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My policy did not auto draft until the 28th of the month. I faxes over canceled of the spouse rider term on the 2/19, we then wanted to just leave my husbands portion open and just cancel my portion since i got a better dea; with allstate, alot better customer service as well.

I called on 2/23 to make sure that primerica had received my fax and they a rep stated that they had and they were just finishing up the process. i explained that i did not want to pay the insurance for the new month since i gave primerica enough notice to cancel the spuse rider policy, the primerica rep stated there was no problem she would stop the auto pay and we would recieve a bill for my husband in the mail and my portion would not be bill. I have been waiting for a confirmation of my cancellation for my part of the life insurance and have not received it. I looked on my checking account and show that i was charged for me and my husbands life insurance plus 28 overdraft fee.The 1st rep today told me i was lining that the previous rep did not say that she would stop the auto pay of primerica, which make me very upset since that rep was not on the phone and calling me a lair, she then hung up on me.

great customer service, i then called back and talked to a manager that said she can see the 1st rep notes on 2/23 that showed she was putting my auto pay on hold then she hung up on me, I cant believe the rude customer service that i am getting with primerica. I have asked several time the amount of the policy because when we had started my portion was 45 and my husbands was 28 per month, when i ask the rep how much is my husband portion since it is my checking they dont know, refuse to tell me. I am paying primerica for a service and when i ask for details i am refused, why can your reps anser my question. today i called the rep that sold me the primerica life insurance policy juan martinez and he stated that you guys at customer service are giving me the run around.

he told me that you guys are fully aware of the day the policy started and when it ends and the your reps are fully aware of how much each policy is............I am ready to go to the insurance commissioner of California. i have proof of my fax for the cancellation. I have proof of the call i made on my cell phone on 2/23...I was told that in order for me to get my insurance portion we have to write another letter and fax it over even though i am no longer on the policy and we were just debited today. does that make any sentence.

i am paying for my portion of the life insurance that is not even active. You guys made a big mistake. I sent by fax to cancel the spouse rider insurance. By the way on the automated system it does not say how long it take to cancel the life insurance.

There is nothing on your website, in order for you to stand behind a certain time of how long it will take to process a cancelation you must put in writing.

that is your problem.It is also not my fault that your rep lied to me and misinformed me and instead of dealing with the issue, your customer care reps are treating me rmean and with no respect. there is no reason why a copy should commit customer abuse over the phone like your company is doing............

Monetary Loss: $73.

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This organization and the amateurs it employs is a joke. I have found somewhere else that employs professionals to deal with going forward.

Nancy Long was my reps name. Once she signed me up, I wanted to ask a few questions. She kept telling me to call her assistant. Really?

I wanted to make sure my payment was made and get the physical to reduce the monthly cost.

Had she bothered to actually speak with me she might have even been able to increase my service. Dont waste your time, once signed up you are nothing to these people.


I received a disclosure from you on 08/22/12 listing my name as Curtis K. Reusch.

Please e-mail a current policy, my i.d.#9200602075 which is posted on my account when you withdraw $90.73.

Please correct this error and confirm by mail or e-mail. my mailing address is correct, I have no idea who Curtis is


We started the process over 4 months ago to change our policy to drop me but keep my spouse covered. We have gotten several letters requesting further information and signatures.

I have called them several times and been told that it was still with the underwriters. How long can it take to make that type of change? They are still billing us over $200 a month when my spouses portion, so I have been told over the phone by two different representatives, will be less than $50. I called the first part of May, again, and was told it was in the final stages and it should be completed within 48 hours and then I should receive a refund.

Nothing has happened in that regard. Yesterday we got a letter saying that we did not meet some 45 day deadline and so they are cancelling our request!! I have 15 days to respond. You bet I will respond!

This company is bad news and our agent has been of little help. Steer clear of the company.

They are only out for themselves. I dread having to file a claim with them.


i received a check in the mail for 3800.00. they said i had won a lottery.

they said to call this no.1-780-729-1556 and talk to a andy johnson.

I called on saturday 3-12-11 and some forun dude which i could not even understand got smart with me and told to call on monday. has anyone else been through this and what is it all about?


Funny, how the same or similiar stories about Primerica keeps happening with different customers. I tried to cancel my policy in July 2010 by phone, fax, and email and they continued to send me letters stating my policy was going to lapse for non payment.

Then six months later, they debited my account. This is just very poor business practices.

I should have known better when they had me take the physical twice because they claimed my tests came back as a smoker when i have never been a smoker.


I plan to begin the process of cancelling my policy this month I hope this nightmare ends faster than it will begin, i am appauled at this treatment that all of you have been getting. I am worried so we'll see how this process goes. How ironic that they are so quick to get us set up but to end this business tranaction is a scam.


I am wondering why is this company taking money from my account when the sent me a letter stating they needed more information an a refund was sent to me. I never received my other half of my amount.

I do not want anything taken from my account anymore. An that little man name Terence did not ever bring me a premium so why s this company takingthis out of my account.


I had Primerica and after being told for the 400th time that Primerica was a rip-off and a pyramid scheme I started shopping around.

I got a Prudential policy that was actually half of what Primerica was charging for the same coverage!

I also got an ING policy on my husband, both of thse policies were through and it was a *** of a lot smoother, simpler and cheaper than going through that *** Primerica guy again. :)


I've had a Jeanette Thompson calling me to get me to buy into Primerica. I tried to explain to her that I wasn't interested and she gets all defensive then starts bad mouthing me then hangs up saying I am rude.

I didn't call her, SHE CALLED ME. If she would have accepted the first, second, third decline she may have not thought me rude. Disgusting organization that has these practices.

I can't imagine what a nightmare it would be if they already had my money! EGADS!


I paid my three-month premium last month, yet here they are again telling me to pay up or get cancelled. It's almost impossible to get in contact with them or pay online.

If they are this bad, who the *** would want to give them easy access to their bank account. They cashed the check and every thing.

Can this be reported to the insurance commissioner? I paid them, they have to honor it or give me my money back, right?


I also canceled my policy with Primerica and have not recieved my money back in yet and I canceled it two and a half months ago. This company is a joke and I will be contacting the BBB plus a lawyer tomorrow to file a law suit against them.

Do not deal with them! When I was considering using them for life insurance I was hounded from one of there reps everyday until I sent him the money to get it started and since I canceled after relizing I couldnt afford it I havent heard from him and can never get a hold of him on his cell phone. All we're talking about is $130 but that is a huge amount to me right now and they could care less. We'll see how they respond to my lawyer friend who is a lawyer for GMC.

I will milk them for all I can because they have incoveinced me that bad. People are struggling right now and to play with someones emotions and pocketbook the way they have with me as well as many others I'm sure is wrong on so many levels.

Primerica you are going to pay!

James A. Manley