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''words from the wise''

primerica is a bad start for young agents who get recruited from these snakes that you see roaming around malls etc.they are using you to get to the so-called top! its nothing but a bad pyramid.the best thing to do is get your ins license and as soon as you recieve it leave!there are reputible ins companys around that you can make a decent living,not like this pyramid which should be shut down!its nothing but a get rich quick scheme,i was one of them for a while i went to there meetings getting all hyped up(brainwashed) thinking i was gonna make alot of money.that is false!they are PIMPING you, you are making chips while they are getting rich from your sweat and hard work.whoever speaks a positive word for primerica are nothing but butt kissers who have not seen the light yet!


dont get pimped like i did for those 6 months i was there.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Ahh, yet another obvious post by a competing insurance agent attempting to discredit a successful competing company. I am sure that intelligent readers will enjoy that post for its entertainment versus its (lack of) substance.

@Uncle Sam

Shut up Sam. Just shut up already.

we're all tired of people like you.