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Don't listen to the negative comments about Primerica. They come mostly from either the equivalent of "disgruntled employees" who couldn't make it in the company because of their lack of faith in the opportunity, or their laziness to truly do the necessary work needed to make it in any business as an owner (which comes later), or from jealous agents from other companies who can't stand the competition of Primerica.

Aside from the very minimal upfront cost, you can try getting involved with the company on a part time basis while retaining your current job. All you have to sacrifice is some of your time to get licensed and to go to meetings to learn more about the business, or to go to people's homes to try to help them get into better financial shape.

After giving it a fair amount of time (say 6-8 months), and your not satisfied with how you think it's going, no worries. All you lost was some spare time and a couple hundred dollars. Meanwhile, you gained some good education and knowledge about the financial services industry, which is a great thing to know anyway.

On the other hand, if you were hard working and kept your focus on the "big picture", your earning potential is limitless. Great odds I'd say for an inexpensive gamble. Most people who fail in this company have trouble handling rejection, which is obviously bound to happen. People get a few rejections and give up any hope of making it in this business. If they had only kept going on to realize all the successes they could have had.

Remember, most people who fail at something quit when they were really only 1 small step away from their goal. If they'd only stuck it out just a bit longer, they would have actually made it. So what's the big deal everyone's making?

On another note, people have no problem blowing thousands of dollars in a casino where the odds are always totally against the gambler. Other than a couple hundred bucks, you really have nothing to lose here, but plenty to gain. It's worth taking a shot at the Primerica opportunity.

And by the way, all representatives are instructed never to finalize the sale of any product unless the client fully understands what they are purchasing and also never to try to get a client to purchase anything if it's not in their best interest or if it won't save them money somehow. That is the company's policy. Yes, some of their products are priced a little higher than other companies, but what's the difference if, overall, you can save the client hundreds to thousands of dollars a year? How many companies are making extreme efforts to seek out people who might be in trouble financially when they meet them, and after all is said and done they're saving money every month that can give them financial relief and reduce some of their stresses. Everyone in the company started at the same level and had the opportunity to go as high as they wanted. Some chose to do it half *** and only reach a moderate position, and others chose to make it a part of their life, work obsessively at it and make hundreds of thousands to millions a year for the rest of their lives. It's a self-promoting company. The idea is to work hard in the first 5 to 7 years, then live mostly off the overrides that you get from your team that you've worked so hard to build and help them succeed.

This is a legitimate company with a great reputation from the Better Business Bureau and is backed by success story after success story over many years. Thousands of people have positively changed the direction that their lives were going and are living better lives and are able to take care of their families in ways that they never thought possible.

Doesn't this sound like such a terrible company? So don't listen to what these Bozo's negatively write about Primerica. It's bull. It's been great for 31 years now, but watch how incredible this company is going to be in the next 10 years. One more thing to add: Primerica fought hard to get away from

Citigroup, but Citigroup wouldn't let them go because they realize how big an asset they were. The company is rock solid and are doing better than ever in all their 31 years. How many financial companies can say that today? They turned a 1.2 billion dollar profit so far this year and paid out 681 billion to their sales force last year. Thanks for reading, and don't be afraid to change your life and get involved with the recession proof company called Primerica.

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Way to go. You sold a few policies to those who bought because they love you and never looked up the high price.

At least you fed the narcistic need in you to be superior to other people. Look at how you condemn the people who only have a little common sense and try to warn the potential SUCKERS


I've told everyone I know not to plug this lame opportunity anymore, there are better options! Use guaranteedrate for your mortgage, use Geico for auto, and use for getting life insurance quotes online. Primerica serves no purpose


Is the PFS guys really think they are doing what they are doing for the benefit of the client. It's nothing more than sales. The hype and the feeding of the kool-aid is to get the people to market the products. They won't do a stand alone comparison to compare what is in the best interest of the client.

As a PFS agent you are not an employee of PFS. You are your own business. You are an independent contractor which means Primerica the company has no loyalty to you.

Forget the products for a moment and consider the business side.

In my opinion you can do the same things and more outside of Primerica with the same license(s) than what you are currently doing in PFS. The two major considerations being the noncompete and ownership.

When I left Primerica I found out about the noncompete. Yes even friends family members were off limits per contract. That's who I sold to first. (Check your state laws) So I found out who owned the clients. Then the people I recruited. I found out who owned them. Then the brochures I bought and paid for. I found out who wanted them back.

You see I signed up with Primerica totally green and didn't read the contract. I had no clue what to look for. Well the day I got my letter forom PFS legal saying thank you for your time at PFS, but....That's when I understood that this is a business. All that rah, rah, stuff means nothing. They the company have their business interest and they will hold you to them per contract. So now I don't get caught up in any rah, rah or hype. This is business. Now I have total freedom. I can recruit or not recruit. I have ownership of my downline and clients (from day one) and I have the freedom to market other products if I so choose. I won't go into commissions. Let me just say i can earn renewals. from a business stand point this works for me. from a business stand point I could work "With" Primerica. notice I didn't say work for. This is a business.

Consider this. Currently if by some chance Primerica changed their marketing plan, I could bring all my agents with me if I wanted to go back to PFS. Well consider your options. If you found a better opportunity for you and your team could you leave and bring them with you? It's a business people...You are your business..Primerica is a good company, but in my opinion it's good for them. Read your contract and do some research. The products issue is basically dead. Look deeper...

Many don't know what they don't know..I sure didn't...


Sounds great!!

*$99 to Primerica for the IBA

*$25 per month for POL ($300 per year)

*$20 per month if you want full service GoSolo. (Not the *** you get on POL where you can only listen)

*Fuel for two trips to the office every week for the cult meetings. (You will have to go unless you want to be treated like a leper.

*$400 - $600 for your mortgage license depending on which state you live in.

*Annual & Bi-Annual license renewals. Life $60 (every year taken out of your as earns). Securities $450ish (every year). Mortgage $100 - $500 (every two years depending on the state).

*Convention every two years. Let's just say $500 - $1000 to attend depending on mode of transportation. (Next convention 2009)

*Fast Start, Builder, or Leadership schools. $100 for a room, approx $20 for a ticket, then food & gas to get there. Happens 4 - 8 times a year depending on the hierarchy.

*Polo shirts, Brochures, business cards, palm pilot, etc... If you want to be a "true" Primerican.

Now the big stuff:

* Being told to you need to make sacrifices to be successful. Missing kids games, b-day parties, dance recitals, and just about anyother function that falls on meetings days, training days, conventions, and fast start schools.

* Forcing your friends & families to see you & your "trainer" to sell them over priced insurance & "criminal" loans.

* Finally your Primerica life insurance you will buy because - "How can you sell it if you don't believe in it enough to own it". So enjoy paying 3 times the cost for the same coverage you can get somewhere else. If you own a home, you get a WONDERFUL $MART loan. Why not $MART charges the most fees allowed by law and then puts a 3 yr prepay on the loan!

All in all Primerica is a great business opportunity. The problem is that it is a great opportunity for your RVP & the company not you the rep.

The rep is just a means to a new market & a set of new blood to join the PFS cult.

So as you can see Primerica is a pretty inexpensive option to make millions of dollars.

*** maybe I should sell off my integrity and go back to work with PrimeAmerica (spelled wrong on purpose!)


PFS is Ok,

After spending 12 long years with Primerica I spewed the same rhetoric to all of my reps and on the Ken Young websites. The truth is someday you will wake up and realize you have not only been taken for a ride, but you have sold out your own integrity along the way. Primerica is an ingenuous business system, but not for the reps. I was wearing the $100k ring for years and closing in on the 2nd diamond, then one day I woke of.

You are sound like a you have been very well programmed with the Primerica propaganda!!! The truth is clients are better off 100% of the time taking the Primerica proposal and shopping it around.

As for your statement about "trying" it for a few months.... doesn't that make sense!!!!! See a new rep takes his trainer to see the people he/she cares most about, rips them off, then quits. Of course the RVP or trainer makes the money & the cycle just repeats itself again & again.

I was successful in Primerica by many standards, but once I stopped believing the hype and opened my eyes I had to make a decision. The truth is if you don't know any better you can remain ignorant, but if you read this site, then do your research you will have no choice to quit Primerica & go independent.

Take my challenge. Take the last 3 life cases you did and compare them with an indy broker, term vs term. Then take your last 3 $MART loans and compare those to conventional 20yr fixed loans. You will realize quickly that you are not a member of the great Holly Financial Crusades, but rather you are part of a subpar company you makes a ton of money off of the backs of good people believing they are doing the best thing for their family & friends.

I just had my first agent confrontation with a Primerica NSD. Needless to say he left looking like a fool. It is funny once you compare apples to apples PFS can't compete.

Life Insurance - over priced. It could stand up against WL, VL, UL, etc... but Term vs Term it looses 99% of the time.

$MART - Hahahaha... Take a 20yr with no prepay and a fraction of the cost. Not to mention $MART charges a total of 4.7% for broker fees. (Maximum is 5%...) What a crusade helping people!!!

So what do you do focus on the business opp. Get them to the meeting. Push the dream button, get their friends down, tap their markets pedaling the same expensive stuff!! They quit disgusted.

See I think PFS corporate is amazing. They make money off of dumb *** like me & you. We drink the kool-aid and love it. We believe in the crusade. In the end you are a worthless solution number. Yeah .0001% makes tons of money right out the gate, but most just gets used for their "top 25". (See I’m embarrassed what I have done over my career with Primerica. Not because I sold expensive & *** products, but I sold it under the guise of doing what is best 100% of the time. Once I found out the truth I was gone!!)

Do us all a favor. If you want to come on this site and post fluffy posts about Primerica bring some facts. See I know clients & potential recruits will come on here and read. If so I only challenge them to do ONE thing.


See the truth is to anyone looking into Primerica as a client or a potential recruit you need to shop around!!! You work way too hard for your money to not have it working hard for you.

If you are a Primerica rep stop reading these forums unless you want your little world shattered. If you are a decent person you will soon find out that you have been misled and you have been played a fool. Once you open your mind just a little it is over.

See RVPs know they need to keep closed in. We are all losers who quit PFS or couldn't make it, we are the competition who are pissed because PFS is taking all of our business. I bet most of us see a Primerica policy, a $MART loan, or a Primerica Shareholder Services statement in a clients folder we smile. We know we just won this client. We will expose the truth and that will be one more person spreading the word about Primerica. I am counting the days I can go back to my old clients. Once I can it is over!!!

I am proud to say I have already replaced 11 PFS life policies in Nov & every single one got between 2 - 4 times the coverage for the same price!!

I hope to see MANY more Primerica reps at the kitchen table for my VERY long career that is ahead of me free the minds of those addicted to the Kool-aid


What has any of the 'bozo's" said that isn't true? How many people have gone through the company?

Your answer pretty much blows away your 5-7 year game plan.

What do you mean Primerica fought hard to get away from Citi. Please explain.


I'd recommend playing the same numbers every day for 100 days in your state lottery. Your $100 investment will probably pay off more than being "successful" at Primerica.

@Great odds?

so what about primerica today, they broke away from citi, have new services Lincoln finacial, etc, what did you do to be independant etc... how do i do that and create a downline like you>?