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Listen I am going around reading info about Primerica I have been a rep since April. Unfortuantly there are reps that create our bad reputation I happen to know a few of them. They are greedy and don't really care if they help you or not, just like any company.

For those that were scammed I am sorry and genually feel bad for you, I am very happy with the company and their theory is very sound. Some people have true complaints that should be recognized and others just are complaining cause they didn't make any money cause they didn't put in the work, it's alot fo work, you get paid what your worth.

I am one that doesn't treat people that way cause I wouldn't want to treat people that way. I don't use pressure to get you to sign up, if you don't want better for yourself then that is on you, especially since we might be entering a depression.

My point is that the whole company isn't a scam some of the reps to deal with are. I heard that people was asking for 400 dollars, that is crazy I pd my 99 dollars and it was well work it. For those that have real questions about the company contact

Bless you


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To nextaxpro,

I am sorry about you expereince with Primerica, but your experience was so much different then mine, it that is due to my upline and my leaders, My leaders make alot of money they has been in the business for over 20 I go to their house and their office to learn.

When I got my license they threw me right out there, there was no hesitation to make money, like I said it the people you deal with that make the experience, and yes its hard work, if they told you it's easy then they lied to you. It's alot of travel that is why I started within my own area, didn't have the gas money to travel out far.

And you can get discouraged very quickly if you don't make money right away, but the wealtiest people did not have the money handed to them they worked for years to get where their at. Cash Value and Term have positive and negatives, all the wesite to have there are just as many at see it in a positive light.


Gotcha bro. Well, i am just saying what I know about Primerica, which is the name of this thread. If there are other companies that work the same way and pay more, I'd LOVE to hear about it. Is it part-time also? That's one of the biggest draws for me, like I said, I have a full-time job which doesn't pay a whole lot ($28/hr), but it pays enough to where it would be *** to leave it just like that. Thats why I like Primerica, but it allows me to learn the system and do whatever I need to do at my own pace and get a little extra income for it.

Yes, I am told that depite all the products and services we market, 50% of our business is recruiting. It's true, it's all about recruit, recruit, recruit. The reason being is that you get a commission every time one of your recruits makes a sale.

So I have 2 choices. Make my money from my personal production for the rest of my Primerica career, however long it lasts.


Say it takes me 10 years to recruit, license and train 200 people (that's 200 distribution outlets), and every month, just 25 of them make 1 sale, that's 25 overrides. That's how the people that make it big achieve success. Yes, it's HARD and takes a lot of time and a lot of effort, but for $99, it's worth a try to me, especially when I can start part-time.

But I hear where you're coming from. If you have a better program, I'd love to hear about it, grmz13@yahoo.


Gilbert I agree with you, but people get divorced. People buy homes.

In a perfect world it works to buy one policy and keep it to 65 or whatever, but life events happen. My comment about you having the option of going somewhere else isn't about whole life. You can do exactly what you are currently doing and have a much better contract somewhere else. I won't say where, because I don't want to be accused of recruiting or promoting any organization.

It's not about selling cash value.

It's about viewing the Primerica or any other business model as it is. It's sales. PFS is about recruiting to sell. PFS agents talk about the cost of whole life, but never talk about the cost of their Term program compare to others.

Remember the rule of 72? As I said it's not about bashing PFS, but things are the way they are.

Keep people coming and going. recruit, Recruit, recruit.....


Yes, we market Primerica products, period. We are captive agents. I am aware that with my life license, I can be a non-captive agent, represent multiple companies, both life and health and make more money. I am aware of all that. My neighbor (my uncle) is a whole life insurance agent. He makes A LOT more money than I do per sale, but he deals with a lot of other *** that I don't, like collecting every month, being restricted to a certain territory, meeting quotas, having his policies replaced all the time, sometimes by people in his own office and even confronting agents in front of clients. He depends on this income. I don't.

Also, even though I am a Primerica rep, I don't think cash value (or as we lovingly call it, "trash value") is necessarily evil, but I do believe term is a better option for most middle class families like mine. Why? Well, first, its more affordable. Yes, if you don't die during the policy term, you get nothing. Cheer up, you're alive! j/k Seriously, as a Primerica rep, I believe the main purpose of life insurance is income replacement. You need coverage when you have a spouse, kids, a mortgage and other debt. So during this time, you may need say $300K in coverage. When you're 65, hopefully your kids are gone, your mortgage is paid and you don't have too much debt, so why would you need $300K at that age? You'd just need maybe $25K to put you in *** when you drop dead. That is why I don't agree with whole life insurance. You don't need insurance til you're 100 and you don't need to pay so much for it, even if it does accumulate cash value. Also, with whole life, you get the cash value or the death benefit. You don't get both. You die, you get the db and they keep whats supposedly "your" cash value. If you cash it in, you lose your life insurance. If you borrow against it (optional), you have to pay back your own money, with interest. What? If you die after you borrow, the loan amount plus interest is deducted from the death benefit. Why charge you interest on your own money? It's just little things that I dont like about cash value. I believe you'd be better off buying term and if not investing the difference, even putting it in a shoe box under your bed, rather than getting whole life.

Again, if you're ok with the cash value and you can afford it, that's perfectly ok, but for our target demographic, and to quote Suzie Orman, "cash value insurance is in most cases a supreme waste of money." I am not the type to get hostile defending my views, and definitely as he said, one size does not fit all. I just try to teach people what I believe and letting them make the decision that's best for them.


You say your not a saleswoman, but then you say you sell Term. This has nothing to do wuth the type of person you are. It's abou the business model. Your job is to sell PFS products. Period.

If you are new to the industry how could you know what to look for when researching? I didn't leave PFS becuase of the BTIV concept. I left because I did some research and for me it was a much better business decision. Yes in the beginning I joined PFS to help people, then I also learned there's also a business side.

As for taking a loan out on a policy, it's an option not a requirement. Whole life is designed to pay out at death. Everyone dies. Term is designed to pay out if a person dies within a certain amount of time. The individual plans have to be funded differently. Then there's the new universal products on the market where you can dial in a guaranteed policy. So you say to you, it's never a good situation to borrow against a policy, but what about your client? One size doesn't fit all.

I believe in BTIV, but not in all cases does it work. Look at the markets today. How long will it take some people to bounce back? So you see it's not as easy as they make it sound at a rah, rah meeting.

GilbertRin TX..Understands the concept. I can say once he hears about other options, he is gone on to better things. He can do the same things he is doing at Primerica and more but he just doesn't know it exist yet..Like I said Yet.


From your response you don't understand the type of person and I am and that makes a huge difference in how you provide or sell products, I don't sell anything and I not a salewoman. I know everything that you already told me cause I researched like I said, you don't do what's right 100 percent of the time, cause I don't even when I try my hardest, so you sell cash value and are happy, I sell term and I happy.

It works for me, it didn't work for you.

Yes, our 30 year term are guaranteed policies as long as you pay for preimum, to me it is ever a good situation when you have to borrow money, I would just rather avoid that situation.


I am a Primerica rep as well and I agree with several points that have been made. I do this part time (or spare time), I am a full time police officer.

Yes, there are lots of insurance companies out there with products that give you 100% advance on day one and that also pay renewals. Yes, there are less expensive term products out there. Personally, I believe in the concepts Primerica pushes. I believe in the opportunity Primerica offers.

I believe in the recruiting/distribution system which is also a big reason for the success of the company.

Most of the people I have sold insurance to have been wanting insurance but had never been approached about it. So yes, there are many options out there, opportunities for more money, but Primerica is a good fit for me.


With a perm product the cash value isn't your money. It's there for the policy to function as designed. That's why people have to pay interest, because the insurance company doesn't have the use of those funds anymore. You see I was told the same thing when I was at Primerica. Then I educated myself and searched out different opinions. Did you know there are guaranteed perm. products that have a very low cash value if any? did you there is a carrier that sells a Return Of Premium product which at end of term the client has an option of getting a fully paid up policy or take the cash and run, or apply it to a perm product?

You mention you have a 30 year policy. Is that policy guaranteed for the full 30 years? Seperate Primerica the company from the products and contracts. I'm sure you will make a few observations. Remember I was there. I have seen both sides inside and outside of Primerica.

Considering you have a 30 year tem policy. If you could get more coverage with less premium or the same amount of premium with another carrier would you consider it? What if you you knew your clients could get more coverage for less money what would you do? You would sell the Primerica product. Your job is to market Primerica products to the best of your ability. Yes, cost is only a consideration with absence of value or something to that effect. We do what's right 100% of the time.

Here's something to consider. I can contract with the same LTC carrier you have access to and get paid renewals. i can contract with the same company you have with your legal protection program and offer many other products, have ownership after 12 month and get renewals. I can offer mortgages if I so choose. I can offer health insurance if I so choose. I can get a series 6, 63, 7, 65 or whatever if I so choose. I can have ownership form day one if I choose.

Now I understand you like your products and such, but from a business stand point why Primerica. That's what I asked myself and couldn't find an answer.

As said before, Primerica has a great system but times are changing. You can say your out to help people all you want, but it comes down to selling products and recruiting. Primerica provides the products and it's your job to sell them. If you don't, no one gets paid. Period.


Well hello my friend, now I see you have made so bad assumptions about me. So let's clear things up, I surely had my doubts about the company from the gate so I did alot of research and am still doing reseach to make sure I know what I am talking about, I go against what I was taught by some people, I have to do my business in a honest manner or not at all. I don't like the way alot of reps do things and I believe in knowing everything about my product, I read the good and the bad about primerica, Term or cash value it depends on your situation as to which is better. And also I don't go to company functions cause all that "look what I got" hoopla doesn't impress me.

Now you ask what do I say to clients that develop health problems, when I was told about Primerica that was one first questions that I ask, for people that are concerned and have a history of health problems, I will use myself as a example. I get a policy of 100,000 for 30 years, I am 28 yrs old so that policy goes until I am 58, now if your family has a history of health problems there are things you can do, you may want to get a 10 year term then get a 30 yr term, you can use the term period to your advantage. Now if you are 58 and you have a health problem you can switch to permanent insurance, for those that this happens to, but my goal is to use the term to your advantage. We are also teaching them to invest and save so they can also have some saved up along with their insurance. Now we also want to help people get out of debt, the programs are not the answer for everything, I examine families case by case, I grew up poor and used to be poor, so I use the knowledge that I have and combine it with there's.

With cash value, my problem is that nobody has the right to tell me I have to borrow my own money, and since we have a economic crisis at the moment and just as a society in general, they are not going to pay it back, amajority won't lets just be honest. Now the cash value premium is higher due to the cash value part, so if you borrow money and don't pay it back then the money you borrowed gets subtracted along with other fees so then you paid for something you paid for something you didn't get. Now you can say that well they paid there priemunu then borrowed the money so they did get what they paid for but not with fees, interest per year.

But like I said it about whatever floats your boat!


Is Primerica still around? I thought they would have been shut down by now.

Pyramid scam from the word go. Run, don't walk away from this shady outfit.

They like to prey on folks who have low-paying, going nowhere jobs or no job at all with fluff about ALL the money you'll make. Beware.


Erica as for selling cash value. You say with the mortgage business any are pulling away. Well what do you say to people today about their Buy term And Invest the Difference concept. Especially if they are coming to end of term with a 20 year policy and they have health issues? What do you tell clients? I understand you have been with Primerica only since April, but educate yourself and not just on what you hear at company functions?

It's reallly ironic that you mention that companies are getting rid of nonproducing assets. Considering your an independent business person are you asking questions about the pending sale of Primerica and how it can effect your business? Are you aksing questions about Protective and how the sale will/can effect your contract? The reaason you don't like cash value is because you don't market to the needs of that product.

As for replacing with a new program how can you say that when as I posted before currently Primerica is up for sale and the buying company can dictate which lines of business to be in or out of. Just consideer this for a moment. What happens to clients when they reach end of term and have a health issue. Yes some people do develope health issues as they age. Take a look at your renewal premiums. Then take a look at the side account. Those premiums will have to come from somewhere. Now what if the client could convert some of that term coverage to a perm. product. That could lock in a face amount and premium for the life of the policy. Now here's something else to consider. What if the client also had a small cash value policy with a mutual company that pays dividends. Yes I know about dividends, but they can be beneficial.

As I said before not everyone who post call Primerica a scam, because some of us used to be Primerica agents. Primerica isn't a bad company they just have their way of doing business. Some of us just found out other information and made a business decision to go another route. Just so you know it wasn't leaving so we can sell cash value. Do some term shopping, check commission schedules and check different contracts. It wasn't personal, it was a business decision.


It takes a grown-up and honest person to admit you when you're in over your head.

Ask yourself this question:

"Do I REALLY have ANY training or education on the products I sell other than from the company that I'm working for? Do you think for a second that Sandy Weil would have cash value policies if they were bad?

Dollar for dollar, there's no question that you get more coverage "temporarily" with term insurance over permanent.

However, there's a reason you aren't taught the positives about permanent insurance---your company doesn't sell it. Regardless of what you want to believe, recruiting and getting licensed agents is the primary goal of Primerica. The reason you don't offer permanent insurance is because many of them require additional licensing. The additional licensing makes your life insurance test look like a complete breeze. It's not easy to get securities licensed. The upper management at Primerica knows that requiring such licensing would eliminate 95% of the recruits.

So, instead of being multi-faceted, they treat the other product like the devil and make you feel like the client's savior. The founder of the company has millions of dollars in permanent insurance, Citibank has billions of dollars in it, etc.

Once you actually learn about it (if you challenge yourself to leave the cocoon) you'll see there's more than just term insurance.


I looked at the articles, we are in a economic crisis that involves mortages so pulling out doesn't surprise me at since they had been talking about that for awhile now, that has to be done they are doing what evey other single back is doing, it so sad this has to happen, it will be replace with a new program I am sure.

And I know you make money with cash valuse policies, I just don't like what they do and I am not the type of person that can sell something like that and not care about the aftermath.