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Ive read alot of the bogus reviews about Primerica on here. Do not listen to them.

The fact is that most of the "bad reviews" come from Primerica competitors looking to deface Primericas name because they are losing business. Read this for proof:

It is both sad and pathetic that comeptitors will stoop to that level of unprofssionalism in order to defeat Primerica. But can you blame them? Facts speak for themselves:

-There were 2,000 financial services organizations when Primerica was founded, there are only 200 today. Primerica is number 1

-Primericas products are superior because they are both legal and ethical

-Primerica has since its inception been on a crusade to fight whole life insurance and to stop people from getting ripped off

Overall, Primerica is the largest financial services organization in the country and they have never advertised. So, the business grew from word of mouth, if our company is so terrible why then has it been gretly successful through only word of mouth?

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I was in Primerica, also in the Chicago branches, for 2 years and all the people are fake. Our RVP pretended to be our friend and then took my husband on a trip with him and offered to buy him a ***.

Then he proceeded to steal the members on our team (because he thought we would tell his fiance) and stole thousands of dollars of commissions from us! The company means well with its products but the fact that they will allow ANYONE to work with them, you don't know what kind of people you are getting involved with. They know how to combat any objection you might have. The trainings are not on product knowledge, they train (brainwash) people to be motivated (brainwashed) and how to deal with people (by brainwashing them).

Its really a joke. The company gives its RVPs way too much power.

So if you end up with a slimeball RVP like I did, you will get screwed. The worst part is, you never know your RVP is a slimeball until they ***.


Yea ok, I was an Agent for 3 years in one of the Chicagoland branches. It's a scam, a huge one that relies heavily at first to go through your family.

When you first do you prospecting and go to houses you need to take a higher up with. They are rude, deicitful,..and frankly just *** to everyone. It's a cult full of fake smiles, fake caring,...Other RSVP hate you, the branch owner really doesn't like anyone but how much money YOU will put in his pocket. I was always broke and I never made more than 1200 a month and this was fulltime.

At first it's all great because of the way Primerica pitches itself. But that soon wears off. Do yourself a favour stay away from them. If you feel you want there products then go for it.

But there company itself is ***.!

it treats it's workers like ***! therefore it is ***!