Richardson, Texas
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I joined Primerica 3 weeks ago. Theres no scam involved. Frankly its for people who go to work. If you're lazy you're going to write negative stuff about how it didn't work.

For Doubters

One) Why would Citi buy a scam for millions of dollars? Wouldn't you think Citi may have did some research before they dished out millions...

two) If you're searching for Primerica online you're looking in the wrong spot. log in to click citi then click our brands.

three) If you want to succeed in anything( school, test, Primerica...) why would you listen to someone who failed at it... ?

Listen to the other thousands who have succeeded.

People who go into this thinking its raining money and that its an overnight get rich type thing... You have a rude awakening. You have to go to work.

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You've misunderstood everyone. Primerica is not a scam per se, but their products are horribly overpriced.

I have more vacation time this year than you have experience in the industry, You're simply yet another mark to *** on the ***

That doesn't make you a bad person. What makes you bad is when you continue on with this charade after you find out that ALL of the products are heavily overpriced, the loans are a JOKE and should be outlawed for misrepresentation, and that the real professionals don't try to screw the public like you're taught.