Los Angeles, California

I am a client of Primerica Financial Services and I am completly pleased with the quality of service and the products they offer.I can't see why anyone would complain about such a great company? I am sure it is just a isolated incident.

The Rep we dealt with was very knowledgeable and professional.He was clear in his explanation of the Primerica system.The financial plan I was provided allowed us to save a large sum of money on our life insurance and debt and now we are really investing for our retirement,we feel more secure about our future now than ever.

I would highley recommend Primerica Financial services to anyone I know.

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Why would the location of any organization or company have any bearing on whether that company was beneficial or legitimate or not. I live in a good sized city where there are many well known financial institutions located in what you call strip malls.

Banks, investment brokers, insurance companies, etc.

Is that the best criticism you can come up with? There are Primerica offices located all over the country which occupy professional office building suites as well as local shopping centers.


"bloated blood sucking whole life insurance. "

So, how does a 35-year term compare to "bloated blood sucking whole life insurance." What education/training on life insurance outside of Primerica do you have?

They're so clueless, it's funny.


Supplying more missing info:

Give me one example of "cheap insurance" ... because in the "many, many years" you have worked in life insurance you should know that life insurance is a legal contract if you die the company has to pay .... so explain to me what "cheap insurance" is.

I worked at Primerica for 3 years and was top in the state in all categories when I left. Does that make me qualified to talk about Primerica? Because WAY TOO MANY agents in Primerica use underhanded methods to make Primerica look better than it is.


First, the offices are in strip malls because there are a lot of them, they are decentralized, and because they don't dump their money into marble and gold. There are much better uses for money.

Second, they're so overpriced---how could anyone save?

How long have you been working in life insurance? It's one thing to buy cheap insurance instead of overly expensive insurance, it's another to buy inexpensive insurance and be properly insured. The idea is that you pay for what you get, once you leave the realm of bloated blood sucking whole life insurance.

Third, dunno. Maybe the poster does work for Primerica, in which case yes, it's a bit underhanded that he/she didn't say so. Also possible is that it's legit, in which case great. I'd expect no less. Of course, you'll find plenty of Primerica people patrolling around places like this because people like to spread gross misinformation regarding our company (often it's a disgruntled non-recruit, or heaven forbid the competition). Really, what it comes down to is if you think Primerica's a scam, do your homework and notify the authorities so we can take it down. If you're unhappy with a Primerica service, call up your local office or rep. But please, don't just run your mouth and talk trash without taking the time to learn what you're talking about.


If this company does so well, why are their small offices in strip malls? The orientation I attended was in a room with 60's-like wood paneling, old and stained carpet, and metal folding chairs? A more credible company would have their regional office in an professional office building suite, complete with professional looking conference rooms.


"allowed us to save a large sum of money on our life insurance"

Obvious lie...they're so overpriced---how could anyone save?


Why would anyone come on this site who did not have a complaint about Primerica or work for Primerica.

I am going to take a wild guess and say you work for Primerica.

Do you really want to be the type of person that has to lie to make your company look good?