking Primerica. I told her I liked it but did not agree with having to give my supervisor the leads I worked so hard for. My supervisor, would take me to local meetings every Sunday, where a group of 15-20 people would come to share there hopes and dreams. We'd watch inspirational clips about various people from various backgrounds. We'd read books together about Think and Grow Rich. We's share successes, eat together, talk together, cry together. It felt like a family. Until my 2nd month. I still didn't produce a sale. I spoke to friends, family, neighbours, strangers - you name it, I spoke to it!!!

I was told that I didn't try hard enough, I didn't believe enough, didn't say the right words, didn't wear the right clothes. I was told thatI should be working my good looks. I was told if I was smart, I'd of gotten at least one by now. I left dejected, My supervisor saw how visibly upset I was and trie d his sexual advances. The guy was a rat! He was married. I refused him. And rejected them. Primerica is a cult. They throw lovebomb celebrations using residual income that those who make insurance sales should be receiving.

By the time I left Primerica, and it wasn't even 6 months - I was more poor then when I went in. If you read the fine print, you'll find that if you have another business on the side you have to choose between Primerica or the other business. If you choose the other business, Primerica has the right to take your leads and business away. They charge you for everything and fill you with pipe dreams. They try to make it so easy when it is not and dehumanize you for not producing. You can't even get your own business cards without your supervisor's name on it!!! Whatever you work for, your supervisor gets a huge chunk of the profits - while you are left with little. Guess those people who made $50K+ did so off of those who produced leads and left just like me. Save yourself the time, money and grief. If Primerica comes knocking, run like ***!!!

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Yes, I was in it for 9 years, I did fairly well until I found there were far better products I could offer and that being "captive" paid much less in order to support the hierarchy system. They keep all that you build and their IBA has a non compete clause for 2 years.

I saw the light and left. I know the indoctrination is strong. Like a cult where any doubt is turned against you and everything is your fault. Is it my fault that the policy we sold costs twice as much as other reputable companies?

No. They will burn through your contacts like hawks too.


Offering front-loaded Mutual Funds, what a sweet deal! Anyone interested in buying a mutual fund that is front-loaded with fees, doesn't know what they are doing.


Also we don't have supervisors in Primerica so I can tell you are lying.





FORBES MAGAZINE just rated Primerica Most trust worthy financial Company in North America. if this is a Scam.. ill take 3 thanks ;)


Wow! That's amazing to hear that.

I've been apart of Primerica for 3 years and haven't experienced any of that. I made $20k my first year (part-time of course, I'm a police officer full time) and it has gone up each year. I've never had to pay for a training or seminar at the office and my RVP was my trainer and he was (still is) amazing! When I first joined, I did so to replace all of the hours I was working other part-time jobs.

And amazingly, in less than half the time I was working for my part time jobs I make 3 times the money. I am a Primerica success story as a part timer! I not a RVP (yet) but I will be putting on my $50k watch this year! Finally, I hate when people say that Primerica is a scam when they don't have all the facts!

1) Primerica is a publicly traded company on the NYSE(PRI).

2) Primerica has more people earning over $100k than any other corporation in North America.

3) Primerica has more people earning over $1mil than any other corporation in North America.

4) Primerica has won the Debar award for excellence 13years in a row.

5) Primerica was recognized by Forbes Magazine in August 2015 as on of America's Top 50 most trust worthy financial services companies.

6) In April 2015, Primerica executives rang the opening bell at the NYSE being recognized as one of it's top performing companies over the past few years. 7) Primerica went public in 2010 and was recognized by Mad Money's Jim Cramer as one of the top performing IPO's of that year.

8) Primerica IPO price was $15 per share, 6 years later it's over $41 per share 9) Primerica's business model and activities are regulated by Finra and the SEC 10) Primerica paid out over $1.5 Billion in death benefits in 2015 alone 11) Primerica paid out over $600 Million to it's sale's force in 2015 So Yes, you had a bad experience with your office and, Yes you had a Field trainer who stepped way across the line, but what that means is you had a RVP that runs an office poorly but that is not an actual account of the entire company. In the future say that Mr/Ms ________________ blank is a joke or mistreated me but no that Primerica is a scam because it's simply not true and it takes away the credibility of your legitimate complaint against that individual.


Very well said. I'll say Primerica isn't for everyone.

Some people want the easy way out having money fall on their lap. I've been in Primerica for almost 7 months now and not made one cent and not even complaining because I know what I am doing and not doing. I'm focused on getting my life license out of the way first.

From what she had told us don't even sound like Primerica but yeah, that's definitely one of our offices being run wrong. It's unfortunate it has to be like this and people who are upset will throw tantrums and run around ruining it for others.


Interesting Regina. I hope you've gotten the license by now.

There are many families out there to be helped, and as a result you will be compensated for that.

I hope you at least got the $300 BONUS. :)


I too understand your situation. But in life now, I have been shamed to by my job.

so now, I'm getting touch . Screw these companies. Today, go in like a dog, get what you want attitude, use them, and move on. Do it professional, politely, and keep it moving.

That is my new motivation for 2016. I know it does not sound positive, but this is how I feel at the present moment. Maybe in the future if things get better, I may have a better attitude. But for now, get the license, move to another company, if the pay sucks, move to another company, and so on and so on.

Get the experience, than start your own.

That is the 2016 way. What!

@Time to think of self

We've got to do what we've got to do, specially if we have children to take care of. Right on. More power to you.

@Time to think of self

Just to be clear ... Primerica is not a job...


I feel bad for you, I hope you learn from your lesson. Sometimes it is not the Company, It is more on the ethics of the people.

Everywhere you go, you meet good and bad people. I hope you find another job somewhere else that you won't deal anything bad like it. I read about the Primerica and it seems legit company to me and they help those people that doesn't not really work but just get the products. In this Industry, you have to be a hassler, Like John Gardner from Pursuit of Happyness.

So everytime you join. Just don't read the comments and experience of other, You can join and see it for yourself. Maybe yours will be different. Sometimes you will loss a lot of opportunity by hearing and reading of bad reviews.

I wonder where I can see good reviews for Companies..Just saying.

Just a two cents. Goodluck next time.


I worked for was a big company..i met alot of top leaders..and even hung out with a few..i recently wrote an article "Primeica Online Scam..

like it? comment..share it..tweet it...


I just read the first three lines of your story. What knid of company would fire you to avoid paying the claim?

That would discourage me and put me in a steaming and violent internal state of mind.

But your title is about Primerica... why I didn't read the rest? Because everything you have written after that is only to justify why you are so angry (remember, I haven't after the first 3 lines).

If your experience has been a bad one, it's because of people - and I assume you had a bad experience with someone...


Cheer up - you get into situations that are similar in term of your focus, and the more you focus on it, the more of it you will get.

Make something happen today!



Spoken like a dropout


You are *** and you know it. Stop spreading venom and go see a doctor, anonymous.


I just have a hard time with a company that REQUIRES you to solicit (hard sale) ALL friends and family members before you can be considered for other leads. My son has been roped into this company and has alienated many family members and most of his friends.

The company required him to hard sale all of his friends and family.

They are afraid to be around him because it is always a sales pitch. Now the company is trying to convince him to drop out of college so he can spend more time making them more money.

This company is a pyramid and a cult all in one..............


I am going thru the same thing with my son. He was recently "recruited".

More like brainwashed in my mind. Since joining this cult he has lost all his friends and many family members will not have anything to do with him. My own brother asked that we not go there for Thanksgiving because they now feel uncomfortable around my son, since he is constantly selling or recruiting the family. His "boss" insists that he must sell and recruit family and friends in order to be successful.

Additionally, he recently informed me that he is dropping out of college because he was cornered at a "meeting" of some sort by a VP and others; they told him that college is waste of time and energy, and that he needed to make a choice.

Since I allowed his boss to use me as a practice sales call, the guy will not stop calling and trying to force or even try and shame into buying into their products. To be honest, the next time I see his boss,, I will most likely be going to jail for beating his *** into the ground.


I think people should run away from you because you are totally not getting it . Last time i checked, primerica is a very good company paying people if they do their ***.

So stop being bitter ok. Go to work!


Must be a pissed off insurance agent that wrote that one.