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On July 31, 2008, I was contacted by a representative of Citigroup/Primerica who said he had my resume and was interested in interviewing me for an Executive Management position. Although I have been searching for a new job I never emailed my resume to Citigroup/Primerica but still didn't bother to ask where he got my resume.

Upon arrival on August 5, 2008, I had to sign an attendance log, was handed a flyer and name tag for my lapel then entered a room of at least 25 other people. There was an unctuous man giving a presentation and I thought maybe this was a blanket/group interview of some sort. Within 10 minutes 5 of us left the room when we realized that we were lied to about the existence of any management position and Primerica just lured us in to sell us term life insurance. Upon closing the door behind me, the salesman threw down his notepad and pen and screamed to the poor victims who stayed that if anyone else was not at all interested then they were to leave immediately because he wanted no more interruptions!

Obviously, no one moved. Primerica products must be really bad if they have to lie to people and corner them into a sales pitch.

I have contacted the BBB in Atlanta and hope Primerica is brought to account for their unscrupulous actions.

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I don't understand why people defend this company-and you know, if you get up & leave it's prbably because you're not easy and you know pretty well when there's a sleazy salesperson trying to recruit you.

I've run into "Primerica" a couple of different times. The first time was when I posted a resume online & was contacting by I think two different Primerica reps for some bogus about "expanding their business". I called them back to see, and when I asked questions like, what is your business? She could give me no clear nor definitive answers. Just "come to the meeting". Eventually I called back and said I couldn't come. Bear in mind I was contacted by two different reps, seemed fishy, they seemed desperate to "hire" and "give interviews".

Then Primerica comes into my life naive boyfriend who i do love dearly is all excited because his old buddy who used to work @ his restaurant comes to eat there with all the primerica people and tells him that he wants to "hire" him. So my boyfriend tells me all this stuff and doesnt give me answers, including that he would "hire" me in order to grant my illegal boyfriend legal status to work in a "partnership" under my name. the next day when to please my boyfriend we went to the meeting with this dude, i explained that me and my boyfriend had no legal relationship and i don't see how this would work.

needless to say, my question as to how that would work legal was never answered. he insulted my intelligence several times, asked me *** questions like, "are you interested in you future" and would constantly compare primericas numbers with that of unknown other groups and ask me awkwardly, wouldn't you like to save money with the primerica option?

he asked me weird questions like if you (marry?) your boyfriend would you have a shared account ? (the wording was much less professional than that). i told him i would probably have my own account.

he asked me if i was shy and said shyness was a problem.

at the end of the "interview" he said hed be happy to give my a second interview but that he "wasn't sure he would even hire me"

...constantly putting me down because i was indeed dubious and skeptical and didn't give him the oblivious answers he wanted.

and yes, its misleading the way these people are luring people into their information sessions called "interviews", yeah right. they got my boyfriend to go to one, he kept telling me he was going to an interview. what a load of baloney.

they prey on poor people, people who work minimum wage jobs, young people, desperate people in general.

Some great business. What a scam.


If I was thinking I was going to an interview only to find out it, its a sales pitch I would be upset too and leave. If the presenter gets mad, too bad.

I wouldnt be hostage for another hour on a job that wasnt there. If you have to get another members to join to sale their product in order to get paid its a "Pyramid scheme" no matter what they call it plain and simple. If you have to pay money upfront to get a job its a scheme always has been. Our neighbor has been lured into it, and our relationship has strained because of preasure to listening to their presentation which they keep bugging us about.

They have hit every neighbor, friend of theirs too & has put a strain on their relationships too. He would make more money flipping burgers for a week then the money/time he put into this company in a month.


People who want to make something of themselves and are happy and want to serve others are the only people that will make it in primerica Im glad you left you sir would have never made it its requires you to be a servant to your community you see to mean and bitter to be a primerica agent...


Well, it's clear that many of you saying you were lured into something are incorrect. I have been around this business for 18 years, and I can tell all of you that this is a very truthful business.

I'm sorry you were too sensitive to see what the company was all about. Good luck with your lives with attitudes like these.



1st - Please use your own name not my username

2nd - You have been lied to if you were told you can get promoted without selling anything. You have to do $10,000 in life insurance premium 2 months in a row AND have 6 districts to get promoted to RVP. By the way you don't give away the life insurance policies, you or your team has to SELL it. After being told you don't have to sell anything to be promoted by another up standing Primerica agent and now finding out the truth, you are a sucker if you sign that IBA. How many times do I have to say this, I was at Primerica for 3 years, LTM4661 or any other new person, what makes you think you are going to say something that I don’t already know. I am trying to warn you before you sign the IBA.

3rd – When you recruit somebody … do they give those away free too? … NO, you sell them an IBA contract for ($99 down and $25 a month) …. Wake up! Every promotion is based on sales, either IBAs and/or Life Insurance. You are choosing to ignore FACTS and if you sign your IBA after this you deserve exactly what you are going to get.

4th – What McDonald’s can you buy for $10k?

From McDonald’s website: How much does it cost to open a McDonald's franchise? Total Investment: $655,750-$1,225,000

5th - What franchise are you buying at Primerica?

Let’s use your analogy: Would you buy a McDonald’s then be told you have to start working for free at the FRY STATION and ADVERTISING at the same time …. and hopefully, one day, maybe you could own it…. Does that make sense?

Because that is what you are doing a Primerica. Get this straight it is a Multi – Level Marketing Company. You have to recruit to be promoted and you have to sell to get promoted.

You will be selling OVERPRICED products to your friends and family and recruiting strangers AT THE MALL, trying to convince them with the same lies you are believing. Sounds like Amway to me … the only difference is you have to get a state licensed first … so you have to wait and make you new upline money first.


Yes, they did tell me that the goal to get the really good pay is RVP, and they did say that it was hard work.

And PissedConsumer08, you don't have to sell anything to get promoted. You recruit 3 people, one of them recruits 3 people. You do the required number of Financial Needs Analysis appointments (which are complimentary, so you aren't actually selling anything) and you make it to district. Then you follow the same trends and make it to RVP. Now, you won't be making too much money off of that, but you don't have to sell a single thing to get promoted.

And you're right, you don't have to pay to get a job. However, you're not getting a job, you're essentially "buying" into a franchise. It's the same as running a McDonald's restaraunt. You pay McDonald's around $10k, and you get to open a burger place. If you quite McDonald's, you don't get to take the restaraunt with you, someone else gets it.


They ARE shady and go against their rules. The *** who told me about this "Job Opportunity" told me it wasn't a sales job- their attorney confirmed that you have to sell their services/products in order to get paid your commission.

That's what a sales job is.

They aren't supposed to recruit under false pretenses and that is exactly what she did.

Your costs to work run well over 30 dollars. I have never had to PAY anyone money in order for me to get hired.



Let me help you with your homework. Since you are interested in investments let me explain to you that UNLIKE other companies, Primerica does not pay you security trails until AFTER you are a Regional Leader.(a level most people don't make it to).

Which means you have to recruit 3 people that stick and become district leaders.

Missing out on all the money until then and never seeing it after you become a Regional Leader because it all goes to your RVP.

Did your 100% upfront agents FULLY disclose that?


Todd, you make them sound like the mafia, making you an offer you can't refuse. The people I'm talking to are being 100% upfront and honest with me.

I'm also doing my homework, not only on the company, but on the stuff I'll be doing within the company (My focus is on investments, right now.)

I'm not seeing where the company is being shady, at least no more than any other company out there.

Perhaps some of the individual agents are a bit on the shady side, but if we are holding all organizations by the example set by a few members, let's just dispand local police forces, the United States Military, and every branch and level of government. I mean, you don't want shady organizations, right?


That's Primerica for you. They are shady.

They make you feel like *** if you turn down their "interview". They use peer pressure tactics to get you to come to their meetings to sell you their life insurance.


So... you went into a room with other people, learning about the product that Primerica sells, you don't ask any questions of any kind, and after only 10 minutes you get up while the presenter is taking; disrupting the entire presentation, and you wonder why he was miffed?

Primerica has been around for 31 years. It's traded publicly on the stock market. It's lauded in many different respected publications. But, you think the Better Business Bureau is going to listen to someone that didn't ask questions and left 10 minutes into a 1-2 hour presentation?