Lodi, Ohio

me and my wife paid $500 for life insurance. After we paid the fee for the insurance two weeks later we got a phone call from the representative saying that our policy had to be cancelled. The reason they cancel it is because my wife is a little overweight...mind you she is in perfect health just a little overweight not morbidly obese about 30 to 40 pounds overweight...we were told because she is overweight they could not issue a policy for life insurance..we contacted the actual policy holder and they said they did not cancel it was actually the issuer which is prime America...when we asked for a refund we were denied because we had already prepaid for a policy...I tried to argue that the $500 was for the policy but it was denied by their company they in turn stop taking my phone calls and voicemails and emails...I have spent well over 100 emails trying to get our money back and they have said nothing back at all...so now we are out $500 and it appears that they don't care..

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Richmond, Virginia, United States #1174492

Some people are saying Prime America and some Primerica.I know Primerica is a very upstanding company that serves all clients very well.

Prime America I don't know of them. All of the comments about Primerica are A-OK.

You should probably not deal with Prime America, Find someone at Primerica and get great service and advice like I have received.


No matter your health, 300 is high for any height... sorry. No life insurance company will ensure you.


Why don't you go to the office? They have to refund you. I know, because i work for Primerica.


It appears they don't care?

What planet are you loving on?You were an unfortunate victim of thieves.

You see a black guy with saggy pants stealing a bike and immediately notify authorities. But its harder to see these criminals coming.

However, call, write and post to Clark Howard. Open as many Facebook pages devoted to educating the public about this company.

Do a twitter campaign. The money you will cost them will be huge. That's your recourse.

And do research on how to buy legitimate insurance.Look at as many educational sites, YouTube videos before making any decision.

Bloomfield, New Jersey, United States #972704

At least report them to the state board of banking and insurance. And I would recommend the television news.

Dallas, Texas, United States #930127

Contact the Insurance Board of your state and mame acomplaint.You can do t online and they definitely will investigate and tell you your rights.

Promise you, by law, they will respond.They have too.

to Anonymous #963904

The Chief of Finance, it used to be The Insurance Commissioner.What I do get e mail for your Governor, Congressman, & Chief of Finance ...

then copy to the Insurance, & whoever else is involved.

Don't give up.Mar

Tinley Park, Illinois, United States #913970

Report to your local state insurance commissioner.

Los Angeles, California, United States #909550

anurse came to my home and did a physical and ekg etc..everything looks good she sais..i lost 300 lbs but im still around 300.im healthy.i do n ot have diabvetes,hypertension,my heart is perfect,my bp is 12268 perfect! i dont smoke or drink or drug..i drive a truck and the government just gave me a complete physical threer weeks prior to this one and im perfrect..jkust big guy..come on..they sday im too big bmi..this is stupiod..

Pico Rivera, California, United States #903755

The girls at prime America in pico Rivera , CA . Are fake and they are money hungry, just looking for sugar daddies to support them.. Very bad company..

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