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Actually,Rook,you're not paying $99 dollars for a background check,only$40 is for the background cneck ,the rest is your licensing fees.And since it's tax deductible,as is your $25 a month,along with 26 other standard deductions,like Internet,cell phone,mileage,dining,vacations,which I call business trips,because I have clients in 6 states,it's well worth it.When I lost my job,and was medically terminated after 6 surgeries for an accident that wasn't my fault,the fact that I had Primerica as an option kept my bills paid and a roof over my head.Primerica works,the question is,did you?Obviously not,you can't even get your info correct.

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People need to open their eyes to the rest of the industry. The company I work for PAYS for ALL my tests, not just my life and Series 6 and 63.

They pay for my health, all the series, and even classes to get further certifications. Plus, they provide all the letterhead and business well as pay for the necessary seminars and corporate outings. Oh yea, I also set my own hours, am my own boss, and have financial freedom. Please don't act like Primerica is the only opportunity out there.

Because its not.

And, it is very unprofessional to talk down other companies. You should have read that when you were studying for your licenses.