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Don't listen to the negative comments about Primerica. They come mostly from either the equivalent of "disgruntled employees" who couldn't make it in the company because of their lack of faith in the opportunity, or their laziness to truly do the necessary work needed to make it in any business as an owner, or from jealous agents from other companies who can't stand the competition of Primerica.

Aside from the very minimal upfront cost, you can try getting involved with the company on a part time basis while retaining your current job. All you have to sacrifice is some of your time to get licensed and to go to meetings to learn more about the business, or to go to people's homes to try to help them get into better financial shape.

After giving it a fair amount of time (6-8 months), and your not satisfied with how you think it's going, no worries. All you lost was some spare time and a couple hundred dollars. Meanwhile, you gained some good education and knowledge about the financial services industry, which is helpful to know anyway.

On the other hand, if you were hard working and kept your focus on the "big picture", your earning potential is limitless. Great odds I'd say for an inexpensive gamble. Most people who fail in this company have trouble handling rejection, which is obviously bound to happen. People get a few rejections and give up any hope of making it in this business. If they had only kept going on to realize all the successes they could have had.

Remember, most people who fail at something quit when they were really only 1 small step away from their goal. If they'd only stuck it out just a bit longer, they would have actually made it. So what's the big deal everyone's making?

On another note, people have no problem blowing thousands of dollars in a casino where the odds are always totally against the gambler. Other than a couple hundred bucks, you really have nothing to lose here, but plenty to gain. It's worth taking a shot at the Primerica opportunity.

And by the way, all representatives are instructed never to finalize the sale of any product unless the client fully understands what they are purchasing and also never to try to get a client to purchase anything if it's not in their best interest or if it won't save them money somehow. That is the company's policy.

This is a legitimate company with a great reputation from the Better Business Bureau and is backed by success story after success story over many years. Thousands of people have positively changed the direction that their lives were going and are living better lives and are able to take care of their families in ways that they never thought possible.

Doesn't this sound like such a terrible company? So don't listen to what these Bozo's negatively write about Primerica. It's bull. It's been great for 31 years now, but watch how incredible this company is going to be in the next 10 years. Thanks for reading, and don't be afraid to change your life and get involved with the recession proof company called Primerica.

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Well done sir! Well done.


Why compete? Isn't the ultimate goal for everyone to be debt free and financially independent?

Not all business maybe but all people have that goal right? Competition?

There is no competition with Primerica because we are okay with someone else doing something else as long as they believe in it and they make their lives better. Whether it's our business or something else.


Just from a business point of view. Is immediate ownership better than have to go through qualifications?

I a noncompete better than having a noncompete within the agent contract? Is not having to give up legs better than a requirement to give up a leg? Is many products available and the option of outside business better than being captive wuth products limited by what the company approves? Is a starting commission of 50% plus better than 25%?

It's not a case of Primerica being a bad or good company, it's about opportunity...Primerica isn't the only game in town.

Today new green agents have the option of being independent and have immediate ownership of their clients and downline. How can you compete with that?