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So I went to a “meeting” and when I first walked in I saw nothing but red flags.

First as soon as I walked in they were extremely exited to greet me, actively shaking my hand and asking me all types of “feel good questions”.

As a person who has been in sales for all my life I can state that this is a tactic used to make people feel good and “important”. They target the inexperienced and “weak people” so they can sell services and make little to no money. HEY IF YOU have ever gone to one of this meetings just look at the cars they drive you will NOT be impressed, and they are the ones that have supposedly succeeded.

Second, look at alllllll the fake trophies and awards on the wall’s they even have five foot “gold” statues that look like a Grammy. – ha,ha,ha awards they gave themselves

Third, and this is the bigggggggest red flag to any scam you may encounter they will not answer questions over the phone or in person you have to go to a meeting where they will explain everything. BUT HERE IS THE BEST PART being in a meeting is like watching an hour long (or two) infomercial. They tell you how great the company is and put people up their to tell stories about how Primerica has changed their lives. And they stilllllllllll wont answer questions.

Fourth, number 4 I call this one surround sound. Yes folks this one is tricky to capture but what they do is separate and into a large circle and when their speaker finishes telling you how their life was horrible before Primerica they all clap and you get a great surround sound noise as if all are clapping ------ this my friend is taking selling to a new level I love it except it’s not for a good cause its to take your money for “licensing” fees and they use your time and money. I can keep going all day but people have to understand that PRIMERICA HAS NOTHING TO LOOS IT’S YOUR TIME IT’S YOUR MONEY, ---- IF THEY HOOK 5 OF YOU INTO DOING THIS WELL THEY HAVE DONE THEIR JOB.

I’m not the most religious man in the world but god bless them – they will need it


On a side issue when people act like they are wealthy, and have a job that can take you to the sky --- fine look at their watch is it a Timex or a tissot ? Do they drive a 2005 BMW 645 or an old Benz (they love does)----Use your conmen sense nothing in live is free, nothing in live comes easy… life is a fight between good and evil…

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i once went to a meeting like this a whle back for a phone company .. this guy wanted me to go the other day but i couldnt go ..if i have to sit thru a meeting like this i dont want to do boring..on the real ..i told him i wanna know how much i pay .and how do i make my money..because i dont wanna sit around a meeting hearing other peoples lives if i wanted to do that i get drunk ..get pulled over and then attend AA meetings..

so is this primerica do you make money? or how many people do you sign up before you start making money?


Primerica does not hire just anyone.... the application does require that you fill out a background check....

and the money that is asked for is a start up fee so that you can eventually own your business.... If that makes it a scam, then mcdonalds is a scam (franchise start up is about $250,000)


Wait, were you at the meeting I just went to? This is a total pyramid scam, no job (I'm sorry I forgot it's not a "job") should ever require you to pay money up front.

However, there wasn't any surround sound at the one I attended. Just other brainwashed employees loudly agreeing to what was being said and lots of clapping. Also, the other "guests" were wearing pinstripe pimp suits and belly shirts!

:? :cry :upset


Thank you all for your comments. I've been invited to attend a Primerica meeting and your interesting comments have given me insight into the caliber of this company and its representatives. Thank you for preparing me for the meeting.


Yes its true any person can be a representative of Primerica its a scary thought.


The reaction I have gotten has been appalling

For representatives of Primerica to use the language that they use is 100% proof

That it’s people (for the most part) are trash.

Primerica’s main problem is that it will hire anyone they don’t even require a resume just your money and time.

So would you trust a business that has no standards for hiring? A business that that has representatives that are at the bottom of the barrel?

Low class does not even come close to describing Primerica and its representatives.

But I am glad that I and others have made them angry because how they respond alone states their low integrity and standards


WOW... and heer i were tihnking about finding something to offset what i've heared abuot Prihmerica and found nothing but Illiterate posers upset because "the company" said or did something they didn't like.

If you're such a baron in the financial world and in the business world they why can't you even spell? Go back to high school and get yourself some basic education before you try competing in the big boys industry.


wow this is the most juvenile garbage i have ever heard! what this man sounds like is someone that tried to do this business yet the thing you have to realize is that in order to make money in this business you have to work!

this is not a typical job where you can sit on your rear and get paid!! if you want an actual credible website to check out primerica go to we have been a BBB acreditted business sense 1980 so if you want to hear the truth about primerica go to this website instead of trying to listening to a person who is so obviously a very juvenile and lazy individual!!!


:to the tune of Budweiser commericals:

Here's to you Mr. Get people out of Debt

You do a cash-out refinance at 8+% and you're "getting people out of debt"

Here's to you fry guy turned financial advisor

Here's to you Mr. Do the right thing for the client...except when your premium buys them 60% of the death benefit they can get at most any other insurer

Here's to you Mr. stop speeders during the day and continue your crime sweep at night, you do feel-good work clearing the streets of any permanent insurance salespeople. All the while your parent company has sold, used and continually buys permanent insurance all day long.

Real Men of Genius...

Here's to you young lady with an attitude...

You've paid 3 life policies on your friends and family, now you can give "advice" on how the industry works.

We're bitter "competitors"...One day you'll figure it out, Primerica never once or will be my competition.


This guy is an ***. When you are working with a company that gets people out of debt their first priority isn't driving a fabulous car to impress everyone.


What nonsense!No Doubt A frustated competitor.The statments are so childish and *** they are not even worth defending.